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  1. You may be too far out. For both our Greece and Jan South America cruises there were designated SALT excursions in certain ports listed in My Silversea. However, we were within 6 mos when we booked and we don't have anything booked on the Moon more than 6 months out.
  2. I suppose they could convert Indochine to SALT Kitchen on the Muse/Spirit, but I can't see how they could replicate the SALT bar or the lab. I did notice that some of the excursions listed for San Juan on our Feb Caribbean cruise on the Spirit are local food experiences similar to the SALT shore excursions on the Moon in Greece. I really hope they add similar options for other ports and on other ships!
  3. The SALT shore excursions - local food experiences- are listed in the shore excursions in My Silversea. In Greece they were only offered in a couple of ports and the same seems to be true of the South America cruise we have booked for January. Once on board you can ask for a list of all SALT lab classes for the cruise and sign up at Reception.
  4. Yes, on our June cruise on the Moon SALT kitchen featured different local wines (Greek, Cyprian and Israeli) with menus from each of those countries. SALT bar poured a number of local wines, beers and cocktails from local spirits.
  5. Yes, we used the included pre-departure antigen test on the Moon to travel back to NJ.
  6. Have a great cruise Lois! I'm jealous. We were supposed to leave later this month for Greece, but our Moon Nov 1st cruise was canceled. Now we have to wait (impatiently!) until January.
  7. We were on the Moon Nov 1 Athens to Dubai and switched to the Jan 3rd FLL Lima Dawn (now Moon). Our TA checked w SS end of last week and was told it would go even if some other South American cruises are canceled. At that point SS provided some business class air flights, confirmed Macchu Picchu post cruise trip and confirmed pre-cruise FLL hotel. I am hopeful this means the FLL Lima route won't be canceled, but I guess we will have to see. I will pass along anything I hear.
  8. We booked Dawn Jan 3rd Fort Lauderdale to Lima once we heard from our TA that our Moon Nov 1st Athens to Dubai was likely to be canceled and the South American itineraries were likely to go (last week). Per my TAs info from SS today, although Dawn won't launch, the Moon will do some of the Dawn's itinerary, including our Jan 3rd FL to Lima trip. A post on another thread indicated the cruise after ours - Lima to Buenis Aires - will be canceled. I think they took everything down from the website while they notify people of cancelations and switch booked passengers to the Moon. It seems things are changing rapidly. Just hope our FL Lima cruise goes.!
  9. I asked our TA to confirm that our Moon Athens to Dubai cruise in November would go. SS told her it would be canceled and that a Moon Hong Kong to Hong Kong we were looking at for January would not go either.
  10. Our Feb Muse Sydney to Singapore was canceled yesterday. Just hope our Nov 1st Moon Athens to Dubai cruise goes!
  11. We were notified yesterday that our Feb Muse cruise fron Sydney to Singapore was canceled. The alternative cruises proposed were Feb '23 on the Whisper and Dec '22 on the Muse.
  12. Our Muse February 2022 Sydney to Singapore was cancelled today.
  13. I was surprised because on our last 5 or so SS cruises we had seen fewer and fewer men in tuxedos/dinner jackets than in the past.
  14. On the first, and to a lesser extent the second cruise, I was surprised how many men were in tuxedos/dinner jackets. There were definitely some in suits - primarily dark, but a few in lighter/brighter suits. There were even one or two in sports jackets and ties.
  15. Lois, have a great time. You will have to try not to! Everything has been fabulous. Incredible, eager crew, sparkling new ship, great ports and great new venues. We have really enjoyed SALT kitchen and SALT bar. We have eaten in SALT kitchen more than any other venue and drunk in SALT bar with Carlos many a night. Loved that daily menus, ship activities, your reservations, etc are available both on the TV and on your mobile devices. The issues that have arisen - probably more than an average SS cruise given a brand new ship and the pandemic- have been handled with alacrity. We've done a mix of tours and independent explorations. I enjoyed the walking tour in Syros and the beach trips, but my favorites have been the SALT excursions - Wine in Cyprus and Pekesi Organic Farm, Cooking and Lunch in Crete (Aghios Nickalaos). They required a fee but were small group experiences that let you spend time with local experts. I was not travelling solo, but there has been what appears to be a well attended Solo travellers get together every night in one of the bars - usually Dolce Vita or the Panorama - and pretty festive dinners seem to follow. For us it has been the best cruise in 15 years with Silversea. Can't imagine you won't enjoy it!
  16. Today's Chronicles listing what was open this afternoon after we re-boarded. They kept Atlantide open for lunch until after 2 pm.
  17. This is the letter we got regarding the in transit protocol. Thought it might be of interest to those doing back to backs. Will follow up on how long it all takes. We have heard that the 2nd cruise will be about 200 paasrngers as well (61 of which are in transit). Per today's Chronicles the 2nd leg will also have 2 formal nights (we had been told to expect 1). They are on 6/29 and 7/3. The first leg has been the cruise of a lifetime and I expect the second leg (and probably at least several cruises after that) to be similarly uncrowded and utterly amazing!!
  18. Yes. On the first trip I sat in the back. On the 2nd we sat in the front (my mom was with me). No problem hearing the guide on either trip.
  19. They have not used the app for the two bus tours I did (Patmos and Rhodes). They did for my walking tour in Syros, but we were a group of about 7 and the people without phones seemed to have no problem hearing the guide.
  20. As of the 21masks are no longer required when exercising in the gym.
  21. I don't know the breakdown of nationalities on board. The Captain is Chavdar Georgiev.The hotel director is Stephen Crimes, CD is Vicki Van Tassel.
  22. A SALT LAB class on phyllo dough. We got our hands dirty and made spanakopita and baklava!
  23. Hi Lois. Our SS transfer from the airport was a bit of a debacle. We booked our own business class air (as it was thousands cheaper than SS for the Emirates direct flight we wanted). Our TA arranged for a SS transfer to the hotel (which was booked through SS). No one showed to meet us. After about a half hour when we couldn't contact the land agent listed on the cruise docs we gave up and scrambled to make our own transfer arrangements. This was not so easy because we are traveling with my 83 year old mother with her wheelchair, walker, luggage, etc. and thus couldn't fit in a regular taxi. The woman at the SS hospitality desk at the hotel said they had been provided with the wrong flight info. I raised the issue with both my TA and SS and I'm sure it won't happen again.
  24. The spa was closed, the gym open (mask reqiired) and the pool was open and very popular.
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