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  1. Yes! Those tags! I found them for months before realizing it was from the laundry I sent out. lol
  2. Agree and on this sailing as well. Viva is beautiful and crew has been great but two negatives for me so far: solo studio cabin set up not a good as Epic, Breakaway and Breakaway + ships. Combined bathroom and shower leave very little room to move around in bathroom without brushing against the toilet. I don't watch TV in my cabin, but imagine it would be difficult with TV on same wall as bed. Thermal spa VERY different. No jacuzzis and no big water feature in the pool (the one that inundates you with water on your head, neck and shoulders). I love that feature and have booked NCL ships for that reason. Super bummed they don't have one on Viva. On the plus side, Indulge Food Hall is a big win. The food here is really great.
  3. Nothing significant that I can recall. Neither have the snow room like Encore.
  4. I've sailed NCL and Celebrity recently. I give the edge to Celebrity for overall food quality. NCL isn't bad, I just think Celebrity is a little more elevated.
  5. One of you may need to switch your dining plan. Anytime dining appears to use the Norther Lights MDR (ship forward), while the reserved dining times (Late and Early) use the Southern Lights MDR (ship aft). I haven’t sailed on the MAGIC, but other ships I’ve been on take a similar approach (use different main dining rooms) for the Anytime and Reserved dining groups.
  6. On my recent 7 night Eastern Caribbean on Encore, my one week thermal spa pass cost $348. $299 for the pass and $49 for a spa package of exfoliating scrubs, a cream and an exfoliating sponge-type thingy. When I asked them to remove the $49 item, they said it was "included" with the pass and could not be removed. I shrugged it off as yet another money grab by NCL. I purchased my pass at the spa on embarkation day and used it every day at least once. Well worth it (except for the scrubs that have been sitting on my kitchen table for 6 weeks).
  7. I was on a 4 night Summit sailing a few weeks ago, and there was a ship organized, non-hosted, solo meet at 5 pm at one of the bars. Attendance was pretty low and admittedly, I lingered off to the side and didn't participate. That was the only "official" solo meet I saw. On the last day, however, I noticed a sign by the guest relations desk that showed a time for solo gatherings. It looked more like a passenger organized group than one by Celebrity as it was not published in the daily newsletter. If you want to meet fellow solos, I highly recommend the NCL Breakaway and Breakaway Plus ships. They have hosted meets daily and I've made some great friends over the years.
  8. I've been thinking about this too but will probably opt for a taxi to Cane Garden Bay in Tortola instead. I'm too anxious with possible taxi delays, traffic (it happens) etc. That said, I've been to Jost 3x's already so, while I hate to miss trip # 4, I like the less stressful route.
  9. I was with Atistocat earlier this week for the Jost trip that was originally set to leave from cruise ship pier (sailing on 7 night Celebrity Apex). The revised pick up with taxi was not a problem at all and we had plenty of time on the water and on Jost. We made three stops, Sandy Spit, Jost near the bubbly pool, and Jost at White Bay (Soggy Dollar, et al.) Captain and mate (who is getting his captain's license) we're great, sensitive to the time and provided us with a great trip.
  10. On Apex now (2/11 - 2/18 Eastern Car) and Brittany is the CD.
  11. I'm on the Summit now (4 night Miami, Key West, Nassau) and on Saturday, our Sea Day, the bars were open. They were also closed, but no bar single bar will be open 24 hours. Bars have hours of operation, just like the restaurants. Aside from maybe using hyperbole for the bar situation, I read the review as legitimate. I can see how certain beverages would not be available or in short supply, and then they run out. Its been a great trip and I'm bummed we're on our way back to Miami.
  12. I'm on the Summit on 2/2/23 and received this email yesterday. Looks like even with Starlink there are two options.
  13. No photos, but I was on a 3 night Pearl a couple of weekends ago. MDR dinner menu changes nightly, but one section of entrees remains the same each night.
  14. Take the your before you buy a pass. Spa is not anything like what you see on Breakaway and Breakaway + ships.
  15. I favor Escape because of the grotto in Spice H2O. To make room for go carts and laser tag, Encore doesn't have a Spice H2O.
  16. The Joy doesn't have studio cabins (Prima does) so if you were hoping to meet other solo travelers, there may be less of a chance to do so on Joy. I'm assuming both will have solo gatherings, but you may want to check.
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