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  1. It has been well documented here and on other forums that the “old” version of the cruise planner includes gratuities at the start. The “new” planner adds them once you put the item in your cart. For example, my Harmony cruise uses the new planner and lists the DPB for $57.99. Once I select it, gratuities are added for a final price of about $67 which is the original advertised price on my Explorer cruise which is still using the old planner. Bottom line is really exactly the same. Like anything else, you have to read carefully before purchasing.
  2. OMG you are making me hungry!!! I want to eat that entire turkey!!!!
  3. Don’t really get why people have issues with SWA’s boarding process. Yup, you have to line up and read both your boarding pass and the poles to line up. I’ve flown traditional seating airlines & everybody crowds the gate area even if it’s not their boarding group. It’s the same cluster #%##. SWA open seating - oh a crying baby/restless child/semi drunk adult - let’s sit somewhere else. Traditional seating - so sad, too bad. I’ve also found, in my experience, the plane fills more efficiently with open seating - pick a seat & put your butt in it. Traditional seating - is this row 20? No lady it’s row 6. Keep moving!!
  4. No reports of the solarium bistro being closed for dinner that day be seen. And dinner menus show in the app. 🤷‍♀️
  5. Yes but then all you’d have to do is remove it and POOF, you’re vaccinated. I realize this point is pretty much moot as all those over 12 have to be vaccinated already. Just pointing out the reason why it wouldn’t work that way.
  6. My TA indicated that my daughter’s name in her C&A profile is wrong. Her legal name is Kathryn but her profile shows her nickname Katie. Although the TA fixed it on our next cruise, she said we need to get her profile fixed to stop it from happening in the future. I have sent an email to C&A 3 times now with no response. Is this something I can fix myself on line?
  7. And I WILL have to schlep it on a plane.
  8. Sorry can’t help with that. We’ve always stayed near the airport & shuttled in the morning.
  9. My grandson on Mariner just before all hell broke loose. He was a natural (I think the belly added stability 😄😄)
  10. Ok guys I guess I will add “package store” to my things to do in St Thomas! Now can I get a Liquor purchases in USVI for Dummies tutorial? I can bring more home if I buy certain brands?
  11. Sorry, apparently I am not a big rum connoisseur.
  12. Maybe but we received a bottle of rum from Jamaica and it really elevated our cocktails. I think the rum does make a difference and so any rum is not necessarily good for that.
  13. Thanks I did understand USVI 😉. I will look for Cruzan. Hubby doesn’t drink much, unless we’re on a cruise, but he likes a nice rum cocktail now and then.
  14. Hubby is big on rum, is this a particularly good one? We will be in St Thomas on our cruise.
  15. It’s my favorite exercise and between Covid and my shoulder issues haven’t been to a class in 18 months. I can’t wait!
  16. My son now has 4 kids (!). I have become the fountain of wisdom. Every time he opens his mouth, my many pearls of wisdom come out.
  17. I’ve found I always feel better when I walk each day. Hubby & I just got back from 3 days in Baltimore to see the Sox & walked almost 30 miles on the trip. Recovering from torn rotator cuff surgery that is not getting better any time soon☹️. Sore and stiff but I’m done sitting around the house. Zumba class starts in 2 weeks and I’m there!
  18. Who’s on Harmony and any reviews on their service so far? Not that I would know ANY concierge 😄😄
  19. Not only do we share rooms but we share ONE room!! And our offspring are adults! What fun is a vacation if we can’t torture our kids during it?!?!!
  20. My TA would never have let me do that! She has saved me from more than 1 boneheaded move with my cruises. “No Gail, that’s not a good idea because…..” I would be all over yours for either not telling you or, worse, not knowing you weren’t getting OBC for going this.
  21. Nope, she can get the refreshment package, OP just has to call. Can’t do it on line.
  22. For me, the extra room is well worth the price. I hate being in a cramped hotel room, always book oversized, corner rooms, suites. Same with cruises. We had a spacious balcony cabin on Mariner for hubby, 10 year old grandson & me and I could barely turn around in it. Certainly not enough room to pull the sofa bed out. And don’t even get me started on the bathroom. Shampoo/conditioner/body wash in one?!?!?! Shower in a claustrophobic space tube? No thanks. I willingly pay for a suite.
  23. Ok we’ve officially hijacked this thread. Who else remembers their childhood phone number. Only old farts need reply😄😄
  24. IF the current policy remains in force AND you cannot/will not comply with the January protocols WHEN they are announced, you should have no argument about getting a full refund. They have stated this is their intention and they should honor it without question. If you get a CSR who doesn’t understand the policy, politely hang up & call again.
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