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  1. We're on the 13th, and after that we have TUI Mein Schiff 6 from Singapore to Dubai on March 18th. TUI MS is 50% owned by RCL and caters to the German market. MS 6 is right now doing a 14 night roundtrip, they sailed on the 20th from Singapore, were yesterday in Koh Samui and today they are in Laem Chabang. Then it's onwards to HCM-city and after that back south, past Singapore to the western route with Penang and Langkawi and back to Singapore on March 4th. They don't have anything like CC, but I've been following a social media group for the current sailing. It seems to be going
  2. For what it's worth NCL Jade debarked guests today in Singapore but has officially cancelled today's (Feb 17th) sailing. Next sailing is supposed to be Feb 27th but is still hanging in the air. Jade has acc. to marinetraffic.com now left Singapore and destination seems to be Port Klang, where she'll presumably will be joining up with Quantum. Port Klang probably offers more affordable long-term parking for cruise ships with no immediate plans for the future...
  3. At Farrer Park you should be off to a good start, it's in the middle of Little India and right atop a MRT-station. We stayed there a couple of nights in January, and had it booked again for a night between future cruises but had to cancel due to cruise-plans & schedules going wayward. They proved very flexible and gave a full refund on a non-refundable booking, no hassle whatsoever. Actually, if you are easygoing and like to explore, there's no need to really prebook if you are set for the first night already. Nobody seems to know what is going to happen with the cruises and even the whole
  4. We got 50% FCC for the Feb 15th, but the official cancellation email came on the 11th. I don't know about the other cruises, but I think they got only 25% for the Feb 29th.
  5. Oh no... not nice, I agree! But could you stick with your prior arrangements and make alternative plans for your honeymoon if the cruise doesn't happen? If Royal does the canceling you'll get your money back for the cruise + most likely some FCC. So if you hang in there you could still have a very nice honeymoon even though not on a cruise. We are currently in Singapore as Celebrity cancelled Millie on us, and going to Bintan island, a 1 hour ferry ride from here, tomorrow. They have some very, very good deals on hotels now over there, and many of the places look perfect for honeym
  6. The discrepancy in what is cancelled and what is not seems to be down to the itinerary. The eastern roundtrip is problematic as it usually incudes Vietnam and they are denying cruise ships now. Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia (Borneo) is also saying "no!". The western route with Phuket, Penang, Port Klang (KL) and so on seems to be open to cruise ships at least for now. Looks like in Malaysia the decisions are made on a regional basis as some regions welcome cruises and some do not.
  7. We were on the Feb 1 sailing and booked b2b for the 15th. This info is more or less exactly what the crew members onboard Millennium told us initially around the 8th Feb, though Celebrity then officially denied the info re cancellations on the roll calls and insisted that the 15th sailing will go ahead.
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