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  1. An effective Covid-19 vaccine would be a pre-requisite to my sailing again. It has indeed been a long time since our Maasdam repo. Hopefully we meet again aboard another HAL cruise.
  2. Thanks for the daily report and that menu sounds wonderful; I would cook that tonight if only I had some potatos. It is 115 degrees here and I am not going out in this heat to buy potatos.
  3. Thank you chief. I am hoping that my April 21 Pacific Coastal cruise will sail; also my Nov. 21 San Diego/Hawaii r/t will sail.
  4. I wonder if any of this conference will be live-streamed on facebook?
  5. I certainly hope the Volendam does not go. She is the only one of the smaller ships that I have not cruised on. I plan to remedy that with a Thanksgiving 2021 crise to Hawaii.
  6. Jacqui, I have cancelled my 21 Nov 2020 Konigsdam cruise to Mexico. Probably just before HAL announces that all cruises are cancelled through Nov.2020. Good to read that you foot has healed. Now onto the strengthening for you..
  7. Wow, you hit it out of the park today on the food. And if I was still working I definitely would take my cats to work.
  8. Actually the foreign port for any repositioning cruise would be in either Mexico or Vancouver. There would never be a need to stop in South America or Aruba.
  9. Not so. There are cruises from West Coast ports to Hawaii, there are West Coastal repositional cruises, there repositional cruises and who is to say that in the future these might be cruises from an East Coast Port to a Texas or La. port.
  10. American cruises. San Diego to Hawaii round trip, also any other west coast port to Hawaii. Also the Pacific Coastal Cruises. Plus Maine to Florida and vise versa, perhaps Florida to Galvestonwith a stop in Key West. All kinds of possibilities, some actual, others just wishful thinking at this time but who knows for the future.
  11. In May the Hawaii Department of Business, Economics and Tourism estimated that there would be in cruise ships allowed until near the end of 2021. Unknown if this is still the assumption or not.
  12. If I recall correctly the future cruise deposits purchased onboard are good for 4 years. If not used within the 4 year time frame they are automatically refunded. By the way some of the 2022 itinerys are now showing online.
  13. There would be no risk whatsoever IF you book with the fully refundable deposit.
  14. I am just praying that there will be a safe, effective vaccine and that it will be sooner rather than later. I do share your concerns about one developed this fast. About a thousand years ago when I was 14 we were in the middle of a polio epidemic. My parents and I took the Salk Polio Shot vaccine then a few years later the oral vaccine and they kept us safe. I will do the same now.
  15. I am booked on Mex. Rivera on the Konigsdam late Nov. and thinking seriously about cancelling. I don't want to cruise until I can be vaccinated against Covid-19.
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