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  1. Yesterday I received a very nice upsell offer on a 10/10/21 cruise.
  2. Glad you are able to be home now, Rest, rest and more rest combined with your antibiotic and praying that you have a speedy and complete recovery.
  3. Love all these photos of Willemsted. I have never been to the ABC Islands but they remain on my bucket list. Jane
  4. For several years while living in So.Cal. my husband and I would spend a week at Big Bear Lake and attend the Octoberfest. Octoberfest at that time ran every weekend from the middle of Sept. through the end of Oct. and featured German musicians. The first Octoberfest we attended while we were dancing a polka someone rained their beer down my back. A good thing I was not driving as I reeked. My son had the good furtune to attend Octoberfest in Munich in1979. @mamofami.. congratulations on your 62nd anniversary. What a blessing that you will be able to be with your hubby that day. @Sharon in AZ. Thanks for your warm welcome to the 10/10/21 cruise. I live in Mesa. Lets chat on the rooll call and set up a meeting. I have no idea why my computer isn't showing the blue hilighting today. Jane
  5. Interesting topics here today. I was born in the United States and have lived here all my life however I doubt I could pass the citizenship test without a whole lot of study. Our constitution is wonderful but I sometimes wonder if our elected officials have ever bothered to read it. Some of their interpretations are totally contrary to what I see when I read the constitution and contrary to what I was taught in Civics classes. Both of the Cod recipes look very good. I wonder if they can be done in the oven instead of on a grill. (Remember I am definitely not a cook). The wine sounds lovely also. I absolutely love San Diego. We used to spend a long weekend there about once a quarter whenever I needed some mental rest. And speaking of rest and San Diego I just booked the 10/10/21 coastal cruise; going solo and I can't wait to get on the Kdam. Jane
  6. So sorry to see that you are hospitalized. I will be praying for a speedy diagnosis, excellent treatment and a rapid, full recovery.
  7. Thank you so much for posting this Budweiser commercial. It is so moving and brings tears to my eyes still. Jane
  8. Truthfully I haven't made up my mind yet but I will certainly let you know if I don't want to take it. Jane
  9. Jacqui, I see that you are ahead of me having already removed my Nov. Zuiderdam cruise. I was just notified by HAL today. Thank you so much for all your hard work in keeping this list current with all the changes that HAL is making. Jane
  10. I got the email from HAL this morning that my Thanksgiving cruise to Hawaii on the Zuiderdam was cancelled. The replacement voyage is aboard the Konigsdam beginning Jan.14. This is my 4th or 5th cruise that has been cancelled by HAL and to say that I am disappointed is an understatement. On a brighter note I also received a HAL casino offer for a free veranda with several voyages to pick from. Decisions, decisions. Jane
  11. Enjoy yourself, as if you could not enjoy a cruise in a Neptune Suite.
  12. Thank you to all who have posted photos as I have never been to Australia. I love bacon: BLT is my favorite sandwich just barely ahead of BA (bacon/avacado). Not a fan of wings, spicy or otherwise. I have had and enjoyed the drink of the day but the wine is way outside my budget's comfort zone. Bon voyage to all who are cruising now. I am impatiently waiting for my Thanksgiving cruise to Hawaii. Jane
  13. Looking forward to reading all your posts as I am keeping my hopes up for a cruise to Hawaii for Thanksgiving. You last live from was most encouraging to me. Jane
  14. Update re Kakalena- she had some type of medical issue and had to be hospitalized a couple of days for tests. She is home now and doing better.
  15. I am 80 with underlying conditions. I have a cruise booked to Hawaii this Nov. and I have been fully vaccinated since Feb. I will be getting the Maderna booster shot 3 weeks before the cruise. I discussed this with both my pulmonologist and my cardiologist and they have agreed that it is okay for me to go following the CDC guidelines. My pulmonologist said "Hawaii should be safe, don't cruise to any foreign ports".
  16. It is always a joy to see the photographs of the port of the day, especially the ports that I have never visited. @rafinmdYour sunrise and sunset photos are also something I look forward to seeing everyday as much as I look forward to reading your lists and seeing your choice for dinner each day. Happy anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. @grapau27. and Happy Birthday to @VictOriann, I beat you to 80 by 19 days, but let's don't tell. I gave up on my range as my oven gave a loud pop and both the burners on top and the oven itself got hot at the same time. Since the range was origional to the house (1997) I opted to replace rather than call a serviceman for repairs. New range is supposed to be installed on Aug. 30th. Please wish me luck with that as last year I had to replace my refrigerator and it took from March to Nov. to get the replacement. Our Arizona monsoon arrived with a vengence and we had downpours with flooding every night for over a week. It has let up now and we are supposed to be dry and hot for at least the next week. Very necessary to clean up all the damages in almost every part of the state. Fortunately for me I only lost 1 cactus that uprooted itself. Landscaper is trying to save it by replanting much deeper. Jane
  17. I would like to see you post the month of Crystal menus. Jane
  18. I have never been to Lisbon so I am very much enjoying all the beautiful photos. Every day for me is a lazy day, I love retirement. I don't have a dog so does spoiling my cats count? Pulled pork sandwiches are one of my favorites and would go very well with the wine of the day. The drink of the day sounds interesting and I would definitely try it. Jane
  19. I love most nuts and eat some every day; Brazil nuts not so much. I like watermelon but it sure does not like me. Night out, tonight my brother in law and sister in law are taking me out to dinner for my 80th birthday. I have never been to Brazil and love seeing the photos. Jane
  20. Feeling the same way while having the 6 month maintenance on my Rave4 at the Toyota delearship. Jane
  21. Well I am right there beside you Jacqui. Never saw or heard the term before. That is how computer illiterate Iam.
  22. I would take that Neptune Guarantee in a heartbeat. In my opinion there is no such thing as an undesirable Neptune Suite on any ship. Jane
  23. I have been to San Juan once and really enjoyed seeing all the photo's. I wish that our photos had been digital but they weren't. @catshepard I have enjoyed all of your ICelandic photos but the ones today of Gullfoss and the geothermal and geyser area are really bringing back fond memories. Like you I declined to go down the stairs, afraid I would never be able to make it back up. Jane
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