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  1. There is nothing shady about submitting to your insurance company. If they want to pay it they will. Some rules have been waived during the global pandemic.
  2. No 1 bottle per coupon. But you can also use them for specialty coffees, and Johnny rockets milkshakes!
  3. I have AT&T and an iPhone. I don’t have to pay for their cruise package to use internet calling. I just enable WiFi calling on my phone, buy the surf n stream package and I’m good to go. I even got a call about my car warranty expiring while sitting at the beach club at coco cay. 😂
  4. Removing the 3rd person will not cause a refare of the first 2 passengers in your room. But you will need to be across or next to the room that your son is in. That may or may not cause you to move rooms. If you have to change categories to meet the rules, then you would pay prevailing rate on the new category.
  5. Was on her Aug 28th sailing. I was tempted to stay on a second week, but had too many things to do at home. Still missing her though. Reduced capacity resulted in a phenomenal level of service. Was greeted by name by crew members on several occasions as I walked around the ship. And I felt very safe with the healthy protocols in place.
  6. You will need to take it enroute. I would take it 2 days out, so you can turn around and head back if needed! The at home tests will take a lot of the stress out of the testing.
  7. We need 5 tests, but even with shipping costs, it was less expensive to order 6 through Emed than 5 at through Optum!
  8. I cruise solo quite frequently and just got off Adventure last week as a solo. I was seated by myself at the MDR, but the wait staff made it a really enjoyable experience. I showed up at 8 and they’d have me out of there by 830! If you want to connect with other people, the games shows and schooner bar activities are a good way to do that.
  9. Exactly! I bring hard copies of all my travel documents. I hate the idea of juggling my phone with my carry ons, and passing it around to multiple people. Plus I don’t want to be one dropped/lost cell phone away from disaster!
  10. I’d do it in a heartbeat. The corner aft will be available at a future date, but double points may not. Plus it’s so nice to have 2 bathrooms!
  11. Had the same experience with Walgreens! Was able to find a free state sponsored test site and got in same day. As long as it’s a credible lab they will take results.
  12. If you wear a plastic face shield you will need a mask underneath.
  13. In my opinion it would make more sense to just have the B2B guests to to the medical center the last day of their first cruise and get a test done there.
  14. I heard those have to be virtually supervised to be accepted by the cruise line, but that the tele appointments are hard to get. What have you heard?
  15. I feel you. Walgreens cancelled my rapid test a few hours before my appointment. I was able to find a free State sponsored testing site that got me the results in less than 24 hours. Check your state and county health departments. Good luck!!!
  16. If I have unused OBC I usually go to the shops and buy the same makeup/skin care I buy at home. Otherwise, go to the casino, get a cash advance (they will charge you 5%), and they will give you a voucher for the amount of cash you requested. Later go back and cash in the voucher.
  17. I'm sailing out this Saturday, and scheduled a PCR test for yesterday with CVS as soon as the appointments opened up. But once Walgreens opened their appointments for Rapid Tests, I grabbed an appointment with them for the same day, and cancelled the PCR. Well Walgreens called me yesterday, just a few hours before the rapid test to say that they would have to cancel because they didn't get their test kits in and there is a nationwide shortage! I couldn't get a PCR test at Walgreens or CVS yesterday, but through my state's health department website, I found a free test site close by. I went in around 11:00am and they promised a 24 hour turnaround. But just in case, I booked a backup test for this afternoon at Walgreens. I was able to cancel the backup appointment last night when my results came in. So I'd recommend checking all resources for tests so that you have a backup plan just in case!
  18. Are we even sure there was a change? Or did the TA relay that vaccines were required, at the time the booking was made? Maybe it just didn’t register with the guest. If this lady called her TA and claimed there was a change, she may have caught the TA off guard. Could be the TA wanted to check their notes and call back. And may have already been working on a hotel and flight home. We are only hearing the guest’s side here. Also the vaccine requirement announcement was made in May, and online checkin didn’t open until mid June. So the guest would see the vaccine requirement there. TAs can no longer access guest accounts for online checkin. At least one person in that party accepted the cruise line contract. I know not everyone has internet, but most public libraries have free computers for use. As someone who has made stupid mistakes myself, I understand that sometimes you just screw up. That’s what happened here. It sucks for them, but they don’t have anyone else to blame.
  19. JsMom2

    Delayed FCC

    Sometimes they are created but not sent out. Give them a call, they can either give you the info over the phone, or expedite the creation. If you already have another cruise booked they can apply the FCC for you in the same call.
  20. Yes. If you cancel outside of final payment, then you would get a refund of all refundable deposits, and new FCC for the amount of FCC applied. If you are in the penalty period you can get everything back but it will all be in the form of an FCC.
  21. So just an FYI, they will always give the booking to the agency of record when you book onboard, unless you request otherwise. if you are unable to contact your TA, ask to speak to a supervisor at the cruise line. It’s hard to kick a TA off a booking after commission is paid. But you should at least be able to get the OBC for the price difference. Ask them to try to contact the TA on your behalf. And be sure to have whoever you speak to put the current day price in the booking remarks so that is documented.
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