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  1. If the FOE want to be credible, they should ensure that the information they put out is accurate. In the article about Carnival, they show a photo of a MSC ship. MSC are not part of Carnival Brian
  2. The restaurant is open for lunch every day, including port days, usually from 1200 to 1330, although times may vary slightly. The menu has a few starters, including soup. There are various cold meat salads, hot sandwich and other main course dishes and always a curry. Various desert items, including ice cream, tea or coffee. Brian
  3. On Azura we docked in Monaco so no problem with ships of this size. It may depend on what other ships are in on the day Brian
  4. I can't get them on my iPad since they "improved" the website. I can't get Cunard webcams either. Also I can't get them using krooze-cams. Brian
  5. If you are flying from Manchester then it will be a P&O dedicated charter as I don't think there are any scheduled flights from there. Brian
  6. Yes, on a charter flight, usually TUI or Thomas Cook, you get into a small bus on the tarmac and you are taken direct to the ship without entering the terminal. Your luggage is taken separately and will appear outside your cabin but may arrive 2-3 hours after you. if you are on a scheduled flight, usually BA or Virgin, then you have to go into the terminal and collect your luggage. There should be a P&O rep to direct you from there. Brian
  7. There are usually two flights from Manchester, one with TUI and one Thomas Cook. TUI use the Dreamliner. Brian
  8. You put your main luggage outside your cabin as normal and the next time you will see it is at your UK airport. You can stay on the ship until you are called to go to the airport which will be around 3-4 hours before departure. There is a facility for storing your hand luggage if needed. On your arrival flight you get off the aircraft and go straight onto a bus to take you to the ship. You do not enter the terminal. Your luggage follows on and will eventually arrive at your cabin. It all works very well. Brian
  9. The departure has now been put back to 11pm. I suspect it may be put back more. Brian
  10. It does appear to be showing this but I think this is a glitch on marine traffic. If you look on the past track she is going in the right direction. Had this glitch before. Brian
  11. We took the Metro (underground) from near the shuttle bus drop off to get to the Sagrada Familia and after walked slowly back to the shuttle bus at the bottom of Las Ramblas. We stopped for a coffee and snack on the way but I would guess the walking time would be about an hour. Plan you route to take in the other Gaudi buildings, the Casa Batllo and La Pedrera-Casa Mila which are on your way. https://www.archdaily.com/877599/10-must-see-gaudi-buildings-in-barcelona Brian
  12. https://*****cruise-rewards/po-cruises-peninsular-club Going through another website clearly shows a half bottle of champagne as a Caribbean level benefit Brian
  13. The satellite does not work in many of the deep fjords as the line of sight to the satellite gets blocked by the high mountains. Brian
  14. We were on Aurora on the cruise before you and we received a half bottle of champagne. Brian
  15. On our cruise on Aurora last month, we arrived at the freedom restaurant (Medina) at various times between 1815 and 2000. At no time did we have to queue and we were able to go straight in. I believe that the early queue is for those wanting a table for two. Brian
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