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  1. We are taking QM2 to Southampton and the next day s 12 day Sky Princess around UK. Then renting a car for 4 weeks in France, getting back to Southampton to sail on Oceana 15 days back to FLL. Will leave one large bag with cruise clothes in Southampton and only travel with 2 backpacks and 2 small suitcases for France land trip.
  2. Thanks for suggestion. We have stored luggage in the past with hotels. This trip is a bit more complicated because we are not staying in Southampton after disembarkation. However, I did find a personal driver that will take us from Southampton Pier to Paris, and then a month later from Paris to Southampton, and he will hold our luggage at no additional cost. Problem solved!
  3. We are disembarking Sky Princess in Southampton and plan to spend about a month touring in France via car. After that, we are taking Oceania Serena back to the USA from Southampton. Is it possible to leave 1 large suitcase somewhere in Southampton during that month? Any suggestions are appreciated.
  4. I have booked over 50 cruises on 3 different cruise lines at the Big Box. Very pleased with their professionalism and service. Prices are always the same as going direct through cruise line, but sometimes less. The OBC or gift card make it a better deal. I can also call them 7 days a week.
  5. I think the change from 2/1/22 to 2/27/22 is a good thing. The weather should be drier. We will get 3 more days and a more ports. Itinerary looks good. Don't know anything about this ship, as we have not been on a Vista Class ship. Will wait and see what they do about cabin assignment.
  6. My understanding is that the shop cards or OBC from Big Box TA is in set increments. As of February this year, we got OBC for Princess cruises. Always got it from HAL, but maybe that has changed. For Celebrity Cruise, it has always been shopping card.
  7. My Big Box still giving me OBC for Princess and HAL. Gift card for Celebrity. I am on phone with them now and confirmed it hasn’t changed.
  8. Very interesting. We had kind of the opposite happen. We were on the Maasdam March 1, 34 days Aukland to San Diego. Missed most ports and had it shortened by 7 days. We opted for 225% of 19/34 days which we didn’t get yet. However, we also booked thru big box TA and had refundable OBC from them which we didn’t use. I cashed it out while on ship. So, we ended up getting OBC for over half of the cruise that was refunded in FCC. When we eventually use the FCC we probably won’t get more OBC as that would be double dipping.
  9. I guess I described those pools wrong. I was on Veendam November, 2019. Whatever they are at the aft deck, those pools are useless.
  10. Good to hear about flight reimbursements. We were on March 1 Maasdam Aukland to San Diego. We were forced to make flights from Hilo and Honolulu, and cancel both as our ship was turned away. Submitted form March 28 and no response yet. Also waiting for 19/34 day FCC @225% for second leg of cruise.
  11. I love this ship but would never sail her again in a warm climate. As a pool and sun lover, the mini aft pools are a terrible design. Lukewarm 1 foot deep pools or main pool that is mostly covered. Deal breaker for me although loved the rest of the ship.
  12. For those of you on the March1 cruise from Aukland to San Diego, have you seen any of the FCC deposited into your accounts yet? What about reimbursement for airfare? I have applied for both but not heard anything? How long should it take?
  13. In PV go to the Marriott resort. Short taxi. It’s about $35 per person for towels, lounges, umbrella. Fantastic pool. Can also sit in enclosed beach area. 90% of mi yes can be used for good and drinks. We have done it 4 times.
  14. After almost 50 Princess cruises, we got our first Move Over offer from last October on a 7 day Mexico cruise. We went from an inside guarantee to a midship balcony and the cruise fare in refundable OBC. We've done this cruise many times and live in Southern California, so there was no airfare issue. Now we leave on our free cruise next Saturday. I'll probably take the refundable OBC out of the casino, rather than waiting for the check since we will be on an extended vacation at that time.
  15. Check out Spencer Ambrose tours. Used them twice and fantastic tour company there.
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