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  1. We love the aft cabins on deck 14. Even the insides are fine as they are close to the aft pool which is almost empty of passengers in the early evening. We do hear lounge chairs being moved at around 0700 every morning. Not too loud but definitely some noise.
  2. I see in my cruise personalizer I can purchase the Classic Soda package for my 2 upcoming cruises at $11.79 per day. I assume that includes tax. They did change the name onboard lately to Unlimited Soda and More package. I just don't use the "and more" part, but just the sodas. Will I also be able to purchase this the first day on the ship using OBC? After 45 Princess Cruises and a soda package purchased on the first day for every cruise, I just want to make sure that this package is available onboard.
  3. Thanks for the info. We are mostly Princess cruisers (45 cruises) and are more used to their policies. I’ll actually be OK this time since I do have a lot of refundable credit too. I was just curious about how HAL does stuff.
  4. We are booked on Nieuw Statendam July 7 for 14 days in Norway. Usually we book independent tours but not a lot available there. We have prepaid 3 tours but have a lot of OBC. When on board, can we change our payment for the excursions to credit our credit card and charge them to OBC?
  5. You may qualify earlier based on your cruise days.
  6. I have done that many times on the last night and just take my cash off the ship.
  7. On back2back cruises, on the last night of the 1st leg, we buy alcohol in the gift shop on board. They allow us to carry it to our room. Then we have your alcohol for the 2nd leg. Even when our cruise card indicated we were on the back 2 back, the store staff never stopped us from taking it to our cabin.
  8. We have brought on wine in ports all over the world on Princess. Never did they even mention a word to us. We never brought more than 2 at a time and just put it in our backpack. I do see they confiscate hard liquor, but never wine. At least that's our experience.
  9. Hey, if you are a MSU Spartan, email me at sparcat@gmail.com. We live in SD too and cruise a lot. Go Green!
  10. We recently paid $8 per day for unlimited sodas on Volendam.
  11. We used Trevor Standefer trevorstandefer@gmail.com on a cruise that stopped in Cherborg. He was fantastic. He's a Texan, but raised in Cherborg area. He drove us through villages on the way to Normandy and we met his mother who lived there during WWII. Very personalized tour. We had 6-8 people in our van that I arranged. He explained everything great and was very knowledgeable.
  12. Yes. Call Princess and tell them who you want for your TA. They may give you an authorization number unless its a Big Box TA. Then call TA to transfer it. Very easy.
  13. We are long time Princess cruiser, yet sort of new to HAL, and there is always a $100 pending charge on Princess for the 2 of us on our credit card which is reconciled at the end of the cruise. On a recent 15 day HAL cruise, I noticed a ~$1500 pending charge. They explained this is what they put on hold. There was no problem really, I was just amazed how Princess and HAL do such different pay practices, all under CCL.
  14. I always get it onboard as soon as we board and use OBC. Surprise to me leaving out of San Diego recently for a 15 day cruise and was charged an extra tax from the city of SD for the whole soda package. Had I waiting after leaving port, I would have avoided that tax and I was not notified about it by staff. I heard that some ports out of Texas also have a city tax while in port
  15. We just did the HAL bus ride to Antigua "on your own" on 11-9-18. We never do ship tours but glad we did. It's a 90 minute drive with traffic. Guide on bus was good. We drove through the volcanic eruption site from June 2018. Our guide was concerned about the volcano erupting again since it was smoking. We thought he was just adding drama to tour. The volcano erupted 10 days later and may still be erupting now. If that's the case, I seriously doubt there are tours to Antigua, since the road going there is directly in the lava flow area.
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