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  1. Regent usually has a variety of hotels they are using depending on the embarkation port. They do change once in a while though. If you look at your booked cruise, at one point your hotel will show up in your itinerary. You need to log in and look at your itinerary, not the cruise itinerary.
  2. Don't think there is insider information available right now. Regent might not know more than what we know and, if I would be them, I'd be concentrating on getting the ships back in line. With Venice, we are dealing not only with Venice and local jurisdiction, but with the Italian Government. And, depending on who's in charge next year and what election has been taken place...who knows. If your heart is set on Venice... I'd be concerned and might want to change venues, maybe not visiting it via a cruise...or if the ships leave from Ravenna, fly in a few days earlier and visit Venice.
  3. mock turtleneck ? Ok...way to warm in my opinion....but I also know a guy who loves those and I'm always trying to figure out if it's part of his "shirt" or actually a head band. (Try to picture it and you see what I mean )
  4. shirt is ok, but the shoes and the music and a no no.... Natures Rhythm Trio is not doing it :-)
  5. In general I would recommend the Regent Hotel experience if you are flying in the day before to then board the ship the next day. Hotels are always nice and no issue. As others have mentioned, the buffet breakfast the next day is nice and gives you the opportunity to already meet fellow cruises and get to know new people from all over. Always fun. Some experiences depend on the local staff, not always Regent or to be exact, most likely never Regent, but local contractors. That can be hit and miss. GoArmy and I were on the same trip, but different hotels. Bus to the hotel was a nightmare due to
  6. don't give people ideas about the pool deck and whatever they like :-)
  7. is it possible yes. Typical drive time is about 60 min, but that can be 30 min or less with a crazy taxi driver (we've seen it) or much longer depending time and traffic. Ship docks at 5 am, but disembarkation will be dependent on harbor clearance, inspection, customs and unloading (hope no strike). If all goes well and you inform the ship that you need to get off as soon...all could work out, but if it's me....I wouldn't do it. Too much of a risk not making the flight.
  8. this cruise was available for a long time and was pretty much booked out since last year. We were on it, but then we the Explorer changed itinerary and added Caribbean in March we switch over (Welcome to whoever pickup up our cabin :-) ). Like the configuration of the Explorer C-A penthouse better and the itinerary included ports we hadn't been to. But Splendor was booked and waitlisted for a while.
  9. yes, that's why it was so empty and more than half the island was pretty much closed, not usable etc. It felt kinda nice because it was so empty and the beach was nice enough (and the ship was close by to get back to quickly). Would I have enjoyed it with a Mega ship there as well....absolutely NOT.
  10. went there on a PC (Pre Covid) Regent cruise and the ship was the only ship at the island. Pretty much had the run of the place as many passengers did not leave the ship. But it also meant a lot of things were closed or not in use (like the water slides, zip line etc). Food and drinks were included and they have a few bars and one larger Caribbean Buffett (not the best though as it was hot and the local wildlife also tried to partake). Plenty of chairs and loungers. Nice to get off the ship for a few hours and enjoy the beach. We are booked on a future trip also visiting GSC. This time it seem
  11. Congratulations and best wishes for your future! We brought our college-age daughter with us on three Regent cruises and she had a lot of fun. BUT: they were short Caribbean cruises, which are more casual and tend to attract a bit younger passenger, they were port-intensive so there were no days at sea to spend on the ship, and it was during university holidays and there were a few other people her age on board. The dancers and singers were mostly in their mid to upper 20s and socialized a bit with the younger passengers. A transatlantic cruise will be very sedate f
  12. We are interested in one of the forward Grand Suites but are concerned about being allowed to use the balcony when underway and having the balcony lights on at night. Friends were on Regent's sister line, Oceania, and were not allowed to do either, which greatly reduced their enjoyment of the suite with the amazing balcony. Might the use of the forward balcony depend on whether the suite is above or below the bridge? Thanks for any insight.
  13. One way to practice for the rough waters of Alaska :-)
  14. Would be nice. Wondering though how if lots of lines will take the opportunity. And what will happen with the bookings. For example, our Alaska Cruise and on was canceled by Regent. Would they offer to reinstate the booking ? Would they open the ship for new bookings ? Same for other lines of course. My guess is Regent will start with Splendor as planned, this summer Alaska season is done and over before it started and nothing will happen. Maybe NCL and HA will do something as some of the ships are on the west coast already, but none of the Regent ships are in the area and, thinking abou
  15. Are you saying that we (who are stressed out because of all those cancelations caused by Canada) can get free yoga by Sophie ? 😁
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