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  1. @USC SailorAre you referring to the Walnut creek location? The only 2 locations I found are SF and Walnut creek. Thanks for the info. April
  2. Hi, I found no CVS or walgreen location that will perform rapid anti-gen test in San Pedro. Actually, several locations are listed but no appointment on any date. What's going on with these locations? Do they actually offer rapid test? Or did I search wrong? Thanks, April
  3. @alanasgpaAfter the test do they give you a print out right away, or how long is the wait? As I need it to embark the 2nd ship. Thanks again, your information is so helpful. April
  4. @caribillI assume the testing is done inside the tent? Do I need to make appointment, or show any proof of b2b? Or the testing is free for anyone even not b2b? I'm changing ship, not sure if this is still considered b2b. Thanks, April
  5. @alanasgpaThank you for the info. Were you on a "b2b" where the 2nd leg was on a different ship? Did Princess give you a voucher to pay the provider in the tent? Or you simply mention to them you're from Princess? Thanks, April
  6. Hi, I plan to book b2b on different Princess ship. Can I walk in to the clinic to have COVID test for the next cruise? The 1st is 10 days. Thanks, April
  7. @baloothecatStephanie, Do you see any tour operator on the pier? Glad you're having a fantastic time. Thank you for taking your time onboard to update us, we really appreciate it April
  8. @Petoonya Your friend is so lucky! Would be wonderful if we can get some update from her. Thank you for checking! We have an app to trace the ship location, will see where is Spirit tomorrow. Thanks, April
  9. Hi, Can anyone share the experience of no stopover during weekend? I read from https://tahititourisme.com/en-us/covid-19/ Regarding the new measures of movements and activities applicable from Saturday October 9th to Sunday, October 17th, 2021 Cruising from Papeete to the islands may resume. Stopovers are forbidden on weekends in the islands subject to the lockdown measures. I called Windstar, they say the restriction has been lifted, but the above is the latest update today. Anyone know where I can get the most updated correct info? And if stopover is forbidden, what's your experience? Does Windstar tender near the port of call, where you can use the sport platform, or just float around as if it's sea day? Thanks, April
  10. If you're 1 hour over, they'll charge you full day rate.
  11. Exactly! Thank you I finally found the button! The page is not scrollable if the finger is not touching the right location.
  12. Hi, I'm trying to use Medallion app to select arrival group. I can select it, but there is no "confirm" button to click to save my selection. Has anyone had this issue? How to resolve it? I asked Princess but no one can resolve it. They keep on telling me to restart the app, or reinstall it. Thanks, April
  13. @Cruise RaiderThank you for the information. Do you know if the testing site is for Princess only? Any line?
  14. Yes with pandemic there are lots of uncertainties. Used to be easy to just pick up a tour at the pier. Hope things go back to normal soon.
  15. That's what I'm worried about. How did you prebook tours, if not using windstar tours? tripadvisor? How to find a reputable tour operator? Last time I booked tour but the tour operator never show up.
  16. Hi, Are there still tour operator on pier? Or we have to pre-book all tours? I heard windstar now allow independent tour? Thanks, April
  17. Hi, We're considering a Tahiti cruise on Breeze. Wonder if the sport platform is open for each port? Will we be able to kayak or snorkeling right off the boat? Thanks, April
  18. @VirgaIs there a forum/place in flyertalk for cruise targeted offer? Thanks.
  19. I never saw DJ in Explorer or wheelhouse. Must be a different CD. Once I was the only person in wheelhouse, and the lady asked me if they could skip the show.
  20. You're right. Just googled and found there is no disco place on Majestic. But as long as there is live music, I'm happy.
  21. @geoherbGreat to know this! Did people wear mask when dancing or listening to the music? Do you recall if take 5 is open? Thanks.
  22. Hi, I always enjoy music onboard. Wonder if it's same, except no dancing this year? Still live band in lounges, disco in skywalker? Thanks, April
  23. Hi, We plan to take a Tahiti cruise and fly back to the US the same date in the morning. Does windstar provide onboard PCR testing? There is a test center in PPT, but they only open from 3PM to 8PM. Where else can we have the test done? What if they run out of appointment? Thanks, April
  24. @bflysmileHappy birthday to your partner! When you get a chance, would you post the noodle bar menu if they have one? I love noodle too! Thanks.
  25. Always enjoy your blog and traveling with you! Thank you so much for the reminder, I was wondering if you're going to travel this year. Have 2 wonderful cruises, and hopefully many more this winter?
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