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  1. Crew members are very helpful with going up and down the gang plank. I have a mobility scooter and they walk in front of me and behind me and hold onto my scooter (even though I have brakes and in good control). I always feel quite safe going up and down. If it's steep and I want to walk they will drive my scooter for me. They are also helpful with getting on and off the tender boats and my husband lifts my Travelscoot onto the tender. It is less than 35 lbs. with the battery so easy to carry.
  2. Accessible cabins book up early and are hard to get. You need to reserve as soon as the cruise is advertised. There is a "Disability" section on Cruise critic with lots of information about cruising with wheelchairs and scooters. I have a mobility scooter and cruise with HAL (and other lines) and don't have any problems on the ship except trying to get an accessible cabin when I try to book.
  3. There are many places in Halifax near the port to plug in your scooter. Lots of nice coffee shops and restaurants and the people there are so pleasant and helpful. We love Nova Scotia and just booked flights and hotel for 8 days in October. We will be very close to the boardwalk near the port and it's great for me and my scooter to tour around.
  4. In Halifax port there is a very long boardwalk (all wooden) and a huge market very close to where the ship is parked. You can enjoy all the restaurants and shops all along there. Very easy with scooters and I enjoyed the whole area. Lots of places to see and nice views of the ocean etc.
  5. Okay - got it. Thanks for the reply.
  6. The amount that Provincial plans would pay for illness while out of the country might not begin to cover the expenses you would incur on a cruise ship or in a hospital in a forgign country or U.S.A. You might have coverage but it could end up costing you a lot of money on top of what the Provincial plan would pay. I seem to remember that I had an expense in the U.S. and my medical coverage only covered a small fraction of the cost. They paid what the cost would have been in my home Province and it was nothing like what I was charged in the U.S. or what the ship charges for medical care. I know this from past (expensive) experience. A day or two stay in the small ship infirmary can cost thousands of dollars.
  7. Guess what - we were at 35 Port Royal!!!! We are Wendy and Robert Tremblay. What is your name? If you prefer you could e-mail me at wendybob8 at gmail.com
  8. In 1972 we were in Pilon project and then in 1979 to 2020 we were in Champlain Parc and then in 2020 we came to Wychwood. Were you any of those places?
  9. Wow - lucky you found out before your cruise. I have heard similar stories from others before on this topic.
  10. I have a good memory but ........................................................it's short! (Can relate to you).
  11. Thanks for your reply. Just noticed you live in Ottawa - we are neighbours - we live in Aylmer beside the Ottawa River.
  12. Our cruise is 21 days so we may need a few tests during the cruise. I have not enjoyed having the stick shoved up my nose and down my throat and don't want to be subjected to that every 3, 5 or 7 days. I can wear a mask most of the time but not really looking forward to it when off the ship in the heat. Weighing all the pros and cons and trying to decide whether to cancel our cruise or not. Our final payment is in 5 days so time is of the essence. Thank you for the info.
  13. So you think that means we will have to be tested each time we want to get off the ship at all these ports? Will we have to pay for each test or will HAL cover it? Could get really expensive at about $200 per person each time for a PCR. I read that Florida charge $179 for the PCR test at the airport.
  14. I hope Holland America will do the same thing for us on the 21 day cruise we take with them in November.
  15. I read that Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is requesting all cruise ship passengers that want to visit PV need to have a valid PCR test. Does anyone know if any of the Caribbean ports are asking for that as well. It sure could get expensive and bothersome if we need to do those tests frequently during a cruise.
  16. Thanks for the info from you and gnome 12 - If I read it correctly somewhere else it costs about $200 for the PCR test in Florida (we fly home from there). Is that correct?
  17. If I understand correctly we need to have the antigen test to enter the US and show that we have had both vaccinations from an approved vaccine. Is it the same test (antigen) we need to re-enter Canada from the US when we come back from a cruise or do we need to do the more costly PCR test? TIA.
  18. You probably already know this but you can remove the red cover on the bottom of the TS so your foot can go into the centre part that would be open and make it easier for you to get on and off the TS. It is only attached with velcro and easy to remove ( I removed mine to wash it).
  19. Thank you for posting this Red Haired Lady. I am feeling a little more at ease about the cruise after reading this. I will show it to my husband and see what he thinks about it as well. It is encouraging to read this. Thanks.
  20. My insurance won't cover me if I have to leave the ship after half the time and fly home. I would lose the money I paid for the rest of the cruise and also the costs to fly home. Also if I got sick with Covid and could not take the cruise they will not cover the payments I made. No cancellation insurance for anything Covid related. (They would cover medical expenses but not any cancellation costs.)
  21. Costco sell frozen french onion soup and it's not bad. I add extra Gruyere cheese to enhance it. They are frozen individually and handy to have in the house.
  22. I enjoyed reading your post and can certainly relate to it. We have a 21 day Caribbean cruise booked with HAL for mid November and final payment is in another week and we are agonizing over it. Should we cancel or pay the final payment is the question. We can't get cancellation insurance to cover Covid and could lose a lot of money (and health issues). We have been looking forward to the cruise (our first time as 4 star with free laundry and some nice perks). Have to decide. Hope you enjoy your crow dinner!
  23. Sorry for the problems you are encountering. It's really a shame the way things are happening and changing from day to day. Hope you don't miss your cruise.
  24. I think you have to be a lawyer to try to follow most of these posts. I am totally confused about Florida and being able to take a cruise from there in November with HAL. Hoping it's clearer in the next couple of weeks before we have to make our final payment in mid- August. Won't be taking the cruise if all passengers and crew are not vaccinated and have to show proof.
  25. I have travelled with many airlines all over the world with my Travelscoot and I only remove the battery at the door of the plane. The seat and backrest stay with the scooter and is carried down to the hold of the plane. They bring it back once we land to the door of the plane and I drive it into the airport. No need to remove anything except the battery.
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