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  1. RCCL was the worst during Harvey. They allowed people to come to Galveston knowing the hurricane would hit, no info, no emails until the last minute. Cruiselines are all the same.
  2. I wish they would take the Vista out of Galveston. Putting her here has made RCCL Liberty the ship to sail. Vista had negative reviews in Florida so they thought Texans would not know any better. We do know better. Let's face it ...the ship has a few pros but mostly a bad design!!! If Carnival had actually commissioned Joe Farcus's revolutionary ship design it would have been better than the RCCL big ships since it was very similar but better. You can find his interview and sample diagrams for the designs he drew up but due to the economy never materialized. Bad Move by whoever was in charge!!!
  3. Simple.....no noise in the relaxing areas and adult areas!
  4. No bargains in Grand Cayman, it's expensive!
  5. The buses have been small 6 passenger vans but perhaps they are using larger ones.
  6. We have used Capt Marvins for 20 years. They have many different tours!
  7. What really irks me are the perks they give for the casino perks. They get much more than loyal Carnival customers!
  8. Just off ship! Here is what I saw. Now you have Handicapped, weddings, Travel agents ,Diamond, Platinum. , Fttf, suites and Premier Gamblers boarding early. It is a much longer line and unless you are Diamond and first you will wait!! Also, as for the priority tenders. The same listed above get priority except for travel agents. Our tenders were an hour late from the time we were told and now they give you actual times 30 minutes apart. The same with the priority window at guest services. Always a line now because so many can use it. Not to mention the other perks that Gamblers are now getting vs. Diamond and Platinum gifts, drink coupons, Obc etc and I hear they are not supposed to mention their special website! Have you tried to book and aft cabin or suite lately??? So it appears that the perks for loyalty are not really perks anymore and the fact that they charge for FTTF is a joke to me. It used to buy more when it was cheaper! Anyone could get to their room early on our cruise even though they said 1PM. So I think you need to think hard regarding if it's worth it as it once was! Just a heads up from my cruise last week and I'm sure it varies on each ship.
  9. This info came in real time on another place ( I can't mention due to rules here) where there is a Carnival roll call for my cruise tomorrow!
  10. I'm taking my grandson and wanted an aft. They would only let me book on Deck 6 even though there is a couch in other aft rooms. I was surprised but they change the rules all the time!
  11. It seems that the 3/30 Freedom sailing is overbooked and many are getting calls (yesterday) for full refund and a free cruise at another time. Some were asked to go on the Vista a day later (Sunday). I was thinking that perhaps the Vista is not getting the bookings they thought it would and they are trying to fill it vs Freedom overcrowding. Many were single cruisers and also employees. Anyone ever hear of this. Lots are being called.
  12. I am a long time Carnival cruiser who remembers the Paradise non smoking ship days. The Paradise was too early for its time. I do know that Carnival reads its surveys and reacts to them. I actually believe the smoking complaints are enormous. Everyone had noticed it was getting worse. They realize we have other choices and are trying to get back some of the non smokers. Their ships sail full most of the time so I doubt they are hurting financially! They make a fortune on their casino program, they are raising tips to 18% so it only affects drinkers and not everyone. We just have to face it. Prices are going up even if you don't see it when you book. Nothing is free and yes they did have to change the loyalty program because some jerk in corporate did not realize that 10 3 day cruises a total of 30 days could make people Platinum and that was not the intention. I think they will institute another level between Platinum and Diamond because of the huge point spread. I have had them enforce the smoking rules 3 times and yes they did come to my room and look at where it was happening. They them took care of it!
  13. I have reported on the first day....they came to room to see it and then went to the cabin. One time the people next to my in aft cabin were smoking. Cabin steward told them to stop and they did. The trick is to take care of it day 1 and then they are warned. Smoking below and next to you really sends the smell up. I was glad they took care of it and noted it on my survey.
  14. Also check to see how much they pay if you need to be flown home. Most cards pay only a fraction of the cost and only trip insurance covers the entire expense which is sizable. Medical transport home is why we buy it having been injured when out of the country.
  15. Having 50 sailings over the years you are right on about the quality of food. When specialty restaurants were introduced the Main Dining room food was still great but......As soon as guests started going to the Specialty restaurants the cruise lines found a way to get more revenue. Since then the quality has diminished greatly. Thankfully Carnival has many less than RCCL. Just got off RCCL and the food was so bad at the buffet I ended up with pasta everyday for lunch. It was horrible. Johnny Rockets 11.95 pp for a hamburger you get free on Carnival at Guys.
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