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  1. Stan, My Wife and Myself have had ours about three years now and we also were reimbursed by AMEX. For our interview had to go out to JFK airport! It was fairly easy! We have used our Global Entry Card when returned from Europe and process was so easy! Every citizen traveling out of the country in my opinion should have it! An added plus is the Precheck!
  2. Den, We already have very lively Roll Call for October 2022 Transatlantic cruise on the Edge! This is our 1st Transatlantic and pre-cruise in Rome! We were last on the Edge on March 1,2021 and only hope Captain Kate is still onboard for ours! Looking forward to exchange of information over next 16 months and meeting everyone onboard!
  3. I purchased off of Amazon set of lens & filters for my iPhone 12 Pro Max! I used it on Memorial Day weekend to take photos of an Airshow at Jones Beach in NY! The quality of the photos were good & think it was a good investment!
  4. I think what your looking for is on the Celebrity APP! You will find on the APP down near bottom two tabs, Daily Planner & My Calender! I found that booking f tours and specialty restaurants take awhile to show up under My Calendar. Hopefully since there are not many ships sailing now they will update sooner!
  5. Nyer, In September 2019 we visited Rome and it was International Tourism Day! Rome in Limo were able to get us Skip the Line Tickets! Supposedly that day no tickets were available since the museums were free Lines went all around building. They made our day by getting us in without waiting in line!
  6. I received an offer from Celebrity’s Blue Chip program! The offer was for a free veranda cabin on the Summit in the Caribbean or Mexico this summer or fall! I was wondering if anyone else received this offer?
  7. I wonder if you can use the smart watches that Apple and Samsung to do same functions as the phones or iPads ? The APPS show up on my IWatch so seems logical! if anyone takes a cruise and has a smart watch please let us know the results!
  8. If you sailed on Celebrity immediately after the Norovirus the Oceanview Cafe was open! It was different since before entering crew had hand sanitizer ! When you entered the cafe you were restricted from handling the food! Crew members put the food on your plates. Very sanitary! Today the Edge and her sister ships have sinks at entrance to the cafe alllowing you to wash your hands! Crew were still there with sanitizer. We sailed on the Edge on March 1,2020 👍
  9. We have used previously Rome In Limo to get in to Rome and later to the port! Friends have flown in and did a half day tour before going to ship! very reliable!
  10. I guess this only pertains to cruises originating from Great Britain! We have a Celebrity Cruise on July 30th from Amsterdam to the British Isles! Doubt it will be allowed!
  11. Just watching World News Tonight with David Muir! They talked about Volcanoe erupting on island of St Vincent and Grenadines! Seems Celebrity Reflection and three other cruise ships are there to evacuate approximately 18,000 to nearby islands! Seems only those vaccinated will be allowed to board according to report!
  12. TV News showed tonight that infection rate has risen in Europe that many countries, especially Italy, have locked down again. Also many have stopped administering AstraZeneca vaccine due to blood clot complications on a small number ! This gives me more reason to just go ahead and cancel our July 30th Reflection cruise. Celebrity won’t cancel the cruise until after the final payment is due & I refuse to give them it!
  13. Ipeeinthepool, The Reflection is still scheduled to sail in Europe this summer with a British Isles cruise on July 30th! I honestly don’t think Celebrity will sail in Europe this year! We will know more when crews start to move back to ships scheduled to sail in Europe this season. This needs to happen within next two weeks for them to sail in May.
  14. Ashland, I hope that Celebrity will do the proper thing but highly doubt it! We will wait until April 15th, Tax Day, and see if anything happens! I was disappointed in the September 1, 2022 British Isles cruise since Scotland was not included. We plan on booking the Edge Transatlantic Rome to Ft Lauderdale next year! Will spend few days in Rome before boarding the Edge!
  15. We are booked on Celebrity Reflection July 30,2021 British Isles cruise from Amsterdam! What is the chances that Amsterdam & Great Britain will open up by then to International cruisers ? If chances are slim to none will move cruise to next year!
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