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  1. jkrislc

    Bad idea ?

    There's no mention of noise on the deck plan sight I subscribe to, so I wouldn't worry about it. Also, being a forward cabin should mean less passenger traffic on those elevators. You also shouldn't get noise from the elevator lobby since your cabin door is essentially around the corner.
  2. I found there was little enforcement of the smoking policy while on the Meraviglia in Europe. It even looked like some had ashtrays on their balcony tables.
  3. I've only sailed in the Med with MSC, so this may or may not apply to US sailings. Dedicated gluten-free menu so I don't have to order the night before like on other lines. Dining room lunch even on port days (at least in the Med). Winter sailings in the Med when prices are lower, airfare is cheaper from US, and crowds are lower in the ports. Odd and different entertainment that was compelling to stay through. An increasing number of new ships. Great kids club hours on par with Disney and better than any other line. Great international mix of passengers. Great Cirque shows worth the surcharge.
  4. Buy them as soon as you can as the price steadily rises the closer you get to the departure date. Also, done days are in higher demand than others. We actually found it was cheaper for us to fly to Paris on Air France for our January cruise on Grandiosa than to take the train. Two years ago, it was the opposite. I guess traveling on a Friday versus a Saturday makes a big difference. The change fee on SNCF is only 5 Euros and you can change the day of if needed, but you shouldn't have any problems. We had a short wait for a cab, but were still there with plenty of time to spare (2 hours).
  5. When I boarded the NCL Spirit last year in Barcelona, they had an x-ray machine as you boarded to check your bags for bottles.
  6. Have you filled out the special needs request form with MSC?
  7. We'll join you near the end of your cruise in Marseille. We did this just after the Meraviglia was launched and really enjoyed the experience.
  8. I'm a fan of using Google Flights AprilF. Beardface, the code share airlines (at least British and American) will no longer do this if the record locators are different. We experienced this as we were booked on BA, but on two separate reservations. I believe they changed their policy in 2016.
  9. Good point. I usually fly direct from the California and have only done this in the summer as winter process from here to Europe are really affordable in the winter (cheaper than flying to Florida).
  10. I have found some of the best international airfares during Thanksgiving week from the U.S. I've also flown to both Paris and London and then booked separate tickets to fly to my final destination in Europe and saved about $1200 doing this even after accounting for the additional costs of a hotel in London or Paris before flying home. If you do this, keep in mind that the airlines won't book your baggage through to your final destination, so you'll need to go through immigration, collect your bags, and then recheck them. We have ourselves 5 hours between flights just to be safe.
  11. We cruised in the first week of January for the past two years and will be joining you for a third from Marseille this year. While the weather will be cold, especially in the morning, I didn't find a need for more than a coat. At sea, it will be very cold and hardly anyone will be on deck. We've decided we like the Med better in the winter as we'd rather have it hot than could. Plus, there don't be any crowds at the popular sites.
  12. Thanks for the replies. That's what I figured unfortunately. Had they not discontinued the drink vouchers for Fantastica, this wouldn't be a problem for us.
  13. Headed out on the Grandiosa to the Med in a couple of months. Does MSC offer a soda-only package onboard? Online, the only non-alcohol package is $23 and includes more than just soda. Thanks in advance.
  14. Good observations TAD2005. I actually had an alarm go off when I disembarked an NCL ship, but it was because they owed me money rather than the other way around. It was under $4 and I just decided to leave it behind as I didn't want to wait in line for the refund, but the had an officer there to pay me out as I left the ship.
  15. Well, they weren't following their own policy since my son was 11 years old and should not have had a $60 hold since he is under 18. I will admit that I probably forgot that I was informed of the hold amount as I do the check in process months in advance.
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