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  1. The UK has opened hotels There is nothing stopping a cruise ship applying for whatever licensing is required and allow guests to use ships as hotels
  2. Hello, OP here I started this thread to debate potential early outcomes for maintaining social distancing vis a vis new policies relating to social and age group bubbles Unfortunately it appears to have turned into a debate about wording nuance of policies and how many drinks you can have till you are deemed a bad person I think this a list of potential outcomes: 1. No change 2. Time slots in the lounge relating to dinner slots (so, no 3 hours) to reduce numbers 3. ? drinks and ? coffee on card (no lounge) 4. Stocked mini fridge in cabins 5. Larger lounge somewhere else on ship so people can spread out It's an interesting debate, and any other ideas are welcome, or you can just bang on about what you deserve or don't deserve for your loyalty etc. 🤨
  3. Some good, likely scenarios listed. I think stocking mini fridges once at the beginning of the cruise is possible because over the course of the trip they are likely to not use up much alcohol, but still make people think they are getting something new and better than it actually is (the fridges don't hold much) However, I think, as suggested, it is more likely to be just three drinks per card, and make the bars handle it - They may restrict numbers at the bar One thing I think is certain, and I am sure all would agree - Whatever change they make will not be as good as the current offer, and it is highly likely to remain in place long term
  4. With all the talk about social bubbles, segregating age groups, big gaps between pool beds, and smaller gatherings . . . I would not be surprised to see the nightly drinks replaced by stocked cabin fridges There is no way they will want hundreds of people in all of the bars with vouchers for the same three hours, and I can see no way they will have hundreds stuffed in what are now, almost exclusively, packed Diamond Lounges
  5. I am sure that is posted in fun, because that sounds highly doable to me There are thousands and thousands of loyal cruisers from all the lines that would love a time share on a cruise ship
  6. How much? It seems obvious, but given all the loyal to Royal cruisers around the world, it is somewhat surprising some savvy business-minded people haven't got together and created some sort of cooperative ownership scheme
  7. Booked the May 9th Holy Land cruise on Odyssey yesterday And they gave me the $200 OBC for the future cruise certificate I bought in February (which is supposed to expire after 2 months) Can't wait
  8. After lengthy research I came to some conclusions that would be helpful to all considering an obstructed view on a Quantum class ship 1. Probably best to avoid a cabin on top of one of the eateries. Too many people have complained about noise. 2. Avoid the smoking area next to the future cruise desks. Above this and some of the area behind that (the way the wind blows) 3. Davits! Davits! Davits! The giant white stanchions that hold the life boats can seriously harm your view. The easiest way to assess this is to overlay deck plans for deck 5 and deck 6, and look at the ends of the lifeboats. This is where the davits are. There is also a helpful locator for the Anthem that someone on here created 4. Accept you will be overlooking a lifeboat, but its best to get a cabin which just has the centre of the boat in front of you to maximise your view. Also, look for the walkway area between the bionic bar and the gallery. Not too much foot traffic and it's on carpet
  9. I have just spoken to Royal about the obstructed cabins on deck 6 on the Odyssey and unfortunately, the guy couldn't help. I suggested it was probably the same as the Spectrum and possibly the other Quantum class ships and he went off for a while and when he came back, he still couldn't help, lol. There was a facility to check the obstructed percentage on the old Royal site, but I can no longer find that detail. My question is, would it be a reasonable guess that the lifeboats will be in the same place for all Quantum class ships, or just the Spectrum? I know we will be overlooking a lifeboat, which is fine, but we don't really want to look out on a davit. Someone on here has posted some really helpful images of where the davits are on Ovation and Anthem, and if it translates to Odyssey, these are the rooms that are currently available that I don't think will have davits 6164, 6166, 6168, 6170, 6176, 6178, 6180, 6182, 6288, 6290, 6292, 6294, 6300, 6302, 6304, 6306 I know no-one yet knows the answer, but best guesses anyone - which of those rooms shouldn't have davits blocking my view? Thanks
  10. I have a similar query We bought two futures cruise credits in February - a fortnight before the lockdown and UK guests were prevented from travelling abroad The deal says you get OBC if you book within two months - Irrespective of the rights or wrongs, are RCI honouring the deal given the issues, or using their two months small print to say the two months have now passed?
  11. As sad as this is for passengers that have already booked, the timing of this move would suggest a European summer season, possibly out of Southampton or Barcelona
  12. I can assure you London is safer than any American city - We do not have guns. The tourism crime rate for London will be lower than almost all major world cities Three years ago we booked a Celebrity holy land cruise. One man was stabbed in Jerusalem prior to our visit. The three days in Israel were cancelled and the cruise was ruined for ever single passenger - More people are stabbed, shot or killed in several American cities every day, yet cruise ships depart, visit and leave that country every day Whatever the media provides any of us worldwide, is propaganda
  13. Ideas Use them as floating hotels at their private islands Lease them to tourism destination islands around the world to use as same Develop as time share ships Turn them into ownership vessels like The World Start a new small ship company under the umbrella but with destination as the key with very long itineraries Partner up with governments to turn them into part scientific vessels There must be loads more ideas that are not 'off the shelf' to explore the benefits of before they are sold for scrap
  14. Open jaw flight into Nashville and home from Miami Tag on an internal flight from Nashville to Miami separately
  15. The UK and US are having intense trade talks at present and it appears the Jones Act is on the table I would be interested to know what the implications for RCI itineraries could be? https://www.aei.org/american-boondoggle/trading-a-jones-act-waiver-for-improved-access-to-uk-markets/?utm_content=buffer6bd7a&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter
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