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  1. We were in Rome 2yrs ago and were amazed at how many were smoking everywhere. Also, they wear a LOT of Levi's. 🀣
  2. Too bad you aren't spending some time in Rome. That has to be a killer flight back to Vancouver. Loved the review. Can't wait to sail with you again.
  3. Yes, not at all what I expected Fiji to look like.
  4. I normally would be less than impressed with a 4.5 hr flight, but after that long day and flight from Sydney that's a cake walk. I better start mentally preparing for our flight to Melbourne in October.
  5. Great review, loved following along with you. Safe travels back. Looking forward to the recap. And maybe a picture or two of Utah? I love mountains.
  6. Wow, that looks like quite the project. I don't see snow on the ground, so that is a plus.
  7. Same here. Even told me my security answer was wrong, which it wasn't. I reset my password to the same one and it let me do it. Go figure. Anyway, Bon Voyage!
  8. Are the Signature cocktails available anywhere on the ship? The Fresh From Tokyo sounds like something I would try.
  9. These pictures are simply astounding! I was going to say it reminded me somewhat of Barbados and Antigua until we got the Tasmanian devils!
  10. About 16 cruises with Royal and one NCL. Carnival was a one off for my niece. Never again. Can't wait for your adventure to begin!
  11. Following along. We're on our first Celebrity cruise on Beyond in July. The wind has been non stop here since last October. No humidity yet, it's been so nice but I dread what is to come. Have a wonderful cruise.
  12. Loved traveling with you. Hope your flights are uneventful and your snow has melted.
  13. Interesting. I will definitely try this if it's available on our Beyond sailing. Never heard of pork rillettes, but again, I don't like meat.
  14. Yeah, I don't like meat and I love most vegetables, but peas, asparagus and beets, no way. And of course all these menus have all of thee above. ☹️
  15. I thought that about the atrium on the Encore. We were very disappointed. Loving the review.
  16. Salmon isn't my favorite fish but I like fish spreads. If this is the correct term? I'm afraid for the main menu's however as I am not a good eater and am amazed at all the "uncommon" dishes served. I can stand to lose a few pounds so maybe this is a good thing. πŸ˜‰
  17. I'm interested if you were happy in the end with visiting McLaren Vale versus Barossa Valley for your wine tour? I'm undecided as of yet for our tour. Stinks about the weather you've been having, but a great review with interesting information.
  18. Thank you for the wine tour review. We are looking at different tours for our Princess cruise in October.
  19. Sadly, the unfriendly people are what I remember most about our stop in Martinique years ago.
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