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  1. chubbypiggy

    Wonderful Copenhagen 2018 edition.

    A few years ago, post cruise, we spent one night at a hotel that is very close to the CPH airport (I think from the hotel, there is a covered walkaway that that we walked about 5 minutes from the hotel to the airport). I can't remember the name of that hotel, anyone knows the name? Besides that hotel, any suggestions for an average priced hotel that is very close to the CPH airport? Best if hotel also offers free shuttle. We plan to stay 1 night on April 29, 2019 (after the end of our Regal Princess cruise). Thank you for any suggestion!!
  2. chubbypiggy

    Dublin-port to city centre

    Now the Princess shuttle is free? We were there 2 years ago and we paid $10 for the Princess shuttle. I am currently on Regal Princess and we will get to the Dublin port in 3 days. Let's see if it is still free. :)
  3. chubbypiggy

    Non Refundable Deposits on "sale" cruises

    If I booked under the "Time Away" promotion (non-refundable deposit), and months later, there is a better promotion for the same cruise (let's say the 3-for-Free promotion), and I decide to change my booking to the new promotion, will I lose the deposit that I made under the Time Away promotion and will need to pay for new deposit for the 3-for-Free refundable deposit promotion?
  4. chubbypiggy

    Must see in each Baltic Port

    Thank you so much for the information!
  5. Soccerdad72, Thank you so much for your detailed information!! :)
  6. chubbypiggy

    Must see in each Baltic Port

    Next month we will be staying at a Rostock hotel 1½ day before boarding our Baltic cruise in Rostock. We plan to spend ½ day in Rostock, and spend the next day (full day) in Schwerin. The train station is supposed to be less than 5 minutes’ away from our hotel. I have a few questions: How long was the train ride from Rostock to Schwerin? Many stops in between? How often is there a train from Rostock to Schwerin? Is Schwerin’s train station a short walking distance to town? Much to do in town? How far walking distance from train station to the castle? Much to see in the castle? Can you use credit card to purchase the train ticket? How much was the train ticket? Any input will be greatly appreciated!
  7. chubbypiggy

    Regal Princess - Gelato

    Thank you.
  8. chubbypiggy

    Regal Princess - Gelato

    Two years ago when I was on Royal Princess, I remember you can use 1 punch of the Coffee card to get gelato in the Gelato shop. Those of you who recently cruised the Regal Princess, do you know if their Gelato shop also accept Coffee card for their gelato purchase? If so, also only 1 punch? I will be on the Regal next month. Thank you.
  9. chubbypiggy

    Norway 6/16 thru 6/23 review (Sapphire Princess)

    Is Sapphire's Alfredo restaurant similar to Alfredo on the Royal and Regal? A nice restaurant with many tables?
  10. chubbypiggy

    Info About Red Hook Pier

    Thank you all for the information. I called Princess and I was told the early independent walk-off should start by 6 a.m. if the ship does arrive at 5 a.m. From past experiences with Princess, that sounds about right. I think I will just try to get a taxi or Uber or Lyft. I do have the tour guide's phone number.
  11. chubbypiggy

    Info About Red Hook Pier

    At the end of Sept. (on a Saturday), our ship scheduled to arrive at 5 a.m. at the Red Hook pier and we plan to disembark as soon as allowed. From the pier, we need to get to Canal St. (N.Y. Chinatown) by 7:30 a.m. to meet up with a tour group for our 8-day land tour. There will be four of us with four 28" luggage. Anyone knows how far and how long it will take us to get to Canal St. by car? Is taxi easily available at that early hour? Will a taxi be able to take 4 adults and 4 big luggage? About how much will it cost? My friend suggested us to take Uber or Lyft. I have never used those services and wonder if they are easily available during the early hours? And about how much will it cost? Thank you.
  12. chubbypiggy

    Shareholder Credit

    Can I submit the request through email instead of fax or mail in? If so, anyone knows the email address? Thank you.