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  1. Like Tring, I have no intention of getting involved in arguments, so will depart.
  2. Respectfully, I disagree. You are, perhaps, confusing what P&O will try and get away with (and usually succeed) and actual consumer rights enshrined in law which P&O will have to observe, albeit after a struggle that many may not wish to embark upon. Tring's post, number 18, accurately reflects the picture.
  3. P&O doesn't make that decision. Consumer law does.
  4. I'm not sure I'd accept anything less than a full refund under the current uncertain circumstances but, of course, that is entirely up to you; you could easily find yourself on another magical mystery tour.
  5. I would take heed of Tring's post (no. 18). She has access to expert advice on consumer matters.
  6. I can see the problem now - the unpredictability must make it very difficult to predict.
  7. And all I would ask is that you have a little patience...
  8. Hate to say this, but think I was born in the same year as you and cannot do anything useful either. Neither could my mother (born in 1923), or my brothers (born in 1950 and 1954). In addition, so allergic are we to ironing that my rescue dog, which I have owned for 18 months, nearly had a nervous breakdown when I reluctantly dragged out the ironing board last Tuesday. He'd clearly never seen one before...
  9. Same here. A couple of hours over dinner night after night offers many opportunities for uncomfortable silences if there's little common ground, and I have an unfortunate need to fill uncomfortable silences, sometimes not in a good way...
  10. It wasn't a criticism, it was a question (and you haven't answered it, so I am still none the wiser).
  11. Is that a question or a statement? Sometimes punctuation makes all the difference...
  12. No, it's not too much too ask. I haven't contributed for a while as I have nothing booked, but have carried on reading, and this is a most unsatisfactory attitude. Dining in the speciality restaurants on P&O every evening was a vital component of the holiday for us, in fact the only reason we carried on cruising with P&O, and their removal, without notice or the option of cancelling without penalty, is completely unacceptable. I do hope standards in the main dining rooms have improved to compensate, but rather doubt it.
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