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  1. Yes but my understanding is that biohazards are disposed of separately from everything else.
  2. FYI don't put them directly in the trash can. Put them in the sanitary bags THEN in the trash. They have to be biohazard disposed.
  3. You're assuming that's what they are doing and even if they are, that's completely up to them. Best if everyone just minds their own business. I prepay mine almost every cruise but I've been at the desk to correct charges or get refunds on the last day. No one knows what I'm doing besides me and whoever is helping me.
  4. You usually can note on your booking that it's a special occasion and put your birthday. We've done it when we sailed before or after a birthday and the crew sung happy Birthday in the dining room with a dessert of their choosing. I say their choosing because we did this for my birthday once and they brought me diet orange cake. For my mom for our last cruise, they brought the melting cake but I don't believe happy Birthday was sung to her. It depends on how busy they are.
  5. I took this exact tour and I remember half the group, including me saying a hard No to going inside the cave once the guide said how many steps there were. 🤣 We ended up having drinks with the person who owned the snack shop right at the foot of the caves.
  6. Yes it is. Maybe that's why? Are you using your phone or a computer?
  7. My shows when I hit "my planner" and under "my to do list" and right under my booking number.
  8. I've met more ill-mannered and uncultured people cruising from Galveston and Port Canaveral. Maybe just stop generalizing passengers when they change every single cruise. Didn't take me 17 cruises to understand that.
  9. Except most of the people that cruise from New Orleans don't live locally. We all aren't gross, drunk savages. THAT cruise had disgusting people. Doesn't mean every cruise does. I almost never eat at the Buffet because I'm basically a germaphobe. I've witnessed somethings that I rather burn from my memory on almost every ship I've been on.
  10. I'm excited to see how it plays out. I love the coverage we picked up even in the Free agents. I'm not saying it's going to happen but an at home Super Bowl would be a Dream come true.
  11. TBH I didn't understand the pick but I'm not a Carr fan so if we need 5 backup QBs, then I guess we need this. All the other Saints picks were 🤌. I had no idea about the show but we are no stranger to controversy in Who Dat land.
  12. You don't even need to do the casino thing. On the last night of the cruise, make sure your party is finished charging completely. Go to guest services and just ask them to cash out your balance. They will give you cash for the remainder that is left. I've done it several time. You may be able to do it debarkcation morning but I wouldn't risk it.
  13. It's the exact same Family Feud game you can by in-store, just Carnival branded. Kind of a collector's item if you collect Carnival or cruise branded things. The Monopoly game is cooler. I have the 50th Anniversary Carnival one to add to my Monopoly game collection. Still on the hunt for the Original Carnival Monopoly however.
  14. I wasn't referring to MK. MMK is a subsidiary of MK and is the cheap brand. Cost $25-$100 a bag or less.
  15. That would be MMK not Guess. Guess has been around for decades and while not high end its not bottom of the barrel. Maybe no one buys it where you work but plenty are sold other places.
  16. I have several Guess purses, a couple of which were bought on cruises. I bought one because it knew that pattern was sold out everywhere else. Still sold out now almost 2 years later. The other one because the price was equal to online. The key is to wait for the sale. The Guess bags almost always go 50% off at some point during the cruise, which make it worth it. As for the LV bags, that's not specifically Carnival. Resell high end bags are subject to whatever the reseller wants to sell it for. Unless you know what the retail price of the item was for originally, YMMV on a resell price. I worked at a department store that tried selling high end resell bags at one point and their price was maybe $50-$100 cheaper than the original on 5-10 year old bags. And they sold well!
  17. Best bet is to stay outside the city. I normally never recommend that but with Events like T swift and the upcoming Super bowl, hotels if not already booked are going to come at a premium. I recommend in Metairie or Kenner near the airport and Uber into the city to see the sites. There is also a Best Western and a Holiday Inn in Chalmette, La (next town over but opposite direction of the airport) they are pretty new and not as far of an Uber ride as Metairie/Kenner. It's not near the Interstate however.
  18. I have no idea what that game is but I read John's post this morning. Any exchange of monetary funds for a game outside of casino is considered gambling. Not just on a ship, anywhere. If you were playing for Snickers, I think you'll be fine.
  19. I haven't talked to a CD recently but I did make friends with a Fun Squad member on the Mardi Gras who said she preferred smaller ships because it allows them to interact with the guests and each other more. Having such a big ship doesn't allow them to see the same people that often. We happened to see her alot but mainly because we were looking out for her.
  20. I've only been to HMC once and I couldn't use my s & s but looks like from Jam's post it's a certain areas. I only remember the area in the pic he posted.
  21. Yes there is shopping but you can't use your S & S card. Cash or Credit/Debit. HMC system isn't coded for Carnival Cruise Lines to charge to onboard accounts. That's also why you can't use the drink packages in port.
  22. Not for free. You will have the pay for pressing. I don't remember off the top of my head but I believe it was a per item charge, like $2 per shirt, etc. You can do it with the free wash and fold, just add it to the ticket. They will add the charge to your S &S account.
  23. Yes you can. Make sure to have a credit ot debit card for back up that will cover that amount if you are going to add the gift cards after the fact.
  24. He's been a Carnival Influencer partner for a while now. Makes perfect sense to me he would become the Godfather of a ship. Half the people they pick usually have zero connections to the cruiseline. At least he actually cruises Carnival.
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