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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to all of you
  2. it's mostly the guides who are hired by the local tour company and "do their job", but nothing more. We've experienced a tour in Santa Marta, Columbia where we had the regular Regent tour group distribution. Some where younger, some where older, some were very mobile, others not so. Our guide was a speed walker, which was not a real problem for the first part of the tour, but then an older couple fell back and had problems following up. The rest of the group started to also spread out with the tour guide leading (racing) ahead. We tried a few times to slow him down, but nothing changed. My wife stayed with the couple while I was walking ahead, trying to keep track of the guide and others, than racing back to tell her where they went. Fortunately, I had a city map and could also find our way to the bus. When we got there, he complained that we were late and I asked him what he expected us to do ? He had no answer. Back to the ship, I told destination about the incident with bus number and tour guide name (first name only ). Not sure what happened...
  3. not really. If you have a suite with butler, there is a form you can fill out online (as part of your booking) which allows for things like bedding (duvet, pillows etc), fruit choices (green apples, bananas, etc), some choices of Scotch, Bourbon or Gin, various beers and white or red wine. If you find what you like on the form...great, fill it out. If not, you can leave a comment at the bottom of the form...or, just tell your butler or cabin steward when they greet you, what you would like. And like magic it will happen. Pretty much anything on the standard bar menu is available. We usually just ask the cabin steward or butler for things.
  4. on a recent cruise, 8 excursions were marked with the "regent app" symbol, 2 of those actually had the guide provide the technology. So even if we were all prepared, the guides were in most of the cases not, didn't even know about it. (and on the one tour it worked, the guide told me he hated carrying the heavy box around). The problem is that Regent is assuming that we, the passengers, are providing the equipment for the audio guides. Not Regent, not the tour guide. If everyone had smartphones and everyone carried them 24 hours, great. But not everyone does. Maybe a younger demographic does or assumes that's the case, but the Regent Demographic might not. The problem starts with: 1. No information about this until you get on the ship. Maybe because it's a new program, maybe your TA has info but doesn't share it...who knows. 2. Have you tried to download 60 MB of app data via the Regent internet connection on the ship ? Good luck. 3. No information whether the app uses wifi, internet data or Bluetooth (Yes, I know now how it works, but its not something Regent has passed on). So a lot of people, especially when outside their normal data plan area don't use their phones. So unless Regent ensures that everyone is on the same page and has access to the same technology, this will not work. And for the few who were able to use it, blaming the people who aren't able to (for whatever reason) is not a good thing either. Everyone should have the ability to listen to the tour guide.
  5. see you there...should be a great trip
  6. yeah, they have a "standard" fill which is added when cabins change (previous guests leave.....new ones come). Not necessarily the best choices for some (like Bud light..yikes). If you want something different, just let them know and they will change it. As other posters recommend, you can request items a few weeks before via website (C and above) or via Regent. But no worries, your cabin steward/stewardess will gladly do it...and a few hours later, all will be set. Regent is great with those requests. We usually unpack, then open the champagne and go to the balcony....if our "neighbors" are out, we invite them to a glass and meet nice people.
  7. Love the block party. Met some great people and it just adds to the "neighborhood". Last cruise though, out of 20 cabins, 4 couples showed up....
  8. Now you mention you are social sometimes....hmmm. Hope to meet you one of those days on a cruise, swapping stories about old protocols etc. :-)
  9. but then you turn the bagel upside down and all looks different ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. well, I assume Regent doesn't sneak into the port in the dead of the night ๐Ÿ™‚ and the authorities know the time, then the ship gets cleared by the port authorities and until this happens, nobody leaves. So the authorities at the port know the timing and I assume (again) that Regent is communicating timing to them. Then you have the destination desk people managing the flow off the ship. Now if you are on a private tour and really want to leave the ship, you might be able to....but according to the letter we received in our cabin, your private tour operator is not allowed into the area until 1 hour after.
  11. One more thing for St. Petersburg. The port has just recently changed their pickup times for private tours. A private tour operator (non regent organized tour) can now only pickup passengers one hour after the ship tours, to ensure that the "regular" passengers can get off in time and through the immigration process. On our recent visit we didn't see many private arrangements though and I'm not sure how exact they deal with the "one hour" limit. When we went through immigration aka passport scrutiny, there were private drivers waiting outside. Plenty of Regent tours to pick from though
  12. Yes, ports can be canceled and will be canceled if there are security concerns. A few years back we were on a Med/Middle East Cruise with a planned stop in Haifa/Jerusalem. Until the day before, it was iffy if we would be able to stop due to concerns about rockets from Westbank and Gaza reaching the port. We made it and enjoyed Jerusalem and Masada. A few weeks later, friends of ours had their stop in Haifa canceled the night before because of active shelling and rockets. None of which reached the port, but.... Of course, while many passengers understood the decision, others were not happy about missing out and our friends reported that some passengers were quite upset and vocal. I'd rather act on the side of caution here and understand the decisions can be spur of the moment.
  13. Like Bill, I know my way around computers and usually have no problems with the internet on Regent ships (no, don't want to start a discussion here ๐Ÿ™‚ ) However, the Digital Survey is a mess imho. On a recent trip it took me over an hour to even get onto the survey site. No, it's not via the internet, it's the intranet, so if you are logged on/in, you might or might not get to the site. I finally managed to get into it via the "free Regent site" you can get to without login on. Very difficult and time consuming. People in the Business Center (aka Computer room) had no problems, but there are only 4 computers (Explorer) and unless I have something really important to say, do I want to spend time standing in line hoping one of the machines frees up ? If it is really important, I will tell reception or GM or Ex Concierge... but to give feedback it has to be easy. I believe the digital survey is intended to make it easier to "read" the feedback. Remember, they like block letters, short info etc. I would assume that the number of people who are able to give feedback is prob less than 40 %. The mid cruise feedback is still "manual", but at the end, ...
  14. you mean the "donate to Regent" room ? Yes, they have one
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