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  1. Thanks for your info. I didn't realize that.
  2. I just made a new booking for Sapphire Princess for Oct. 2021 and the ship registry is showing as British? In the past I thought all the Princess ships registry has been Bermudan. Has anyone else noticed this change or is it only for that one ship? I am wondering if this has any connection to their financial status?
  3. We have been in accessible cabins on many Princess ships. The black you see is the tile pattern on the bathroom floor. There is no lip on the doorway.
  4. This is so archaic to have to fax the form. Why don't they catch up with technology and let us email the form in?
  5. Finally!! My refund came thru today. This was just a small refund for flowers, but it was for a March 28th cruise. I received my cruise fare refund a few weeks ago after more than 70 days.
  6. Cancelled my 3/28/20 cruise on March 11th, before the cruiseline cancelled it. I had received the 25% of cancellation penalty right away and now, after 66 days I have finally received the balance. My FCD's were expired, so they got refunded to my credit card on June 7th.
  7. I say go, but that is just my opinion. I live in California and so the cruise does not mean that I have to fly. I have booked a Mexico cruise for Dec. 10 and think it will be O.K. by then to resume cruising.
  8. I have been cruising since 1959 and have been on over 75 cruises, but I always sit quietly and patiently during each Muster Drill because.......I have been in two situations where I was called to immediately go to my muster station due to an emergency. We did not have to abandon ship but on one cruise we stood out on the deck for 2 hours while they put out a fire. It was scary but I knew where my muster station was and was prepared with my life jacket and knew how to put it on. It's the same with long time cruisers and new cruisers, they think it won't happen to them so they do not pay attention to the drill.
  9. We have a family group booked on March 1, 2022 for a 5-day Cabo cruise.
  10. One of my "pet peeves" is the narrow hallways on Princess. If there are housekeeping carts in the way, I usually push them aside so that my husband can get by with his scooter. If he were alone, it would be impossible for him to manuever around them. Dirty dishes in the hallway really gross me out!!! People!!! Please keep your dishes inside your cabin. The steward will take them out for you but we don't need to see what your ate! One one ship my husband ran over the dishes and there were shards of glass all over the hallway. It can be dangerous. I have wanted to leave a note on the door of these staterooms and maybe I will print up some notes for our next cruise. Even on the NEW Royal Princess that we cruised on last year, the hallway was so narrow that my husband kept hitting the door each time he entered or left the stateroom. I wrote to Princess and told them the problems and asked that they consider this when building new ships. And, what about the problem of opening the doors yourself even on the handicapped rooms...They should have automatic door openers. They did have one on a Carnival ship that we were on, but the door didn't stay open long enough to get in or out. Don't get me started !!! I could go on and on about the problems that face anyone who uses a wheelchair, scooter or even a walker trying to get around on some of the cruise ships.
  11. Yes, you can do it. We did the American Queen Mississippi River in 2013 with my husband and his scooter. I would be happy to talk to you but my email address was blocked by Cruise Critic. Can you tell me your email address so I can tell you all about it.
  12. I am in the same boat as you. When I cancelled in early March, the options were not yet available so they did penalize me and gave me a small credit less the penalty, but when the options came out, they said they were good for any cancellations from March 1st so I chose option 2. Also waiting while some (on the same cruise) have gotten their refunds.
  13. We were booked on the same cruise but have not received any news of a refund yet! Also requested option 2 also about 60 days ago. Hopefully we will hear/see something soon. Great news that someone has received a refund and that gives us some hope.
  14. Yesterday I cancelled 2 gifts that I had purchased for departing guests. I was told that it would/could take 60 days. Agreed, that is a long time that they have our money. As long as they confirmed my cancellation, I don't think that it is the same as the cancellations/FCC for cruises and it shouldn't take that long.
  15. I like to keep everything also. Sometimes I go back to check on a specific tour that I took and may want to do again or if it was a private tour, it helps me get in touch with the tour guide if I am coming back to that port. It is also nice to be able to read, again, about the Captain or Cruise Director if they are going to be on my new cruise.
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