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  1. No on the drink and the meal, yes to the wine and I would love the banana cream pie if someone would make one for me. I am having difficulty finding things I can eat and still stay within the 1500 to 2000 sodium limit per day. I think that banana pie would be something my cardiologist would approve of. I've not been to the Phillipines, looking forward to seeing some photos. Yesterday I went ahead and reserved a whale watch excursion and my complimentary Pinnacle Grill dinner. Both of my cats are rescues and right now one of them is tapping my shoulder reminding me it is time for her dry food so I will go feed the cats then find me something for lunch. Priorities, you know. Prayers for all in need that hurrahs for those who aren't in need. Jane
  2. My daughter was born on this day in 1964 along with several other babies at Walker AFB Hospital. No one there had ever seen a Feb. 29 birth before. She was developementally disabled and passed in 1999. I have been feeling better and getting stronger every day this past week. Everyone's prayers here, from my church family and my community along with the current medication are working. A big THANK YOU to all. The ideal medical treatment for me would be open heart surgery to replace the Mitral Valve but that can not be done because of my age, 82, and pre-existing conditions. I am finally beginning to believe that I will be able to go on the Konigsdam Mexico cruise 03/23 through 30,2024. Prayers for all who need them and hurrah's for everyone else. Jane
  3. I have not had the bamboo massage but I do highly recommend the hot stone massage.
  4. I have been to Helsinki Eurodam cruise in 2008. We did not get to the the rock church as some type of stabilization work was being done. Instead we had a tour of the home of Sibelius which included lunch. My cardiology appointment today turned out to be with one of the PA's. She read all of both the cardiologist and the thoracic surgeon notes from the procedures I had last week, explaining all of them to make sure I understood. Basically confirming what I had understood before, the Mitral Valve had severe calcification (stenosis), the Aorta had some minor stenosis which is nothing to worry about, the heart beats well, no leakage except for a very small hole that was a birth defect shared by about 20% of the adult population. The doctors are going to consult further but open heart surgery is apparently not an option. The Dr's may try to get me into an experimental program wherein the mitral valve is replaced using a catheter through the groin. My EKG has remained the same. So for the moment it is wait and see until one or the other of the Doctors calls me. Jane
  5. I just want to say thank you to everyone for their prayers and their encouragements. Jane
  6. Good afternoon dailyites. This is an update regarding my condition. After posting I will go back and read both yesterday's and today's posts. Yesterday at the local Heart Hospital I had a TEE followed by a right heart cath then a left heart cath. I was sedated for the TEE then awakened before the cath's. My cardiologist talked to me after finishing the 3 tests then had a thoracic surgeon talk to me. The findings were severe Mitral Valve calcification and moderate Aortic Valve calcification. All pressures were fine and there is minimal leakage. The cardiologist says surgery is needed, the surgeon said surgery would be high risk for a stroke, that he wants to consult further with my cardiologist and also have a roundtable discussion with other valve specialists and that he will get back to me. He also mentioned an experimental procedure with apparently good results as a possibility. I am restricted from driving for 5 days, no bending and lifting over 10 lbs for 7 days. I can bend with no lifting such as putting shoes on. Today i am having soreness but no frank pain. Now to go read the last coupe of days. Jane
  7. I quit reading our local newspaper (Mesa Tribune) several years ago when it went from a daily to weekly with no home delivery. It was down to just 4 pages and for a city of approximately 500K was just ridiculous. I've never cared for the Phoenix Republic as it isn't local. Love green bean casserole as a side dish but wouldn't cook it in a slow cooker. The wine I would enjoy if someone else bought it for me. Have never been to Japan of anywhere in the Far East. Thank you for the lovely photos @StLouisCruisers. I was seen by the NP in the heart failure clinic and was told that I will probably need open heart surgery to replace my Mitral Valve. This had never been mentioned before. I had been scheduled to a diagnostic TEE on 2/26. It was moved up to next Tuesday 2/13 and added tests of right and left heart catheterization.at the local heart hospital. Then I have a follow up appointment on 2/22. Guess I will learn more then. I am not in pain and actually feel pretty good as long as I am just sitting. Any activity causes shortness of breath and fatigue. Prayers for all who need them and hurrahs for all who are cruising. Jane
  8. Beautiful flowers Sharon. If that is one of the ship's arrangement what is the name of it?
  9. I haven't posted for awhile but I have been trying to keep up reading the daily. I finally have an answer to why I have felt so bad these past couple of months and it isn't a remnant of Covid. Last Monday I had a 10 hour date with the emergency room because I was having such pain and difficulty breathing. Diagnosis was pulmonary edema. Saw my pulmonologist on Wed., lungs are my normal (COPD) saw cardiology yesterday. I was put on new med Farxiga, increased my diuretic and halfed another heart med. Will have more blood work next Wed. and begin treatment in the Heart Failure Clinic next Thursday. Doc. also trying to get my TEE testing done sooner than the scheduled date of 02/26/24. Apparently the test is necessary to confirm that it is a heart valve problem. I have been to todays port a couple of times, no photos. I don't have a dog to date so will substitute my 2 cats. No on the drink, too sweet for me. I would love to have someone serve me the beef stroganoff and the wine. Prayers for all who need them, myself included, and hurrahs for all who don't. Jane
  10. I am quite late today as I was an invited guest to the Naturalization Ceremony for my nephew's wife. There were at least 40 to 50 people who became new Citizens of the USA today. The oath of allegiance is quite long and surprising to me. The entire ceremony was very impressive and afterwards we took her to lunch. She chose a Chinese Buffet. Yesterday I had a follow up appointment with the PA for my Cardiologist. My mitral valve stenosis has progressed from moderate to moderately severe, I have peripheral artery disease with SFA Stenosis in both legs, and mild aortic valve leakage. She changed some meds and ordered a TEE and a referral to the heart failure clinic. She believes that the Mitral Valve may be the cause of my fatigue and shortness of breath. Today's meal and wine both sound wonderful, the drink, not so much. Thanks to all who shared photos of Loreto. tI have been to Loreto 3 times and enjoy it very much. Prayers for those that need them and hurrahs for those who don't. Jane
  11. I went with my BIL, his wife, his son and daughter- in- law for Christmas Dinner at a very good Chinese Restaurant. Turned down an invite from his daughter as there were at least 30 others and I didn't feel up to being with the large group. A nice relaxing day. Celebrating Homeowners Day today by doing laundry and discovered that the appliance gremlin has come to visit me. Drier turned off and on manually but got much hottter than it should and the timers didn't work. Appliance repairman scheduled for Thursday and I will have the washer checked out also even though I haven't had any problems with it. Both appliances are Kenmore purchased from Sears in 2016 so long out of warrantee. I usually like Crackerbarrel but I agree with others that today's meal does not look appetizing; same for the drink and wine. I have been to Cartagena several time and the part I liked the best is the aviary. The photos bring back fond memories. Jane
  12. That lamb dinner and white wine are my idea of a perfect meal. Now I just need someone to prepare it and bring it to me. I don't remember what year I was in Ocho Rios but I must have taken the same tour that Roy took. Dunn's River Falls was great, the rest of Ocho Rios not so much. @grapau27 Graham, you and Pauline are wonderful to your friends, and I wish there were more people like you. This world would be a better place. Prayers for all of you who are in need and hurrah's for all of you that are not . Jane
  13. Late again, here's what I would order. White Zinfandel, Escargo, Peppercorn Filet and Chocolate Lava Cake with Decaf Coffee.
  14. Sangria, Caeser Salad, hold the anchovies, Mahi Mahi and Chocolate Carmel Tart with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream and Decaf Coffee.
  15. Change the lemon juice to Chardonnay, add a cup of Decaf Coffee with dessert and this is exacty my choice.
  16. White Zinfandel, French Onion Soup, Peruvian Chicken and Lemon Torte with Decaf Coffee for me please.
  17. Thank you for taking us along on the Nieuw Statendam. This and Noordam are the only ships in the current fleet that I have not been on. Jane
  18. @Sharon in AZ I had to wait 6 weeks between the cataract surgeries and my Optometrist removed the lens on the surgery eye. (Surgeon sent me to a specialist for a 2nd opinion whether cataract surgery would be better or a cornea tranplant would be needed) Not ideal but much better and I was able to read just a little. Cornea transplaant not needed. Jane
  19. I am a certified chocoholicand I love lemon pie except with meringue instead of whipped cream on top. The spare ribs sound good if someone prepared them for me however tonight a bunch of us are taking my sister-in-law out to Carraba's for her birthday. @rafinmd Glad you are being discharged from hospital but please take it very easy getting home. @Cruising-along If it is not to much trouble please email me regarding the reduced salt diets on the HAL ships. My cardiiologist has told me to cut down on salt amd I am having a difficult time trying to figure out how to do that. My email is themanginos@cox.net. Jane.
  20. Thank you to all who posted photos of Tallin. My DD DH and I were there on the Eurodam in 2008 (50th anniversary cruise) and these photos bring back many fond memories. We did a ship tour that included a very old, still working monestary then a tour of old town. I had a cranberry muffin for breakfast this morning and will be having cranberry sauce with my dinner which is a dark turkey meat roast from Albertson's. Plenty for me as I still am trying to avoid crowds. I turned down an invitation from my niece for dinner, she normally has at least 20 people. I am another one who feels very grateful to all of our dailites for all you do including those of you who like me only post occassionally. Reading this is one of my favorite things to do every day. @grapau27 Just looking at your food posts makes me gain weight. @rafinmd I very much look forward to you sunrise/sunset posts. Prayers for all who are ill and/or hurting; hurray for everyone else. Jane
  21. Feeling much, much better today and very hungry. The meal of the day would be wonderful if someone would only prepare it for me. Seriously today is the first day in almost a month that I have felt hungry. I am still lacking in energy but at least I am getting outside and walking short distances. I believe that I am over all the illnesses, and gaining strength slowly. Thanks to all who posted photos today; this is another port I have not visited. Prayers for all who are ill or hurting and cheers for all who are not. Very sorry to see that Rosalyn Carter has died. She was a wonderful person and a gracious First Lady. Jane
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