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  1. Would you happen to know what coffee machines they have in the junior suites We would like to take extra pods
  2. The Silver area is the back solarium - I believe Diamond Plus can also use this It has changed since I was in there on the Dubai to Singapore leg
  3. I have just been watching some videos of people missing the ship Part of me finds it funny, part of me makes me angry, part of it makes me curious You can never judge individual reasons for missing a ship, but I would presume it's invariably the passengers' fault However, it did make me wonder - If you are somewhere like Nassau, where there are always lots of ships, often going to the same netx stop - would another ship allow you to hitch a lift?
  4. I didn;t do a speed test, but it seemed just as average on every other cruise 🤨
  5. It has not reached its destination yet, but from my experience, the food in the Windjammer had far more variety, with lots of Asian items as well as those North Americans and Europeans are used to Entertainment included British and American entertainers, including an America's Got Talent winner
  6. Apologies, no clue about this one - your TA should know
  7. That sculpture in the centre rotates and is half on the fifth deck which is where the viewing balcony is outside Jamie's and Tiffany's
  8. No pool tables - The top floor of the Music Hall is now for Diamond guests in the evening The sun deck is still just for suite guests, silver and above Dunno about the Gold Lounge, but the Silver Lounge will not have free drinks. Instead they have buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner (the dinner buffet is starters and desserts, the main is off a menu). Behind the Silver Lounge and dining area (which is recognisable a the solarium bistro on Oasis class), is the larger solarium, which will be exclusively for Diamond and above plus suite guests Yes, the gym is tiny - barely room to swing a cat and no bikes at all except one spin bike! Yes, the usual tat is available. We were left with two of those plastic flask things which we left unused for the next guests We had a Silver Suite (Junior Suite), which was really nice
  9. 1. No pub - it is now a tea shop 2. There is only one dining room and you can see it from outside Jamie's 3. The Diamond Lounge is now a high rollers casino area They are the main ones
  10. I explored everywhere, including the Golden areas, so if there is anything future cruisers want to know, I am happy to answer questions
  11. As soon as we reached Diamond we ditched Royal for a far better quality cruise line with Elite perks However, after reaching Elite in our own right via several Celebrity cruises we started to notice that the product was reducing in quality in all sorts of areas, the Solstice class began to appear dated against the new mega ships and the trend was towards suite guests We switched back to Royal because of the bigger ships, but will now mix it up depending on price and itinerary
  12. Thanks Merion Mom, these pictures are fantastic - Most excited about the silver dining, that's us next week! It looks way different to the Quantum class - I can't believe the main dining room is visible from the walking decks - different, that's for sure!
  13. Thank you for the images, the viewing area looks great, and there also appears to be a sort of atrium bar So far it looks a step up from Quantum [ordinary] class Can;t wait to see it next Friday
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