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  1. I just booked two inside guarantees for my husband and I and two adult kids. I got assignment 30 days out and lucked out with two promenades next to each other so don’t give up hope!
  2. Does adventure have a designated dining room section for diamond like on the Freedom? I really liked that... lots of tables for two!
  3. I recently got three deck six promenade cabins assigned on my inside guaranty that I booked directly with rccl. I was worried about noise for my parents so called to downgrade to an open higher deck inside cabin. Luckily a promenade on deck 8 opened while I was on phone so moved them there. it is easier to move to different cabin in same category, but I learned they can call another department to get approval for downgrade if there is a cabin open. Good luck!
  4. that would be back of ship... I like that better than forward myself🙂
  5. You can also check luggage tags. it has picture of ship and indicates forward, mid and aft on the picture. our showed mid for two cabins and forward for another. Both were accurate when we got the cabin number at 30 days after having just deck and muster station 45 days out.
  6. They do say it is random, but I was very lucky with my two interior guarantees and got promenades. I know not everyone considers that an upgrade, but for me much better than deck 2 or 3 way forward or aft. We are diamond.
  7. Mullwi

    Favorite beach??

    Will the beaches be super crowded with 4 ships in port 🙁. Thanks.
  8. Also, I found my cabins on my own in my account around 9pm, but I did get email at 4:11 am if you don’t want to drive yourself crazy like me checking multiple times a day🙂, but I got a good night’s sleep knowing!
  9. Been checking for cabin assignment multiple times a day and just found ours 31 days out as noted above under more details. booked inside guaranty which I haven’t done in many many years And very happy to get promenade cabins. they are deck six on each end. I know could be a little noisy, but very happy and much better for father to be more midship. we could have gotten a lower deck all the way forward or aft. Feel lucky🙂. Good luck to everyone else waiting!
  10. Clarea could you or anyone with experience related to pre-existing condition explain that more. I had always been very healthy until past month. I just had a bunch of testing done with a possible, but not definite diagnosis. I need to have some more testing before October cruise just to try to rule out some unlikely problems. I have always requested cruise travel insurance at booking just in case. I now have a Cruise booked 10/27 and in February. I anticipate no problem being able to go on either cruise, but what happens if I have any medical Problem while away? Sounds like I might not have medical related coverage for 10/27 cruise? can anyone explain how pre-existing relates? thanks!
  11. Hi everyone! I have 3 inside guarantees on freedom on 10/27. We never do guaranty, but pretty much only thing available when we booked. None show cabin numbers, but all show deck 6. My adult kids, husband and I have muster station b15 and my parents have Co8. Luggage tags look like kids and I may indicate mid and parents forward. Does anyone know if guaranty luggage tag pictures are accurate? I’m hoping my parents aren’t very far forward due to my father’s mobility issues. Would they let me switch my kid’s cabin with my parents if they are? we are all diamond and parents are diamond plus, but sounds like they don’t consider that at all when making assignments now. Any information appreciated!
  12. Yes, I had muster station 60 days out, deck 45 days out, but no cabin number for my three cabins🙁 still.
  13. Congratulations Crism.... so jealous! I never book guaranty but booked three interior guarantees two months ago for freedom end of next month. only thing available other than very expensive promenade. I have had muster station assigned for a month and deck 6 just popped up in e/docs yesterday but no cabin. Two cabins have muster station b15 and one has c08. Can you tell me what your muster station is? I don’t care as much where my kids and We are, but parents have some mobility issues and hoping they are not at far end cabins. We are all diamond and parents diamond plus, but sounds like they don’t look at that when assigning. Thanks!
  14. I will be in Barbados very end of October. planned this cruise to swim with turtles with my daughter at Harbor lights. does anyone know if this is on seaweed side? Fingers crossed it’s not! Thanks!
  15. We have booked cruises 3 out of the 4 last years to watch the SuperBowl on board. I am not a huge football fan, but the rest of my group is, and there is nothing like watching it on the pool deck when it’s frigid and snowy at home! I know we watched the Stanley Cup one year too.
  16. Hi! I have 3 interior guarantees for Freedom 10/27. We are all diamond and diamond plus. Our set sail pass lists our deck as “reprint”, cabin as “GTY”, but we have muster stations. my adult children and I have B15 and parents have C08. I’m assuming we have tentative assignments. Any way to tell what category may be based on muster stations? thanks!
  17. I’m diamond and thought it just meant I could board anytime. we have never had any communication regarding casino level or benefits. what does that mean?
  18. I have three inside guarantee cabins on Freedom 10/27. I have checked in for two of them (son discovered passport expired 😮, luckily plenty of time). the set sail pass shows no cabin number, deck says “reprint” and one has muster station B15 and one has C08. When I call they say cabin not assigned yet, but think must have a tentative assignment since lists muster stations. Is there any way of determining possible location based on muster stations? thanks!
  19. hi everyone! I have three guarantee inside cabins for my family on Freedom late October. We are all diamond and diamond plus and usually book much earlier and pick our own cabins, but only inside cabins available were promenade and very expensive considering airfare to San Juan is also very expensive. So we took a risk since we are also paying for parents and adult children. When I did my check-in last night deck said “reprint”, no cabin listed and muster station was b15. Any way to tell what inside categories have b15 as muster station? Thanks for any info!
  20. freedom is my favorite ship! Have been on five times in past three years. Was on it in January and loved itinerary so much I’m going back again in October with my adult children and my parents. We’re taking a risk and going with interior guarantee since airfare is so expensive, but just happy to be going back on Freedom🙂
  21. Sorry to hear that Coaster. I would be very disappointed too! I hope you can find something similar and you have a great time. I’ve been on almost 40 cruises and never had this happen, but reading about it much more frequently now ☹️
  22. I’m booked on Adventure out of Fort Lauderdale on 2/1. we have watched the Super Bowl on several cruises and love that, but had no idea it was in Miami this year. I feel horrible for those who have been canceled and hope you can find another good alternative! My first thought was I hope they don’t cancel ours too, but just realized that even if they don’t, that airfare may be unaffordably high for us since we planned on flying down Thursday night from Boston. Any experience or thoughts on that?
  23. Thanks for the information everyone! We are leaning towards just sticking with current cruise based on the responses so far. it’s interesting that the link that cool cruiser posted is actually for a different group’s Elvis cruise the sailing before ours on 2/1. The one on 1/16 looks to be even more organized and extensive than the one on our cruise. We have another week or so to change cruise if anyone does have any other information to share. Thanks again!
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