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  1. We leave tomorrow to do the first tour you show. Our goal was to see as much as we could. I will not miss going up the Chile side with beautiful fiords, mountains and glaciers.
  2. The older ships that had mini suites now called club balconies have bathtubs
  3. We've done the BOGO 4+ times already. No bad experiences. We're going Chicago to New York to Buenos Aries next month and Santiage/NewYork/Chicgo for the return. We were able to book seats. We could book economy, economy Plus, and exit rows for fees. The flights include carry on, handbag/backpack and 1 bag per person. We leave 3/2 and received our flight information 11/21.
  4. We have had 3 months out and 45 days out. For us it's never a big deal. Knock on wood - all BOGO have been flights haven't been bad. We're going to South America next month with our BOGO air and got the flights before Thanksgiving!
  5. We got a 10 day pass to the Thermal Spa on the Star for our 2021 Greenland/Iceland cruise. Best money we've ever spent! We're on the March 3 sailing Buenos Aries to San Antonio and booked it for the 14 days.
  6. We joined their SAGA club and did our seat assignments last year for our trip. I LOVE Iceland Air. We've flown them four times.
  7. Rules to live by: No good deed goes unpunished and The grass is not greener on the other side, it's just grass.
  8. We had complete success with Fabrizio from All Around Italy. He also met us at all Italy ports and did our tours. I 100% recommend him. We were a party of 4 adults and were completely satisfied. Tell him Jim, Lynn, John and Elizabeta say hi!
  9. Does anyone know if I can use the Starbucks App on the Dawn?
  10. We used the BOGO last year Chicago - Iceland (399.00 - booked in 2020) that trip was flawless. We are doing BOGO again in May Chicago - London (699.00 - booked in 2021) Prices have soared since then. It's over 1000.00 for just one person now. We've had good luck with the BOGO and will do it again if it's cost effective in the future.
  11. This was our second trip to Iceland. We did a 2 day layover on the way to a River Cruise in 2017. Everything is VERY expensive in Iceland. We had a hamburger and fish and chips - no drinks and it was 75US! I was ok going in the same day knowing we'd get there early in the morning. We were at the port before 10am. (we used their transportation - best choice ever.. we gave them our bags and the next time we saw them was in our cabin). Aside from the missing some ports it was perfect. We couldn't change the weather - we made use of the ports we did stop at. The tour to see the iceburgs shouldn't be missed. We had one roll just as we were going by. Probably a once in a lifetime thing.
  12. We sailed 7/25 - 8/4 They cancelled 2 Greenland ports and 1 Iceland port due to Fog. BUT I'd do that trip again if asked. They are both beautiful countries.
  13. We did the NCL air last year for our Greenland/Iceland trip. We left Chicago at 7pm and arrived in Iceland at 6am their time. Plenty of time to get to the ship.
  14. We had that cabin on an Alaska cruise. To date our favorite cabin.
  15. Also keep in mind where the meats are sourced from. Meats in different countries have subtle different flavors/textures.
  16. We weren’t when we won an upgrade
  17. We did a walking, food tour. Loved it. Their tulip vodka was amazing.
  18. We had BOGO air last July for Iceland. We had direct flights ORD-RKV and direct back home. We are using their air this May for our England/Ireland/Scotland cruise. We received our air information a couple of weeks ago. Going ORD-Detroit, Detroit to London. The return is London to Paris, Paris to ORD. The problem we pointed out to them we arrive London to Paris at 13:50 but our Paris to Chicago takes off at 13:10. Kinda hard to make that connection! They said they will fix it and we should have new air information in a couple of weeks. I'm not gonna stress about it - they'll fix it.
  19. The Sun is one of our favorite ships. We were on the Sun in Alaska and had the aft balcony cabin. The balcony was 1/2 ship width! Great cabin. We also were on the Sun for a 10 day Southern Caribbean cruise.
  20. We've done the BOGO air before. Not a problem but I knew what I was getting myself into. We just did Iceland/Greenland without any problems. If you want to arrive early/stay late that can be accommodated - just state that from the beginning. We have an England/Ireland/Scotland coming up in May with the air offer also. I know what I'm getting myself into. Please people - take some ownership.
  21. We love the Sun. We did Alaska in the aft suite. Out balcony went 1/2 the back of the ship. It was amazing. The Sun is one of our favorite ships. We also did a 10 day southern Caribbean on the Sun.
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