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  1. Good to see you back after your sabbatical, Graham.
  2. You need a new neighbour, not new decision-making abilities.
  3. I had one last year, long after the advent of covid restrictions, which I put it down to a funeral I attended five days before the first symptoms, but that's a longer than usual incubation period. Other than that, I didn't set foot outside the door, so it must have dropped by through an open window. I do wonder if our immune systems are now long overdue for a good workout.
  4. So pleased, Bob. Brilliant!
  5. Avril, I'm so pleased for you all. Hooray!
  6. Thank you so much, Selbourne, Dermotsgirl and Avril. Avril, I really hope your daughter hears soon - being a mum is one of those jobs that you can never actually retire from.
  7. Thank you so much and your post has worked its magic; she heard about half an hour ago. I cannot tell you how relieved I am.😄
  8. Absolutely delighted for you both, Bob. Still no luck here for my daughter.
  9. My youngest daughter had that as a child - ablation cured it permanently. It was terrifying the first time it happened.
  10. Fingers crossed for you and your wife, Bob. Still waiting for my daughter's call as well.😞
  11. And, for what it's worth, a friend had the AZ a few days ago and had a similar reaction to Pete's; she described it as feeling frozen from the inside. I had the Pfizer two days ago - no problems the night after, but felt flu-ey all day yesterday. Today, fine. The Covid Symptom Study (Zoe app) collects data on vaccines and after-effects, as well as many other stats, if anyone fancies joining it: https://covid.joinzoe.com/
  12. It is a postcode lottery: Tom Newton Dunn reports that a 52 year old friend, no medical conditions, was given a first jab in Battersea yesterday. By next week this surgery will have completed all nine at risk groups and are wondering what to do next. Perhaps they'd like to come to Norfolk and everywhere else where group 6 people are still waiting.
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