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  1. The visa is linked to your passport do not worry We have been using this system for our returning visa her4e3 for 20 years no problems even when changing renewing passports
  2. Evon Last time we took goodies for the school it was holiday time so closed but the cleaner let us in and t5pook us to a room to leave the stuff IT was packed to the ceiling with bags and backpacks which had not been unloaded They obviously get a lot of presents - perhaps more than needed and there are other islands now that need assistance
  3. I believe coffee is included in that package and if I am correct then it is worth getting Their free coffee is Urg................
  4. Not just Princess Any Carnival Cruise Line owned company using AUD on board and cruising from This area does not have gratuities nor grats added to their drinks
  5. Happy Greetings to all Australians Have a great day and weekend
  6. Thank you all for your prompt replies I have passed them on and hope he manages it
  7. Asking for an Australian friend who is taking a repositioning cruise on P&O at end February Singapore to Sydney P&O have advised them that they need a visa BEFORE THEY EMBARK I know that Indonesia will give you one on arrival but the message from P&O appears to say No visa before you get on the ship you will not be allowed to embark. My friend has tried to get the visa (approx $50) pp on line and got all the way through the application but it asked for FULL address of place they will stay in Indonesia. He tried the ships name but it would not accept this. I am sure someone else has had this problem and solved it (I suggested the name of the land agent at the first stop but not sure about this)Please can you advise what you or anyone you know did for this problem I could not help as being a Brit I do not need a visa. Thanks in advance
  8. Princess think that the experience of the old canal is better for views etc than the new boring one
  9. Yes we were advised by a senior officer on the Royal this week that after re fit she will go back to her original schedule using the OLD Panama canal and doing itineries around that
  10. Yes we knew they were the best from day one as all the senior officers went there for their coffee
  11. Some of the ver4y best crew on any of the Princess ships Only drawback the International Cafe barristers are very very slow and serve the queue waiting instead of filling their waiters' orders I did mention this on my survey so it may have improved
  12. I have used them also recently just confirming their continued good status
  13. Stayed there 25 years ago and it was good then
  14. V lavender hotel above the MTR and a food court Reasonable price and comfortable Easy to use MTR from airport and I believe a free cancellation a certain time before I have used them 3 times happily Good breakfast as well
  15. Just take an adaptor as you cannot be sure We were on the Royal last week and they did not have Australian outlets and it has been here some time
  16. In those days on his cruise they did not service Guiness or even mackinsons so he needed the extra iron
  17. We have found for our requirements RCI cruises are daytime boring but Princess are not
  18. If you have time write to Princess and advise that on medical advice she no longer drinks alcohol and can she bring the non alco on board Did this with a relation who was told to drink a can of Guiness for medical reasons and with the doctors letters (as it was alcohol) they allowed it
  19. Can you advise what this $25 obc was for and why I booked in August for Royal on 28th December to NZ and know nothing Thanks (every little helps) Just re read and saw it was pre Dec 2022 not 2023 Thanks
  20. When I come across a problem using an app I find it easier to use a computer but that is probably because I am not mobile phone savvy
  21. Thank you that is exactly the information I need are these the only 2 companies for Asian cruises (although I understand they are the ones you took)
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