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  1. P&O are not "liable - end of" and this is not the first time you've doled out incorrect advice. If, for example, P&O can prove via written records that the pool was checked a reasonable length of time before the accident (for example, it was checked within, say, an hour of the accident and written records confirm that) then any claim is likely to fail; the OP has to prove negligence. Direct advice from a personal injury solicitor. Having said that, I have every sympathy with the OP and hope he succeeds in reclaiming the costs involved.
  2. Oh Sue, so sorry to hear about this - what an awful time you've had lately. Take care and hope things improve for your Dad.
  3. I knew you weren't as will many others. So sorry some people don't read posts properly. Hope it all works out for you. Take care.
  4. Have a wonderful time, Andrew; I shall miss your lovely, funny, well-written posts.
  5. I doubt I'm the only person from the southern half of the country who would rather drive northwards, avoiding the M25, than to Southampton. I love the northwards drive up the A1, hate the south western drive around London. Hope you sort something out, Eglesbrech.
  6. It's an oft repeated perception about Noro on Fred's ships - I have no idea of its veracity. There was a huge outbreak when I was on Balmoral a few years ago, but that doesn't exactly prove anything.
  7. No one ever caught covid from a library book. However, I imagine many have caught Noro from one, but the libraries aren't closed during a Noro outbreak. It defies all up to date scientific knowledge.
  8. Boots do one: https://www.boots.com/boots-anti-viral-hand-foam-50ml-10278907 however, it appears to be out of stock for online orders. I always use it and have never caught noro, despite cruising a lot in the winter, sometimes on Fred Olsen, who seem to get more than their fair share of outbreaks. May or may not be luck, of course. ETA: Ignore me, I'm talking rubbish (nothing new there, thenπŸ˜‚). Scroll down a bit and the larger size is available, plus some suggested alternative products in smaller sizes.
  9. Same to the north east of you in Norfolk. How long before we're allowed to start moaning about it?🀣
  10. Jennizor (sorry, a gremlin is stopping me quoting your post), I have every sympathy with your deer problem. Here, we have regular rabbit incursions and they cause a fair amount of damage, particularly in spring. However, research on google rapidly put it into perspective when compared to the damage caused by deer. Immensely frustrating to a gardener, so every sympathy.
  11. Grrrr. We haven't had any real rain for months, so daily watering of my garden, and now my neighbour has gone on holiday, leaving me to look after her garden plus roughly 15 hanging baskets and about 60 pots; my heart sank when I first saw them...
  12. We went on one Celebrity cruise (Eclipse) a few years ago, and thoroughly disliked the interior design - a triumph of style over substance (eg lots of ghastly chrome and uncomfortable (but stylish) chairs in the high up forward facing bar, the name of which escapes me). Also disliked the cabin wardrobe which was small and cramped with sliding doors). Not a moaner, but not impressed. Have things improved, or am I simply not stylish?
  13. Ah, right. Sorry. My grandparents' generation (born late 19th century) managed perfectly well without telephones; imagine they were a welcome breakthrough, though, when they arrived and people could communicate and help each other without actually meeting in person.
  14. Well, she would have done. It didn't exist! My mother, who would now be 99, also managed very well without it for the same reason, but had she been born a little later would have absolutely loved it. She missed out.
  15. And do the longer cruises because their holidays don't have to come out of annual leave. I would have thought that most of their new target customers want to fly cruise (if they want to cruise at all) and not waste two or three days getting to the sun. This is a bit like pubs or garden centre cafes saying they just want younger customers. At weekends, that's fine; during the week, when I go out for lunch fairly frequently, the people who keep these places going all year round are the boomers and the next generation up, with our DB pensions and inflation-proof state pensions.
  16. The actual meaning of banal is lacking in originality. Some of our posts may have been daft or whatever, but they never lacked originality.πŸ™‚ I was widowed, aged 66, in August 2019, having never lived alone in my entire life. This forum was a lifeline for me. Nine months later, just when I was ready to start joining a few things to get myself out of the house and back into some sort of normal life, came the first lockdown. I was lucky - family moved in and I wasn't alone; many were not so fortunate plus quite a few of the members on here were shielding; some still are. Like many, I now contribute sometimes and not others, but still read the P&O boards every day and get a great deal of pleasure out of so doing. One day, I may even go on a solo cruise, at which point the good people on here will be a mine of useful information. Take care everyone.
  17. Wasn't you, was it, Jean?πŸ˜…
  18. A woman after my own heart.πŸ˜‚ Actually, what I remember is the number of times your posts have made me actually laugh out loud, sometimes during some rather trying times. Thank you!
  19. I never intend to insult, so apologies that you missed the fact that it was entirely tongue in cheek. I have now added a laughing emoticon to indicate that it was not meant to be taken literally.
  20. It was a couple of years ago, and you posted that you had been out shopping for ant powder and forgotten to photograph the momentous event. Sorry, I have a hopeless memory for anything useful and an almost photographic one for trivia.
  21. I'm sorry, but if you don't appreciate, say, wowzz's annual wheelie bin power washing session, or his adventures buying ant powder a while ago, then you really are beyond help. 🀣 Some people are sooooo difficult to please.πŸ˜‚
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