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  1. There is no passengers on the ship, it is crew only. CB is currently just meandering off the coast of FL between West Palm Beach and the Bahamas.
  2. Thanks for your review. We love the Regal and are looking forward to our upcoming voyage on the Sky in late Feb. I heard about your situation in St Marten via text message from a mutual friend of ours on these boards 😉😁. Sounds like hurricane recovery is going very slowly there.
  3. It's owned by Arthur Blank. He is also the owner of the Atlanta Falcons football team.
  4. A reunion cruise would imply you have met before, no? Carolyn, thanks for all your input on the ship. Looking forward to our trip in late Feb, and hoping you and Steve can join us once again!
  5. Have a great trip! Give Carmen in the International Cafe a GIANT hug for me!
  6. There is no chance in the universe that the Regal will have priority over the Sky for Pier 2 this cruise season...Pier 2 is Princess' premier terminal, fully equipped with Medallion technology. Their newest ship will ALWAYS have priority.
  7. Being a brand new ship with full Medallion and its first visit to Port Everglades, I would bet bottom dollar it will be Pier 2.
  8. Keith...I meant to text you earlier....have you heard from Ciorfito? Great pic of you and Carmen this morning. Thanks for sending it and giving her a hug for us. She has been through so much in the past few months with the loss of her son.
  9. Great summary of your trip and congratulations on your new job position! Happy 40th to Brad too!
  10. I am aboard right now. They are continuous shuffle machines. The $10 table I have been playing is the version with the extra bet for a 20 on your first 2 cards (Fun 21?). There is another table with no Kings in the deck, but I have not played that table. All tables that I have seen are 6/5 payout tables rather than 3/2 on blackjacks. Hope that helps.
  11. I'm here! What an amazing job the Captain and crew did today. Capt Stringer came on the PA around 12:30 statinng "Man Overboard" at first, but I guess this is the way they get the rescue crew to muster. We altered our course and made it to the area in about 45 minutes to where the USCG C-130 was searching. The Capt gave us an update every 15 minutes. Finally, when we were is the search area the ships horn sounded indicating that a raft was spotted. The ship slowed and turned and the high speed rescue craft was launched. Two survivors of the plane crash were brought aboard the rescue craft and brought back to the ship. The rescue crew then went to retrieve the life raft so that it was not mistaken left floating at sea. Capt Stinger and his crew deserve a ton of credit for their professionalism. On a side note, the only bizzare thing of this whole situation...we are all standing at the railing looking for signs of life, with the Captain giving us updates every 15 minutes. You would think that all other use of the PA system would be suspended....Nope....the Art folks felt it was very important to make sure EVERYONE knew there was a big art auction beginning soon. I hope Capt Stringer has that person Keel Hauled for such a stupid announcement during a very serious situation.
  12. The island is actually Saba and the town there is called The Bottom
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