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  1. Thank you. We used San Pedro port for embarkation in Nov. 2022 for Discovery Princess, and back then there was a line for Elite and Suite. Of course, at that time, Medallion was not needed to be in "green".
  2. For Elite members without Medallion on hand and app showing "Blue lane", can the Elite member still go directly to the "Elite and Suite guests lane" or must line up at the "Blue lane"? We will be boarding at San Pedro tomorrow.
  3. While on Princess cruises, for breakfast, I always requested omelet with egg white. Do they use "real" egg for egg white omelet?
  4. Is the International Cafe (the food side with sandwiches, snacks, etc.) opens 24 hours? Thank you.
  5. We also only live about 40 minutes from the port, and do plan to park at the port parking lot for $20 a day. My questions on how long it took you to drive to the parking lot from the cruise terminal and how long you waited before shuttle available to take you from the parking lot to the terminal were for that $20 parking lot. I apologize if my questions were not clear. After seeing the parking lot pictures from KarmaCruisers, my questions were answered. I didn't know the parking lot is that close to the pier. Thank you.
  6. So the parking lot is right at Berth 92/93 and after you park, you can just walk to the check-in area? I thought it is a structure building close by the berth and shuttle is needed to the check-in area.
  7. Our cruise starts next Saturday, and our plan is to park our car there. According to info on Princess website, the parking facility is called Parking Concepts, for $20/day, and courtesy shuttle will be provided from parking lot to the cruise terminal. Is this the same parking facility that you mentioned in your post that is "right by the terminal"? Our plan is to have our friend drops us off at Berth 92 because we have quite a few luggage. Then he will park the car and take the shuttle back to the terminal. If it is the same parking lot you parked, can you tell me how long it took to drive to the parking lot from the cruise terminal? Also, how long you waited before shuttle available to take you from the parking lot to the terminal? Thank you.
  8. Thank you. I mainly wanted to know if we can still order a la carte? I got my answer already from a current Live thread on Discovery.
  9. Thank you so much for your time!! It is nice to know we can still order A la carte.
  10. @HBCcruiser If you happen to pass by the Ocean Terrace Seafood Bar and have the time, please kindly take a picture of the food menu (don't need the drink menu). We would like to know the A la Carte menu, and not the $14.99 set lunch menu. We will be boarding next Saturday for 3 b2b2b, and if possible, would like to decide before boarding if we want to eat lunch at Ocean Terrace Seafood Bar or the main dining room. TIA.
  11. I don't have the Plus or Premier package, if paying, is the $14.99 lunch set the only choice now on the Discovery? In Nov., 2022, I was on the Discovery for 2 weeks, and I remember ordering from a menu that have many choices. For example, I can just get a order of California rolls, or several pieces of Sashimi, etc.
  12. @sonomaphil For this cruise, you have 2 formal nights or one formal (day 2) and one Dress to Impress (day 6?)? Thank you.
  13. Correction. I meant to say type F, not type E. According to Amazon's description, it is type E/F Plug Adapter.
  14. It was me, Chubbypiggy, who posted the pictures. It is type E. I just bought another 2 on Amazon. Here is the link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09PNJCPGG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1
  15. Here are pictures of the outlets on the Discovery Princess. And the adapters I used for those outlets.
  16. Sounds great. Sorry, just one more question 😁 If book it 1/2 day, what are the hours of that 1/2 day? For example, 8am-12 noon? 12 noon-? pm.
  17. Besides Thank you. Just curious, any food or beverage included in the Sanctuary price?
  18. I wonder why it was removed? Maybe they want us to buy bottled water. Thank you for checking.
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