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  1. Yes, we have never had a problem requesting a booth with only two people. We might have to wait a few extra minutes but we don't mind for the ease of having room to breathe at dinner!
  2. We ask for a booth to avoid the 2 inch "private" tables. Always works and we always have privacy in a booth. We don't mind waiting for an extra few minutes in order to receive a booth.
  3. The Southern Caribbean route is our favorite! We've yet to hit the "B" (bucket list, bucket list, bucket list - right along with the other BB - Bora Bora - but realistically I know I'll probably see Bonaire in my lifetime and Bora Bora is, hahaha, not gonna happen unless I hit the lottery - but I digress), but "A" and "C" are just terrific! Oddly, Aruba isn't very lush and "Caribbean" feeling. It is more like Arizona. Desert surrounded by amazing ocean! If you are a snorkeler, there are some amazing options and some spectacular underwater scenery! The shopping downtown - right around the port area is pretty good and I'm not a shopper in real life. Sorry I can't fill you in on more places to tour but we spent most of our time underwater! Curacao is a good place to spend a day walking across the floating bridge and wandering around the downtown area. Cafe's hidden down alleyways, interesting art and a floating market are some of the highlights. The RIF Fort is interesting/historic and you will pass through it on the way to the bridge. There is a casino (hint, they don't allow backpacks and require proper dress after like 7pm - no shorts). We actually enjoyed a dinner in a specialty restaurant on our ship that was facing the port and had a wonderful view and a good dinner!
  4. We've been on all three Dream Class ships and the Breeze is my favorite, probably my favorite of the fleet. Her decor is a bit more laid back, less neon and more Caribbean/beige/palm trees than either of her sisters. There is plenty to do for entertainment, she sails great itineraries and we're hoping to sail her again this year.
  5. We always bring some sort of tape and we've used it for: Repairing the hem on my dress Taping the cabin curtains shut when they tend to move (not all cabins/not all ships) Repairing my glasses On my first cruise, the air conditioner worked but it didn't deliver throughout the entire cabin, actually it pretty much was cool on the ceiling and that was it so I built an air duct to deliver air down into the actual cabin using duct tape (yes, I'm a girl) I've actually had to repair my rolling backpack (carries my snorkel equipment and my heavy wet beach towel) Finally, we've used it to wrap liquor bottles purchased inside clothing or towels for the air trip home, but I don't recommend duct tape for this one, maybe electrical tape!
  6. Cozumel, yes. Costa Maya, probably not. We always go to Chakanaab in Cozumel not for the sand and beach but for the snorkeling but I believe that there are several beaches that fit your bill in Cozumel. Cozumel is West facing and has absolutely beautiful water. Costa Maya is an East facing beach, subject to whatever the Atlantic Ocean wants to throw at it, mainly seagrass that you can't predict. Having said that, Maya Chan is worth every single penny! :)
  7. We leave them in the 12-pack and still put them inside our carry on. I leave room from home for it. Just a bit of rearranging and moving a few things to the checked bag at the hotel on cruise morning!
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