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  1. Probably 3 Gala nights. That is how many were on my last 17 day circle Hawaii cruise Dec. 2018. c
  2. Talk to Verizon about the best plan for you. One of their plans is called Go Unlimited for $40 per month. that plan includes unlimited talk, text and data., USA , Canada and Mexico plus other features . goG
  3. The cruise I was referring to was in 1989 aboard the Noordam III. We had done an Alaskan tour/cruise and embarked in Juneau, after cruising the Lynn Canal aboard the M.V.Fairweather. Officers aboard the Noordam were Captain Jacob Dijk, Hotel Manager Hans Dernison and Cruise Director Bob Upchurch. Sorry but I can not find the name of the hostess although I did find a photo of her introducing people to the Captain. One disturbing thing, the Tieneman Square Massacre was shown on the in cabin TV (black & white. Today I am sure that the scene of the tanks running over so many young students would not have been shown.
  4. To go a bit further back; at one time there was a recieving line with a young lady dressed in a Dutch Girl costume intruducing everyone to the Captain and the other ship officers. Everyone (or every party/orcouple) got their photo taken with the Captain. This was in the terminal before entering the ship. I have had the extremely good fortune to have Captain Jonathan Mercer on 4 different cruises. He was out and about every day greeting the guests, after the 2nd cruise with him he even remembered both my name and my husbands name even though we were just veranda passengers, never Neptune or Pinnacle. I thought Captain Mercer had retired about 3 years ago. Delighted if he has not retired.
  5. Eggs Benedict for breakfast; icecream and cookies for dessert.
  6. Thank you. I am one of the lucky one that bought100 shares many years ago when it was just $20. per share. My financial counselor has advised me to sell a couple of times but I always told him no because I wanted the shareholder benefits. Will discuss a partial sale with him now.
  7. What is the stock price today please? I bought my stock many years ago and it has been by far my best investment. I had never considered selling off part of my stock and retaining the 100 shares required for OBC and I want to discuss this with my investment counselor.
  8. Jacqui please add me to Eurodam_29 Nov.-18 _ 10 day Mexican Riviera and Sea of Cortez I will be cruising solo. Thank you very much
  9. I did ask for practical advise and I tried to so in an impersonal way so as not to invite myself and/or others to a pity party. Thank you for your kind words, that means a lot. and I am sure that I will have a fabulous cruise. I fully believe that any one would have to work awfully hard to not enjoy cruising with HAL. Now I am going to your future cruise thread and if I have not allready done so I will put you too work entering my info. Thank you for everything.
  10. Thank you, I had forgotten about the HSC being part of the onboard spending, that should offset my OBC this cruise.
  11. Jacqui, POA1 and Trolley Girl I believe this is called a failure to communicate beginning with my origional post and my follow up post. I apologize for all the confusion. I have been following both Jacqui and POA1 ever since you joined Cruise Critic for both of your excellent advise and analysis. I am not in a suite, as of today I have 487 days, At the end of the cruise I will have 497 days. Since 500 days is required to become 5* I need to spend a minimum of $900 or $300 a day 3 times to reach 5* I agree the extra benefits are not worth spending extra money. My decision to reach 5* is personal. When my husband my alive we had a paid reservation on the 50 day Hawaii/So.Pacific cruise that would have brought both of us to 5* in 2015. That cruise was cancelled because of his rapidly declining health. After his death I promised myself that I would not pull myself into a hole and close the lid, rather that I would continue my life as best I could without him. Obtaining 5* became a goal for me and now after 3 years I will accomplish this. I am sorry if this is to much information but it helps me to express this..
  12. Thank you to all that have replied to my questions. You have definitely given me some things to think about. My title may have misled you. I was more curious about the quality of the wines and whether I could pick my own wines and date for the Pinnacle. I do not have a sophisticated palate regarding wines, my favorite Chardonney is available in the lowest class level and my favorite White Zinfadel has always been available onboard but not as part of a package. Now you may conclude that I am crazy but the 4* discount would be a disadvantage to me on this cruise. I am going aboard as 4* only lacking 13 days to become 5*. I have made it a priority to be 5* eligible when I depart. Since this is a 10 day cruise I have to spend more online or onboard than I normally would. (If only the casino counted it would be so much easier.)
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