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  1. Can someone please explain what is World Fresh Marketplace? And which Princess ships have that buffet? This year I had the old Horizon Court buffets on the Golden and the Sapphire, and had the Royal Class buffets on the Regal. Next week, I will be going on the Royal to Alaska. The last time I did Royal was in 2015; does the Royal have the WFM buffet now? Thank you.
  2. Two days ago I used Princess' site and booked Air Canada (RT L.A. to Vancouver). After the purchase, I was given Air Canada's booking reference number. So I went to the AC website and entered the reference number. My booking came up, and under "checked baggage" section, it shows "1st bag complimentary". So I printed that page. Yesterday, I went to the AC site again, and now under the "check baggage" section, it shows $30 for the 1st bag. Wonder why it changed from "complimentary" to "$30"? If I show the page that I printed 2 days ago showing "complimentary", will I not need to pay or still need to pay $30?
  3. I didn't know we can request the credit so far ahead of the cruise departure date. According to the fine print of the request form (I got the link to that form from a CC post; couldn't remember when was the post), it says "Brokerage statement should be dated no earlier than 3 months prior to cruise departure date". I have 3 cruises booked, one in August 2019 and two in 2020. Because of the statement above, when I sent in my June brokerage statement yesterday, I only sent in the request form for the August 2019 cruise.
  4. What do you need to show to Princess to prove the outside agency charges a lower price? Thank you.
  5. We will be visiting Flam in about 2 weeks, and I have not planned anything yet. Your tour sounds fun. So you bought a boat ride tour that included the ride, and tour of the little village? How frequent there is a bus from the village back to the ship dock? How long was the boat ride? How much was the tour package? Can the boat ride and bus ride be paid with credit card? How often was the boat ride? Thank you.
  6. I have never taken taxi. For restaurant services, in U.S., the tipping is about 18-20% of the total bill. I guess I will just tip the same way as tipping restaurants. Thank you.
  7. Thank you for your response. Is there a fee for the luggage? Normally, how much should we tip the taxi driver?
  8. Can we pay the CAD$35 taxi fare with U.S. credit card? Any extra fee for luggages? How much tips should we tip the taxi driver? Thank you.
  9. You said from YVR airport to Canada Place is a fixed rate of CAD$35. Before we get on the taxi, do we need to negotiate with the taxi driver that we don't want to use the meter and would like to pay CAD$35 for the ride? I don't have any CAD, can I pay the CAD$35 with my U.S. credit card (my card has no foreign fee)? We will arrive at YVR airport in mid-August on Saturday noon time. Approximately how long is the ride from the airport to Canada Place? Thank you.
  10. How far is the airport to the port? If taking taxi or Uber, how long is the ride? Thank you.
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