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  1. Skip the cruiseline excursions and do a little research and find private excursions. Hopefully you will be able to get on a tender.
  2. I just booked March 2022 Discovery Princes & May 2022 Discovery Princess. I had to book as soon as the cruise became available since I need a Accessible Stateroom and there as usually very few to be found. p.s. My kids think I am crazy to book 2 1/2 years ahead...
  3. It seems that if you request the early dining, you are sent to "the back of the bus" dinning room. This is very difficult for my husband to get to because he uses a mobility scooter and instead of being able to just go down the hall from our stateroom (due to the steward carts blocking his way), we must go down the elevator and then across on Promenade deck then wait for the back elevators to get down to the dining room. But ! these elevators always come down to Promenade deck already full from passengers on the upper decks. Then, we are assigned a table somewhere in the back of the dining room that is impossible to get to on a scooter. I don't understand why they cannot assign one of the middle dining rooms for early seating!!! and shouldn't the MD know what staterooms are H/C and make adjustments to assign those passengers to tables in the front of the dining room which are accessible? I do plan to see the MD on embarkation day to try to get him to change us to the middle dining but I just had to vent my exasperation of having to wait to see the MD when I would like to be starting my cruise a little more peaceful. Also, we cannot use ANYTIME dining because I have a food allergy and must have special orders. It is very important that we get the same waitstaff who will know of my special order and be sure that I receive it. We also require early dining time.
  4. Please do not leave carts in the hall. The halls are so narrow that my husband cannot get thru on his mobility scooter. I am tried of trying to move them.
  5. 1959 I sailed on the Leilani from Los Angeles to Hawaii.
  6. My favorite thing to do in Ensenada is to get a massage and/or a facial. I've been going there for years and wouldn't miss it. Great reviews my everyone who goes there. Massage & Facial Care 60 min $40 90 min 60 Calle Primera/Lopez Mateos 743 Facial 60 min. $39 Tele 175-7313 Spatherapy@hotmail.com You can email for an appointment or just show up. Dean Tinney www.ensenada.com/spa This business is owned by an American and he trains his therapists. They are located just a block and a half from where the shuttle lets you off. Just cross the street (you are now across from McDonalds) walk the short block to the main street and cross the street. Then down to the middle of the block. The business is downstairs.
  7. .7 miles is a short walk if you are not disabled! Which is better the Cannery or Old Fisherman's Wharf? We will be there in October and just planned on walking around the pier so I am curious as to where we will be tendered to.
  8. I have found that the price depends on the day of the week, the time of the day and the number of people. Also, sometimes it is necessary to order a LARGE SUV (if you have large suitcases) and that is more also. They were there in 5 minutes and we almost missed them, so don't order until you have your luggage and are out at the curb. Didn't use them from San Pedro, but we did from Long Beach (Carnival terminal) Cost on Friday at about 10:00 a.m. was $75 for 4 people in a large SUV for us going into Culver City.
  9. My husband uses a mobility scooter. I research the destination and then email a supplier there and ask if they can accommodate us for a private tour. Some can and some can't, but since my husband's scooter folds down it will fit in the trunk and the tour operator adjusts the tour to our needs since it is a private tour. If you can get 2 couples together it sometimes works out to about the same price as a Princess tour and it is certainly better when there are just 4 of you than when you must contend with 50 people getting on and off the bus. If you go to the ports section you will find many guests have recommendations for tour operators in many cities.
  10. When you pull up to the Terminal, btw, Royal uses Berth 92 because it is so big, the luggage people with take your luggage and direct you to where to go to check in and/or get your wheelchair. Yes you still need to go to the check in counter even if you have your medallion. My husband uses a mobility scooter and they are always helpful, taking it out of the car and setting it up (it is a folding one) then they direct us to the check in counter. We even got a shortcut since it is difficult to maneuver the lines with the scooter. I think you will get your wheelchair there at or just before the check in. As to the pushers taking you to your cabin, it will depend on when you check in and if it is before 1:00 p.m. then they will take you to the Horizon Buffet to wait for the cabins to be ready.
  11. I recently met a man who introduced me to ATTO travel scooter. It actually brakes down into two parts and is therefore lighter to lift in and out of the back of the car. The website says the parts weigh 26 lb. & 37 lbs. split. It is a bit expensive but may be worth the price. Check out the website.
  12. Since we need an accessible cabin I always ask that my booking be marked DO NOT UPGRADE. I would not want to take a chance that they upgrade me first and then tell me that they cannot return me to my accessible cabin because it has gone back into inventory and was grabbed up by someone else.
  13. No automatic doors on Accessible staterooms on Princess ships. We were on the Royal Princess in April and although they did have the newest Medallian tech for opening and closing the door, it was not an automatic door so someone had to hold it open. Maybe Princess will realize the problem and correct it on the next new build. Last week on Carnival Inspiration the stateroom did have an automatic door but it closed too soon so it really wasn't of much help when you would try to back a mobility scooter out. Stateroom was so small that you couldn't turn around to drive forward to get out.
  14. I check the take one leave one area of the library quite often but most are paperbacks. I would never think of taking one of the hard cover library books home. I was very disappointed in the size of the library on the New Royal. It was so small and they had more games than books to borrow so I guess the library is going to be eliminated some time in the future. Such a shame. Princess was one of the only cruise lines that still maintained a fairly nice library for those of us who love to sit out on the balcony or on the Promenade and relax and read a good book.
  15. We just got off the Carnival Inspiration and had the worst stateroom that we have ever endured in all our 80+ cruises. It was a Handicapped cabin R289...Didn't realize that it was just next door to the crew "door" all night banging, rolling that sounded like their utility carts rolling back and forth and banging into the wall. Other sounds that we couldn't make out. And it was every night... No use to complain there was no where else for us to go since we needed a H/C stateroom. Also, when we first went in, the room was so small and the bed blocked the entry so that there was only about 6 feet between the door and the bed. My husband would have had to park his scooter in front of the bathroom door!!!! Finally someone from housekeeping came to move the bed and give us a LITTLE MORE ROOM. Worst room we have ever had!!! w
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