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  1. All Oceana cruises for April/Sep 2021 are to Spain, Portugal and Canaries. Brian
  2. Peninsular club here https://www.pocruises.com/peninsular-club As far as I am aware points no longer expire and are retained indefinitely. The only downside is that if you reach Baltic level and then don’t have at least 80 nights in the last three years, you drop back to Caribbean level but your points remain the same. Brian
  3. If you mean the Beach House, then yes. Brian
  4. Did you actually get issued with a visa stamped in your passport? Tours with a licensed tour operator are visa exempt for cruise passengers. Brian
  5. Ocean terminal was closed earlier this year for upgrades, notably LNG refuelling facility for Iona. I don’t think there is any LNG refuelling at the other terminals at the moment so Iona must berth at Ocean. Normally Britannia berths at Ocean but if both are in together then Britannia will have to go to Mayflower. It will become more of a problem when the second LNG ship arrives in 2022. Brian
  6. You might like to look at land based tour companies for comparison. Google “st Petersburg tours” Your tour ticket allows you to pass through immigration to meet your tour guide on the other side. Brian
  7. Organised tours (ship based or land based) led by a licensed tour guide are visa exempt and thus a visa is not required. http://www.saint-petersburg.com/russian-visa/for-cruise-ship-passengers/ If you want to go ashore on your own, then you do need a visa. However, it seems very complex to get one and I believe the cost is around £100. Details on this link.. http://www.saint-petersburg.com/russian-visa/step-by-step-visa-guide/ It is difficult to get around on your own unless you speak Russian. As few, if any, people do this, facilities such as taxis, etc, are not geared up for this. Brian
  8. Anyone, including contractors, should be given a health and safety briefing by P&O before being issued with a pass to get on board. Everyone should be aware of the “rules” Brian
  9. One option would be to leave your car at home and use a one way car hire each way. This probably works out cheaper than paying for car parking. Enterprise have some good rates and they have a depot at gate 8. They will give you a lift to whichever terminal you are sailing from. Best to drop off your main luggage first. We did this on a three week cruise and it worked out very well. Brian
  10. Ours have always come direct, not via our travel agent. Brian
  11. We have ours for our cruise next month. Came about three weeks ago. Brian
  12. We have been to Monaco a few years ago on Azura and berthed there. If fact we got there a bit earlier than expected as we could not dock in Livorno due to high winds so we carried on to Monaco arriving late afternoon and so had an overnight there. Brian
  13. If it costs £100 to change then you might as well just cancel. You would then have free reign to book whatever you want with no restriction on cost or duration. You need to talk to whoever has your booking. Brian
  14. My recent experiences on longer cruises is that the luggage arrives within two hours at the most, often within an hour. On a two night cruise, the amount of luggage will be considerably less so it should be quicker. You should not have any problems. Brian
  15. When I make a card payment to my travel agent, the payment appears on my statement as “P&O cruises”. This is with one of the largest cruise speciality travel agents. They are also ABTA and ATOL protected. Brian
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