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  1. Spot on. Apart from the more international mix of passengers, the only other difference I've noticed is that every Cunard cruise I've been on has had a handful of genuine eccentrics, something I've never seen on other cruise lines.
  2. Hear hear! Thank you - your "ramble" has saved me from writing an even longer one.
  3. Opinions other than mine are always welcome; as I am never right, so you can safely ignore my views on sartorial elegance. As for your second sentence, I would probably agree with you.😀
  4. Ditto one of my brothers. Not always easy growing up as the local vicar's offspring.
  5. PPPPS - fashion police - DO NOT wear a white bow tie with a black shirt. It makes you look like a demented vicar.
  6. Ditto here - after QE2, where it seemed there was a formal night every five minutes, it wore very thin. Like others, I observe it, wearing my posh frock and a Just William scowl.
  7. Don't know the prosecco places (not a fan of fizz), but one of our favourite restaurants is just past the gondola refurbishing place, Taverna San Trovaso. Sorry I can't help your retirement brains - I've got one of those too. Still, now I've had my vaccination I may grow an extra one.
  8. I get something most months - you need the maximum holding to have a decent chance of beating current savings account interest rates, which mine have done in the last couple of years.
  9. Hope he improves soon - it's horrid when they're unwell when they're very small.
  10. No, I missed those - will have to go back and find them. Our favourite spot was an outside bar near the Billa supermarket - wonderful spot for boat/ship watching.
  11. Dorsoduro is my favourite part of Venice as well and we've stayed there for a total of about six weeks - good vap links, half decent supermarket, plenty of space, nice bars and restaurants, and the Giudecca Canal for boat watching. Staying in the centre of Venice for more than a few days can become very claustrophobic.
  12. That's extremely sad, Avril. Hope the one at Harlow Carr survives - go there every time I'm up in North Yorkshire.
  13. I thought it was a free (well, included in the tax we all pay) service, along with repatriation within the UK, if required, presumably by ambulance to your home/local hospital.
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