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  1. We have had many fights with the check in people who want to confiscate our extension cord (and no it is not a cricuit braker type, it is just a 3 plug simple extension.) They also have confiscated my husbands bag of tools for his scooter. We adhered to the rules of tools not being over 4 inches long, but they still confiscated them which my husband told them was essential for our traveling where there might not be easy access to someone who could fix the scooter. Someone who uses a scooter has to know the rules and maybe even print them out before leaving home.
  2. Thrax Don't know what their current price is, but last time I was there about 2 years ago, I paid $25.00 + tip Even if it has gone up, it is still much cheaper than on the ship which cost me $200.00 + tip and they also tried to sell me all kinds of extra products.
  3. Having been to Cabo many, many times, I agree with most of the posts above. The only thing I do, now, in Cabo is to get a very low price but wonderful massage from LoLo Spa. They also do Mani, Pedi and facials. It is a very small shop right in the Marina area so it is important to email her at lolospacabo@hotmail.com for an appointment.
  4. Agents are not usually employees but independent contractors working on commissions not salary and therefore some have not earned anything this entire year. When they do earn commissions, that might only be a portion of the compensation earned by the agency. Very little!
  5. A reminder! If you have a pacemaker or defibrillator do not wear it on the lanyard. It could interfere with your device. I kept mine in a pocket at least 12 inches away from my device. When the medallion's first came out, there was a thread about this problem.
  6. Cindy We have been traveling with a scooter for many years. My first suggestion is to go a day early. The hotels that offer transfers from the airport MUST accommodate a traveler with disabilities also. That being said, they may not be able to offer the same van/shuttle that they use for most guests. In this case they NEED to send a cab/shuttle that can accommodate the guest and pay for it. We usually can go on the same shuttle since my husband can take a few steps up in the vehicle and they usually have a trailer for the luggage and they just put his scooter in wit
  7. My experience with Casino Offers is that they need to be paid "in full" at time of booking. Maybe Princess is trying to raise money this way. Hope this doesn't mean that they are getting desperate for funds.
  8. Love all the cruises that we have taken, but the one that stands out was on the Ocean Princess in May 2010 from Capetown up the western coast of Africa and including Spain, Portugal, France and ending in Dover, England. An unforgettable 31 day journey. We met so many wonderful people on board this small ship and did so many interesting excursions in all the ports. Our cruise critic group each took a port to arrange private tours and they all turned out to be exceptional.
  9. Believe me, most scooter users try to be as careful as possible, but when people step in front of a scooter they don't realize that scooters don't stop on a dime. Worst place ever was in New York. I even tried to walk in front of my husband on his scooter to "part the waters" and when someone stepped right in front of me, I got run into (by my husband). Almost ruined our entire vacation since I was injured and was black and blue for weeks after. Yes, scooters are mini vehicles and it is important for both the driver and pedestrians to be aware.
  10. Thanks for your info. I didn't realize that.
  11. I just made a new booking for Sapphire Princess for Oct. 2021 and the ship registry is showing as British? In the past I thought all the Princess ships registry has been Bermudan. Has anyone else noticed this change or is it only for that one ship? I am wondering if this has any connection to their financial status?
  12. We have been in accessible cabins on many Princess ships. The black you see is the tile pattern on the bathroom floor. There is no lip on the doorway.
  13. This is so archaic to have to fax the form. Why don't they catch up with technology and let us email the form in?
  14. Finally!! My refund came thru today. This was just a small refund for flowers, but it was for a March 28th cruise. I received my cruise fare refund a few weeks ago after more than 70 days.
  15. Cancelled my 3/28/20 cruise on March 11th, before the cruiseline cancelled it. I had received the 25% of cancellation penalty right away and now, after 66 days I have finally received the balance. My FCD's were expired, so they got refunded to my credit card on June 7th.
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