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  1. We are booked on a Boston-Bermuda cruise in May, 2022. Both of us had our first Moderna Vaccine this week, I think that by then, enough people will have been vaccinated to be able to cruise again. If the cruise lines make vaccinations mandatory for boarding, so be it. It is not just the rules of the cruise lines, but might be those of the countries that we will visit.
  2. Thank goodness that my hair dresser and my husband's barber has reopened. No more home hair-cuts for now. I hope that they never have to close down again.
  3. I do get Bravo, but never saw "So Siriano listed or advertised.
  4. I am more comfortable and look better with my bra on, be it a sports bra or regular. So yeah, I wear one every day, even if I don't go anywhere.
  5. I wear earrings all the time, every day.
  6. I always bring my sneakers, whether I wear them or pack them. Doing a lot of walking on rough terrain is easier in sneakers than sandals.
  7. I have sailed on the Dawn many times. Once, in a Deluxe Owners Suite, and mostly in Balcony cabins. The balcony cabins had walk-in showers with sliding doors, and the suite had a tub, as well as a shower stall. As others have stated, the Dawn underwent a massive drydock a few years ago and is much improved. Service, food, and entertainment was very good. The crazy bathroom layouts of the Epic keep me from sailing on her.
  8. When if ever will a new season start? Or they on hiatus because of Covid?
  9. My husband and I just got the first round of the new shingles-shot last month. I felt lousy after the shot, which I was told could happen. We'll get the second round in December. We just got our flu shots two weeks ago. Here in Massachusetts, our governor is trying to make flu shots mandatory for all school students and child care clients. People are pushing back against that, but they really shouldn't, because deaths occur from the flu as well. As for the fashion question, I'm retired and home, so Jeans & tees are my mode of dress unless we go out.
  10. NCL is advertising some cruises toward the end of 2020, and into 2021. I hope that they can sail. My cruise consultant called to book us, but we didn't do it yet. As seniors, we don't want to deal with restrictions, such a a letter from our doctor. Whether we decide to take the chance should be up to us, not our doctor.
  11. We were supposed to be on the Gem this week, Boston to Bermuda. This would have been our last full day aboard. WAHHHH. The only good thing is we're spared the sadness of packing to go home, because we're already here. Anyway, we will spend some time on Cape Cod.
  12. Will every activity be by reservation only, and will we have to make reservations to go to the pool?
  13. What if you drink cool water before getting your temperature taken.
  14. I always enjoy my NCL cruises, and hate when they end.
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