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  1. We brought our special friend with us on this past cruise. (He has an active account on the birdie site.) We brought him a beach hat and a sailor’s cap because he wanted to dress appropriately. We also got the cruise director to pose with him.
  2. On the Sky now. Left Puerto Plata a few hours ago. We docked in Taino Bay.
  3. I definitely will. Thanks for the quick reply!!
  4. Sailing on the Sky this Sunday, and I'm so looking forward to my first cruise in almost three years! I had a pretty ugly cold last week, and I've all but recovered. I'm at that gross phase, though, where I'm still coughing like an old man and my nose is running like a track star. (Sorry for the visual.) The cough is (somewhat) manageable as long as I can stay hydrated. I have this irrational fear that my cough is going to catch everyone's attention and the guys in hazmat suits are going to drag me away "Outbreak"-style. Can someone reassure me that this isn't going to happen? Also, is there a vending area inside the terminal at Miami where I can get water whilst I wait to board the ship? I can bring lozenges, but prefer water. TIA, guys!!
  5. I don't drink. At all. Literally have never even tasted alcohol, but I get the FAS package. In the past, I've enjoyed virgin Pina coladas and daiquiris. I'm looking forward to trying a virgin mudslide and (if I get this wrong, I'm sure someone will correct me) a virgin mango madness.
  6. Hmm... It was the same price for my mom's cabin and mine. She's gold and I'm platinum. Ten percent of $45 wouldn't total a $10 discount. I assumed it was because it was a smaller ship (the Sky) and odds of running out are slimmer.
  7. Please let me know. I have an excursion booked, and the tour company will provide pickup at either port.
  8. When you make the reservation, both names are automatically checked. You only need to check one. Uncheck the second name, and you're good.
  9. I'll be going in three weeks and I'll report back.
  10. It's been a while since I've cruised, but can you not still drop your carry-on at a designated bar or club until your cabin is ready?
  11. Can anyone confirm if the Sky has switched over yet?
  12. The last time I got them in the mail was 2012. 😔
  13. Milk, juice, plain coffee and hot tea are available in the mornings. Iced tea, regular coffee, and flavored water are available for rest of the day.
  14. OP can always order what they’re looking for from Amazon and have it shipped to their pre-cruise hotel.
  15. Hey, Bird! Is this also the case for Platinum and above?
  16. I suspect most people on these boards would put them on whilst in their pre-cruise hotel room.
  17. Not according to NCL's website: https://www.ncl.com/port-of-call/cruises-to-puerto-plata
  18. How exactly does one find out in advance if their ship is at capacity? Personally, I don't care too much, but I like to show off my impressive knowledge to my fellow sailors.
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