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  1. that's a whole different problem :-) There are some flights though... it's not completely shut off.
  2. we can always come back...no restrictions unless Australia etc.
  3. :-), a certain food item not normally stocked on board or hard to get in let's say Africa or South America. Many years back we met a person on board who had requested Diet Red Bull. Ship didn't have it, but managed to get it on their return trip to Miami (back to back cruise). At that time, I met the procurement officer during a shore visit and we talked. He mentioned the 2 months preferred time for special items. Just passing it on.... 🙂
  4. yes, some people decide not to go, some people have different plans. I've seen this many times on cruises a year out. Things change, plans change and.... We were booked on a trip next September and looking at the site realized that a category we wanted became available...so we change our booking...and voila, another category became available.
  5. Yes to all the above, whether you are on your first or second or 50th cruise. They will help you make it a special day. One more piece of info I didn't see above. If you require something special (like a special drink or food item) I would give them at least 2 month notice (depending on where in the world the ship will be). That will give the procurement manager enough time to get it on board. Now this is just for very special items, but it's worth to keep in mind.
  6. Agree with GoArmy, would not venture out on our own. The tours are usually quite decent, and having a tour guide and sanctioned tour gets you into the Hermitage faster. You have a tour guide and based on his/her quality, you get a decent overview of the museum. I found it overwhelming though, not just the amount of art and treasures, but also the amount of people. There was never a time when we were not surrounded by 100s of people. You can look at things, you can listen to your guide, but it's just...overwhelming. Next time I go to the Hermitage, I will get a private guide... Lines everywhere...including the bathrooms It's like the Vatican Museum, in 2008 it was fun to go, in 2018, it was a disaster....you get shuffled through with another 1000 people, the noise and people just doesn't make it pleasant.
  7. No. I don't think the CDC will make a decision on opening cruising or what the guidelines should be until the election. And then, depending on change in government or not, might even wait until Jan or Feb. There are just too many unknowns and the whole system is so politicized on top of the scientific part that (imho), nothing will move. So anything will depend on what other countries might do...but just looking at the immediate shutdown in NZ as an example, I don't think much will happen. Europe is dealing with spike of cases right now after people come back from vacation. Spike in cases, not real spikes in deaths though (which is a good thing).
  8. I hope not....:-) I could think of all sorts of things once the rebels come on board 😁
  9. Oops, sorry, should have added this. Signature was the predecessor of Chartreuse... So Chartreuse and Prime 7 have non-changing menus.... Signature had those as welll.
  10. Of all the lines we've been on, Regent has by far the best selection and best food. There is always something absolutely delicious. CR has of course, the biggest variety of dishes, while Signature and Prime 7 are having a fixed menu (which only changes with catch of the day and sometimes other local additions). Yes, you can request a special meal, but, if it is something new to the crew or not "often requested", the chef/team will accommodate you, but the results may not be what you expect. People talk about special "indian" meals and they are great, but we also had special dishes which turned out not quite as good. We actually stopped requesting special meals because we realized the kink it causes in the kitchen. And the new menu has always something to our liking (but I digressed). One of the great features though (imho) is that any meal on the menu can be ordered in different sizes. You want to try one dish...but you are not sure, get a small portion...you really like...get another one. We've been on the ships often and meet the same staff often. It happens that they automatically bring a bigger portion of one of my fav dishes. They remember and I love it. That is another aspect of the Regent Food experience. No, not the double amount :-) but that the staff creates a welcoming and wonderful dining environment. Enjoy the cruise.
  11. Had to do this twice in the past years. Had insurance, but then Regent changed changed the itinerary big time (aka places we couldn't go...long story). Our TA worked with Regent to change our cruise to a different itinerary and...our insurance moved with us. Basically the amount we paid to the insurance was just applied a different cruise. Easy (and out TA was great). As you haven't made final payment for the 4/21 cruise, I wouldn't think you'd have paid for the insurance either yet. We usually sign up for insurance the day of Final Payment.
  12. I hope it works...you might want to to consider the September cruise.. van to tokyo....same itinerary.. just less cherry blossoms and hopefully less covid
  13. so in somewhat jest.... If there is a passenger who come on board with covid (no knowing)...I'd try everything to help (return to port, etc etc)...but if this is one of those...I smoke where I want....... here's that old song ..."what shall we do with drunken sailor"...:-) :-)
  14. Regent does include free breakfast 🙂
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