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  1. I saw your video on FB. These are the best pics I've seen yet and I'm on your cruise too! Thank you for posting them!
  2. I'm with you! I'm booked on her in 22 days and again in both January and October of 2022. (Plus I have a 14 day on the Pride in October of this year) We've never sailed a ship in its inaugural season, we've always watched longingly but never even considered it before. This ship looks amazing and I'm so excited!
  3. That was a concern of mine as well and they do not address it in the letter they sent to us. Because of a travel day built in it really, really makes a difference. We can't check in until with Carnival until the 17th so we won't have our boarding time until then.
  4. If you are on a PC, hold down the Control button and the + sign at the same time. It will change the size of only the current tab you are using. That may be how it got small, by accidently pressing the Control button among with the - (minus) button.
  5. And I've just booked again for January at the $50 + $10 rate. I could have gotten it at the $30 + $10 rate but my cruise is in Cozumel on a Monday. Even though it still says that it isn't available on Monday, it is bookable for January on a Monday and according to Sebastian in Customer Service, they are open again 7 days a week. I still love Chakanaab and this price for a cabana just make it more special! See you soon Cabana - once in November and again in January! 🙂
  6. I have these booked in November. I don't know how expensive they are via MSC, but these cabanas are CHEAP in $$$ language at their own website. A Cabana, including admission to the park for two was $50. That is so very inexpensive in comparison to cabanas at the other ports. Admission for two and the chance you might (or might not) get a palapa is at least $42 without the coupon. I'm very familiar with Chakanaab, we've always found it the best value for our dollar as far as food, snorkeling and cultural experience. We always go to that end of the park anyway so the crowds will be l
  7. I am on this cruise too. Not willing to book airline tickets just yet, but I actually think our chances of cruising have now increased to 50/50%.
  8. Holiday 2004 Planned two week lay off from work
  9. I can tell you from experience that the French Onion soup, the shrimp cocktail and the Lobster Bisque are fabulous! They didn't have oysters on the menu the last time we tried the steakhouse. I think it is worth every penny and we've only skipped it once on a sailing. I do wonder if the menus (not just in the steakhouse, but other food establishments also) will be altered or tweaked in any way. This certainly would have been the time to do it. I cannot imagine the provisioning nightmare that all of the constant and ever evolving uncertainty must be bringing.
  10. Tortola had decent snorkeling. We went to Brewers Bay. Not crowded, relatively simple and basic and I would repeat it. The bay is very shallow and the good snorkeling is along the left side, against the rock. Of the other ports you have listed, Cozumel is fair, Aruba is amazing and Bonaire is on my bucket list for snorkel ports. Turks and Caicos also has some decent snorkeling.
  11. In all my cruises, I've only ever taken one Carnival excursion. The first excursion on my very first cruise. Thats it. But, I am expecting for us to be required to take a Carnival excursion in order to be allowed to leave the ship at least for the foreseeable future. I am about 400 days out and honestly in normal times, I would have had at least half of my excursions booked by now. I think I'm just going to wait to see how it goes when cruises resume. The thought of having to do somewhere like Cozumel with Carnival almost me want to make port days, ship pool days. We shall see.
  12. We were scheduled on a Journeys cruise in 19 days. We had two one way flights scheduled with two different airlines and both of them have issued me a credit to use. One by 12/31/21 and the other by 5/30/22 and I am quite happy with arrangement. I suspect we will finally cruise next fall and I will use them then.
  13. Has anyone been able to successfully be able to request a refund from Wet Money for a Golf Cart rental on a cruise that I didn't cancel but Carnival did? They have offered instead a credit for a year but hopefully Grand Turk isn't a stop on the next cruise we take. (Love Grand Turk, but haven't booked a replacement yet and I'm looking at cruises that do not stop there). Thanks in advance!
  14. Oh my, just fantastic! You are 90 years old (I'm 30 behind you), you cruise, you drive AND you know how to quote on CC! I'm in love! Your writing style is wonderful, I am so hooked! Thank you so much for sharing with us!
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