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  1. This dailyite doesn't have a dog so I will hug both my cats instead. I have been to Puerto Chiapass several times and agree with the others, it is not much of a port. I did enjoy seeing several dance groups in the doct building and shopping at a couple of the kiosks. I am late getting here today because I went to brunch with a very good poet, my friend Kakalena. First time we had seen each other in over 6 months. She seems to be in good spirits, is having various testing done this coming week to make sure that her cancer has not spread then hopes to have the surgery asa
  2. Happy birthday to @StLouisCruisers and twin. Happy Anniversary to @Overhead Fred and wife. Thanks to everyone who posted photos of Japan. I probably will never get there but I sure enjoyed looking at the photos. We celebrated our 50th anniversary aboard the Eurodam in 2008 after being shown all the sights of Bergen, Norway, then spending the rest of the day on a private island owned by my T.A.'s cousin Swen. When we got back to our cabin it had been decorated by our stewarts with a huge balloon bouquet then after everyone at our table of 8 had finished dinner, including dessert
  3. Love, love, love popcorn, any type including carmel corn but my go to is plain salted with a bit of butter flavoring. I aloways thought that beavers were fascinating animal and wished that some lived in my vicinity. I guess the s/w deserts are not a favorite of beavers. Love chili dogs, love hand tossed pizza, the thought of a mesh up of the two, not very appetizing. The closest we came to Greenland was aboard the Eurodam 2008 VOV when we cruised through the ice fields for 2 or 3 days. (I was notified of the death of my mother on the first day and we were unable to get off the ship u
  4. Deep crust Pizza, way to doughy, not enough toppings. Thin crust Pizza no way, tasts like toppings on a hard cracker. Hand tossed Pizza, just perfect. I have never been to Pago Pago. Thank you everyone for the photos.
  5. Happy Resurection Day or as commonly known Happy Easter. There was a goodly number of people in church today, unfortunately there was very little masking. They do enforce social distancing however. Still seems strange to not have handshakes and hugs after Sunday Service. Our youth minister and his family were not in attendance today as their baby girl made her appearance. Much nicer to have an Easter baby instead of an April Fool's baby which was the due date. Since I am cooking for only me, myself and I dinner today will consist of a ham steak, deviled eggs and brocolli cheese cassa
  6. She has had COPD for sometime and about 4 months ago a small mass was found during a routine CAT scan of her lungs. After 3 months the mass had increased in size and upon further testing was determine to be cancer. She and I had 4 different cruises cancelled due to Covid and the one scheduled for Nov 2021 is something she is still looking forward to. I was unsure about posting on this thread but I will certainly keep you updated. To date surgery has not be scheduled. She has a meeting with Doctors toward the end of this month.
  7. Todays dinner and wine sound so good and that drink would be a wonderful dessert. I have never been to Spain but seeing the Alhambra has always been on my bucket list. Thank you so much for the photos. I started a new thread today requesting prayers for my friend and cruising buddy Kakalena who has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of lung cancer. I looks likely that they will be doing a lobectomy to remove the bottom lobe of her right lung. Will those who member her (and even those who don't) please pray for her. Jane
  8. Although it has been awhile since my good friend Kakalena posted reqularly here on Cruise Critic. I am sure that she still has many friends here who enjoyed her posts, the excursions she oversaw and the multitude of meet and greets that she set up. Kakalena has shared on facebook and given me permission to share here that she has been diagnosed with lung cancer. It is a subtype adenosquamos type 1A which is quite aggressive. It looks like she will be having a lobectomy to remove the bottom lobe of her right lung, the date for surgery ihas not been set. she said " This is the moment
  9. Yeah for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I eat a little bit of peanut butter almost every day but seldon have the pbj sandwiches. Like quite a few of you I try to watch my carbs. Today's win sounds good, I would like to try it. Pretty sure I have been to Roseau, Dominica however I can't find any proof. I had a repeat pulmonary function test on Wednesday and got the results yesterday for several different tests that I have had in the past few months. The good news I do not have pulmonary hypertension, I do not have asthma, my immune system is back within low normal limits, my
  10. Another port and country I have never been to. Thank you for the beautiful photos. I had 8 years of piano lessons and hated every second after the first year. I still dislike piano music except The Entertainer by Scott Joplin. My Tuxeudo cat, Lucky, has had a runny and squinty eye since last Thursday and I am running out of her Rx ointment. So off to the vet for a refill today then will bring her in for a check up on Thursday. She has this periodically so I doubt it is anything serious; I just hate to see her look like she is crying all the time and she obviously doesn't feel good.
  11. I am all for celebrating cats; big or small, red, yellow, black, white, gray brown, solid colors, stripes and spots and any others that I may have missed mentioning. Jane
  12. I followed KK on Cruise Critic for several yearsand enjoyed her posts so much. She will be greatly missed. RIP KK. I am an only so never had a brother or sister to celebrate however I do have a wonderful brother in law and sister in law who still consider me family even though Gary has been gone for over 5 years. Never been to Manaous but did help my son with a project he had to complete on the city when he was in 4th grade. If I were younger that is a place I would want to visit. Jane
  13. RIP KK. You will be missed. And condolences to the family.
  14. My thanks to all who posted photos of Rarotonga. It is indeed a beautiful island. Our 2011 South Seas cruise aboard the Rotterdam visited there. I organized an excursion Captain Tama's Muri Lagoon BBQ Lunch Cruise with snorkling. Unfortunately there was a storm the night before and the waters were so muddy we could not snorkle although some did a little swimming. Lunch was wonderful, there was a palm tree climbing exhibition and instruction on how to wear a sarong for both men and women. Of course some of our members served as models for the demonstration.I wish I had photos that I could pos
  15. Both of today's meals sound delish. The drink of the day, not so much. The wine seems good if not too sweet. Saw Cape Canaveral and the space station when we did a week long time share stay at Disney World. I am from New Mexico origionally and we alway's pronounced it pacon. My parents had 5 pecon trees in their yard and my mother used pecons in all of her baked goods and in stuffing and in her jello dishes. And always for every birthday or holiday there was pecon pie. I still like pecons but pecon pie is definitely not my favorite. Jane
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