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  1. Is Tenerife a substitute for Bermuda or a scheduled port for your cruise? If it is scheduled, Bermuda charges should be refunded. If Tenerife is substituted, those charges may be applied to Tenerife. Just my thought.
  2. You can find pamphlets at the tourist office in the Dock Yard, or go on Bermuda website to find activities you may enjoy. We never book ship trips in Bermuda, and just play it by ear.
  3. We'll be gong to Bermuda in May, and to save money we booked an OV with a picture window. In the past, we have had balconies, but spent little time on them.
  4. I wear hiking shoes or sneakers while walking on the cobble-stone streets of Nantucket. When I wore fashion shoes, my feet "paid for it."
  5. If you do bring the beach tote, you could pack the day purse and wristlet into it.
  6. Since our cabin is an OV sans balcony, we lounge poolside. I'll wear shorts and a tee over my swimsuit, and bring a good read with me.
  7. The OP should have checked the deck plans, where cabin and window size would have been printed. We booked an OV on Deck 5 which has a larger picture window. The bed was comfortable, and suitable for whatever. If the Op checked around his cabin or asked the cabin steward, he would have noticed the thermostat, with which he could have adjusted the temperature. Granted the air conditioning in the corridors or public rooms can be too cold, so bring a sweater. We all know that food opinions are subjective, but I thought that the food on our two week Dawn cruise last October was very good, not at all comparable to a microwaved TV dinner. We dined in specialty and MDRs. We'll be in an OV on the Gem soon, and looking forward to fun in Bermuda.
  8. My husband gets the unlimited internet, after we use up our 250 free minutes. We were able to connect with our email without any problems on the Dawn last October. Hope to be able to do the same on our next Gem cruise, because if we don"t, they'll be thousands of messages waiting when we get home. Thank goodness for the delete button.
  9. Lemonade, kiwi, and strawberry. They are tasty.
  10. I think that employees in the terminal work for the port of New York, not NCL, I could be wrong. Isn't the main MDR open for lunch on sea days, eliminating the need to go to the buffet? I have eaten there on sea days.
  11. On our 14 day Dawn cruise last Oct. 26th, we had a large turn out at the M & G. The hosts went all out to make it enjoyable.
  12. ABC News and NECN news covered this story last night and this morning. According to last nights, ABC broadcast, some people were taken to hospitals, when the ship docked. My prayers for a safe return of the Escape and her passengers.
  13. I agree with you, but Bermuda is an exception. I could spend more than 2 1/2 days in Bermuda.
  14. I don't like Pepsi either, but I can tolerate a diet Pepsi once in a while. When I'm in port, I will order diet coke. Soda brands or lack thereof, are not game changers for me. I do like the juices available by self service in the buffet: lemonade, strawberry kiwi, etc.
  15. OP, It's not just for the lunches you will not be on board for, but someone has to prepare and deliver your room service items, clean your cabin, work in the laundry to provide your clean sheets and towels, clean and maintain the public areas of the ship. The DSC is supposed to support these back of the scene people, who work hard to make our cruises great experiences. Just saying.
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