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  1. You will fit in very well There are not drunken slobs nowadays as the bar tenders are very careful about serving too much. There is something to do for every age we are in our 80's and still enjoy P&O although we do not take part in the dress up evenings but they are fun to watch The pantry is better than the buffets on other lines but you need to organise your dining requests as soon as you get on board as each night can be different
  2. 12 weeks is what we are waiting for and what was originally organised but as UK startd the 6 weeks and found it excellent some doctors are copying
  3. On a previous cruise the cruise director who was Australian said she could only work for P&O Australia because she lived in USA She said P&O Aus did not employ Australians due to tax and other perks they would be entitled to under Australian work laws. If this does not change they could not employ locals
  4. Would you rather live today in one of the countries with a bill of "RIGHTS" I certainly would not give me Australia and its sensible rules everyday The people screaming for thir righjts went against advice in the first place we did not make them travel
  5. Their cancellation pause yesterday was to 17th September so I have lost our August one bummer
  6. I have used them (as well as others but only if they wee better) and I have one booked through them at present Hoping the cruise will actually go ahead as it6 is an inter5nmal Australian one with P&O but will not pay until the last minute. I personally have no problems withy them but it is strange that they no longer have a telephone number anyone can use and this means it takes about 14 days to ghet6 a reply from an e mail
  7. Yes we had traditional dining with a large table and the ladies usually only had sweets at the weekend to try to keep things down. The members of our large table are still in touch with each other with visits and lunches such a great trip
  8. 76 days inaugural Pacific Circle we did in 2008 in the better direction on the old Sun Princess
  9. I belong to a group of folk who are on my retirement visa and I have found that a;ll those in Queensland ahave had problems getting the jab but those in
  10. My June P&O was cancelled so I booked the same ship and itinerary for August Got e mail yesterday saying lots of their August cruises have been cancelled BUT mine is still - at this moment - going ahead BUT the itinerary may be changed Do we want to cancel for refund (no extras offered) I am waiting to see where we will go Glad to hear your good news Hope to catch up sometime Yvonne
  11. Happy Easter everyone. Hope everyone is safe and happy
  12. June cruise was cancelled so booked the same itinerary for 17th August Got message this morning advising that "many of our August cruises are being cancelled but at the moment your cruise on 17th is going ahead but it may be a different itinerary" Then details of how and if you want to cancel and get refund - no extras offered. I am waiting to see the new itinerary as I just want to be on a ship
  13. Sad to hear this news David's photos were magnificent He will be missed Sympathy to his family and friends Yvonne and Colin
  14. They did and they are still waiting It is the Government department that is slow They WANT to be registered.
  15. I got the vouchers and as we were having a pre cruise lunch at tattersalls in Sydney I phoned to see if their Lime Bistro was taking the vouchers They told me that they had applied last year when it was first mooted and ARE STILL WAITING FOR REGISTRATION. Our local cinema is taking them and as the tickets are only $7.50 per person they said you could get them for two people and use the rest for nibbles and chocolates so all good there. I also see that some Sydney Macdonalds are taking them
  16. Yes 10 days along the Queensland coast (and I have also booked 2 others with a similar itinerary with Carnival and Princess so spreading it about. lol
  17. That cruise is also a replacement for TWO cancelled half world sectors. We are hopefully doing Dover to Sydney after meeting with our family fo a few weeks as we have missed so much of the new babies lives
  18. Hope so this is a new booking to take the place of a June cancellation
  19. Getting our jabs tomorrow morning so we can have had both before our next cruise in August
  20. I found that we got quicker action when a company was called out in public on their facebook page Have you tried that including a message to them on that same page
  21. Just google the name given by jland and travel agent and you will find her
  22. I must have been lucky or good at my selection of TA's I used 3 different ones that cruises were impacted by cruise cancellations and in every case got the monies back and credited to another booking within a couple of weeks - sometimes quicker. The only problems I had were with flights. I booked on with A Spanish TA via skyscanners (never again) Travelgenio kept my money for almost a year and until I contacted the Spanish Tourism licensing board I was not even getting proper answers from them then suddenly I got the refund (less $28 which I suppose could have been currency differences ) The other flight with Singapore airlines was slow but they did reply regularly and I got back the whole amount. Just when I was thinking of using my c/c travel insurances I noted that no cancellations due to Covid would be covered so I was lucky
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