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  1. Would someone currently on board be able to show drinks prices as considering getting the drinks package. Thanks
  2. I believe the quotes were from someone else on Solent Richard’s fb group he belongs to. Solent Richard is cruising next week I think.
  3. The Uk Celebrity sailings clarified it by sending a schedule for the summer sailings showing 3 days, the actual time didn’t matter.
  4. I wonder if the actual question was gap between vaccines because I heard rumours that celebrity were concerned about this.
  5. On the Uk silhouette cruise 17 th July, they cancelled about 30 passengers 3 days before due to too much capacity. No incentives to move.
  6. I was reading that the library is closed on the Saga summer UK sailings due to covid protocols. Haven’t read the same for Cunard but you never know.
  7. The email the op shows for the Equinox states that it is for the guest to arrange and pay for their own test.
  8. Because it says arrive at your allocated time as stated on your e ticket and then after paperwork is checked and testing is complete you drive to ship’s terminal where you drop of your luggage and hand car over.
  9. You can book them now, you can cancel later if things change. I think t is 48 hours before.
  10. I read it to mean arrive at mayflower (if parking) at the allocated time on your e ticket, as it states please arrive at your allocated time and you’ll wait in your car until all checked and tested then drive to ship’s terminal to drop luggage and leave car.
  11. Private message celebrity on social media and they should be able to sort the guest booklet/luggage labels for you.
  12. I haven’t sailed Reflection but from the photos I’ve seen on the aft sky suites (S1) the balconies look very shallow compared to the other S class ships. Also there are more passengers on Reflection compared to the other S class so that makes a difference too.
  13. I don’t think it is very clear, but from the emails I have seen posted it reads to me that under 18’s have a pcr 72 hours like the vaccinated adults, then they have an antigen test at the terminal then another antigen test on the ship before disembarking. That was my understanding of the 3 stage process.
  14. Yes the suites were fully booked. It wasn’t too windy up there but we were travelling at low speeds, averaging about 8 - 12 knots. I think shade would be more of an issue if it was very hot. no pictures of afternoon tea, but it is currently served to you as are all the snacks, coffees etc. I imagine post covid it will be self serve.
  15. We were on Silhouette on 9 July. Retreat lounge was pretty empty whenever we were there, although we didn’t go for afternoon tea. We had mid morning coffees and pre dinner drinks and had no trouble getting a seat. If it gets too busy apparently they move some into an area in the ensemble lounge. Never saw that. The retreat sun deck was the same. Good service up there. Had jacuzzi to myself. never had to wait for Luminae. Seats were spaced out for social distancing. This sailing had less than 1000 pasengers
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