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  1. If that's a ketchup sachet in the little pot, that's at least three.
  2. Indeed; Peckham Springs comes to mind. Mange tout!
  3. It's done a complete about turn in roughly the last three or so years; in the past every dress code thread would feature the same bod who popped up with imaginary percentages of those wearing bow tie and others would chime in, sometimes quite unpleasantly, nearly always along the lines of "why choose P&O if you don't particularly like formal nights", completely overlooking the small point that, between them, in the not too distant past, P&O, Cunard and Fred Olsen, all of them featuring formality, were almost the only mainstream cruise lines to sail out of the UK. Plus, of course, as someone has already said so eloquently, there's a bit more to deciding on a holiday than one aspect that doesn't particularly appeal. From memory Davecttr was one of the few brave enough to debate the subject from the other perspective; I certainly laid low.
  4. For anyone living a distance from their nearest dealership, both Timpsons (£10) and my local hardware/key cutter shop (£5) will supply and fit new batteries. The chap in the hardware shop followed the instructions in a youtube video and it's working fine.
  5. Try ringing the premier bank account number of whoever you bank with - if it's Barclays I can give you the number. Because they believe you to be rich (and I somehow slipped through the net, as I'm not) you get first class service on the telephone. Edited to add: When you get through, don't enter any of the details they request; just stay silent. Eventually, you should get through to a human with a brain.
  6. I've often wondered; the only electrical fires I've ever had were two involving decent quality straighteners and two involving microwaves (not that I ever plan to take a microwave on my hols)😂.
  7. Thank you so much, everyone; what an amazing forum this is. I've gone for the Ninja AF160UK plus the cookery book recommended by Mrs Harry. Again, very many thanks.
  8. I'm no marine engineer, nor am I a doomster, but one day one of these things is going to fall over. I desperately hope I'm wrong.
  9. I keep reading about the miraculous qualities of air fryers so thought I'd ask on here if anyone has one, if so, what they use it for, and are they all they're cracked up to be?
  10. Again, to spare everyone a tedious evening, I shall give you the last word.
  11. Oh dear, now someone has "reached out" to me. As far as I'm concerned, only the Four Tops reach out. The rest of us contact. Harrumph!
  12. That's fine, I'm happy for you to have the last word.😂
  13. Has anyone else experienced this fairly recent phenomenon? A few weeks ago I telephoned a company and was asked the usual security question: first line of your address and post code? I told him and he responded with "amazing". "What", said I, "amazing that I know my own address"? He simply repeated "amazing". I just thought perhaps he was prone to rather theatrical reactions. I thought little about it until a visit to the vet, during which she responded with "bless" every time I imparted an additional revolting feature of my dog's digestive problems. The subject has featured recently in the Torygraph letters page, my favourite being: "when visiting restaurants, my partner and I try to guess whether the placing of our orders will be hailed as "amazing", "awesome" or "perfect".😂
  14. On this occasion, the press are reporting on what is actually happening right now, not on wildly over-pessimistic predictions of doom in the future. Isn't that the job of a free press?
  15. Just done something similar here... thought I'd try the much-recommended 30 degree wash. Unfortunately, it didn't work on two items, which are now enjoying their second wash of the morning, this time at a higher temperature, so it's cost me roughly twice as much as it should have done
  16. OK. We'll see. There's a massive capacity to fill...
  17. But that isn't what they concluded. They built the new ships to cater for families, the families who will no longer have disposable income for holidays. Mortgage-free oldies did not feature in their future planning, and, in the main, seem to have already moved on to other cruise lines, or alternative holidays.
  18. Harry, so far not a single solitary vote for P&O', despite their 'target market'. Interesting. Good to see you posting again.
  19. I agree and made that clear. I was simply correcting a poster (with form) who posted inaccurate legal "advice"...
  20. I'm not trying to be alarmist, but where on earth are most families going to find any spare cash for cruises, or holidays of any sort for that matter, once the horrendous cost of living increases really start to bite? Many/most of P&O's new target market have mortgages (interest rates increasing), leased cars, dependant children, rapidly increasing supermarket and energy bills and on and on. Unless salaries rise to match these increases (as they did in the 70s), and that looks unlikely, the new target market will have nothing left over at the end of each month for frivolities like holidays.
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