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  1. Final payment was due in April but my TA delayed it to May just in case RCCL cancelled our August cruise first. They did not and I did not want them having my money so we just cancelled before final payment was due and called travel insurance and got a refund to use on any cruise in the next 3 years. I bought refundable deposit cruise so money will be back in my account.
  2. I used to be able to email them but lately emails are being returned. One of the Maitred's said that they are getting lots of emails so some are landing in trash folders. I guess we caused a problem LOL!!
  3. GCO is under the Carnival umbrella and takes care of all Carnival Corp cruise lines.
  4. I totally understand my beef is with them claiming they can't offer anything to loyal cruisers except a Lanyard when they are spending big bucks on other offers! This isn't directed at gamblers!
  5. They were gone in June! Large dispensers replaced them!!! Better bring some ziplocs!!!
  6. It's the first place I go on my cruise but it's my first time on Vista
  7. Of course there were repeats but they also included, transatlantics, repositionings, Panama Canal, Baltics, Med, Mexican Riviera, Alaska, Hawaii and West Coast. Airfare is quite expensive!!! Repeats are mostly due to my dad being 97 and not wanting to be too far away! Instead of a summer cabin we have a cruise cabin! It never gets old because no 2 cruises are ever alike!
  8. Try Oceania it's all inclusive and it's comparable to Celebrity after you add everything up!
  9. If Carnival can give a Gambler a Free balcony for 2, free drink Pkg for 2, $500 Casino Money, Free Parking or airport pickup, Platinum Status during the cruise with all benefits, Invitation to special parties with gift bags, Early room access with preferred alcohol and non alcohol bottles waiting, complimentary shore excursion for 2, treats and gifts delivered to the room free social WIFI and waived room service fees..........They should be able to afford something better than what they are giving their most loyal customers!!! We buy shore excursions, cheers packages, souvenirs, jewelry, spec
  10. After over 40+ Carnival cruises I'd say I've spent enough to get an offer. I buy excursions, food, drinks, gamble, souvenirs , jewelry etc.
  11. Offers like this cut into the real loyalty benefits and they have no loyalty. They only go to the cruiselines that give the best deals while those of us who are loyal to Carnival hardly ever get an offer like this. Oh I forgot we get a Lanyard for being Platinum or Diamond!!! What's wrong with this picture??
  12. Thank you so much. I knew it was there somewhere. It's best to go Day 1 before everyone finds out about it.
  13. Is there a Mongolian Wok at lunch on the Vista? Where is it?
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