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  1. I agree completely! I have stopped visiting restaurants that use them.
  2. I can honestly say we have never been turned away. But, it's usually one of the first places we visit when we board. (Also, with the ability to purchase online, that may change things too).
  3. Paid $219.00 for a couples pass for a week on Sky in February.
  4. No harm done in waiting until final payment.
  5. Since your steward was elusive, perhaps you could have left a note? And if that was unsuccessful, then a trip to Guest Services or Head of Housekeeping might have gotten results. It always seems to be easier to resolve an issue while onboard. Hope you hear from someone soon.
  6. We also did this excursion - signed up for Tracy Arm and ended up at Endicott Arm. We also saw whales (nothing like Retired_Army) but enjoyed it very much.
  7. May be luck of the draw, but I find if I book the first day flights are offered, prices are lower and often increase. Of course, booking with EZ Air gives me the freedom to monitor and rebook with price decreases. I do take the chance that fights may change, but I try to stay on top of any changes as I monitor for price adjustments often.
  8. I don't think it's intended for only the day you embark or disembark. I think it's only showing the first day of your cruise. My confirmation showed 7 day couples pass, and I chose (of course) the day we embark. The charge is for the week. It is poorly worded.
  9. This!! And I wish they'd allow me to reserve excursions again without having to pay in advance!
  10. I booked the couples pass. This is the way the confirmation looks.
  11. Thank you! I would have never found that!
  12. The Adult Sanctuary Cabana's are located in a roped-off area, and there is (usually) someone standing at the rope to let people in (or turn them away if they haven't rented one). But toward end of the day, that person disappeared. It wasn't really an issue, as many people had already returned to the ship. We did have someone ask us several times if we wanted anything to drink, but the bar was located fairly close to the cabanas and it was just as easy to get our own. We got our own food - I think I remember that you can purchase additional food that would be delivered to the cabana. You cannot enter the beach from the adult area, as there are rocks there. One note - behind the cabanas is a dirt road that people can walk down if they choose. So the adult cabanas aren't really private. But it was nice to have a place to keep our things, and have air conditioning since it was pretty hot. There is a outdoor shower that we used to cool off also. All the cabanas may have them though.
  13. We're in L108 in February, our first time in a forward balcony. Can't wait!
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