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  1. We paid about $200 more per person. Bigger bathroom was nice..............but we wanted the giant balcony, which was worth it for us. Four bottles of decent wine were also enjoyed. I used to enjoy Cruise Critic but there sure are some morons on these boards now.
  2. We paid about $3400 for two of us. This included unlimited drink package, pre-paid tips, 150 minutes of internet each, 2 nights of specialty dining. Sure the price varies depending on when you are sailing and other factors.
  3. Just off the Breakaway in a Club Balcony Suite with large balcony. Suite in name only as cabin is the same size as a balcony cabin as in on the small size. Bathroom has a double sink. Shower is a walk in which was big enough for the two of us, but we are thin people. I am 71, well travelled, but this was the best shower with the best water pressure I have ever experienced. Maybe got lucky??? Balcony was very deep. We got 3 bottles of wine, 6 cans of water and snacks on 3 days. Worth the extra few dollars. We were in cabin # 8124.
  4. On our upcoming cruise (2/18) on The Breakaway we will eat lunch in The French Quarter and avoid all of the chaos of embarcation day lunch. Fairly sure it will be our best meal of the trip.
  5. Maybe you should consider a" luxury" cruise line. We last sailed on Oceania. Highly recommend. Cheaper than Haven and much better food and service. Small ships,
  6. Interested as well. We leave on February 18 and have plans for Cozumel.
  7. You would be very lucky to find a large table in the Buffet.
  8. Highly recommend the Hilton Riverside. Great hotel and perfect location for a cruise.
  9. Last April we were on The Riviera. Was our first Oceania cruise and loved it. We were in the Mediterranean. Most passengers on our cruise were American with other nationalities sprinkled in. Probably 20% of the passengers were oriental. Travelling in big groups. Not sure what country they were from but most could not speak English. Warning about taking a cruise with Oceania............you will never be able to go back to a mainstream cruise line.
  10. Really enjoyed reading your review and the photos you posted. Outstanding job and much appreciated. We board in two weeks for our first cruise on Norwegian. Look forward to your final thoughts. Thanks for taking the time to post all of this.
  11. You are boarding the ship next to the French Quarter and New Orleans in general. Some of the best restaurants in the world are withing walking distance of the port. Do not eat lunch on the ship amid the stressful chaos. Eat one of the best meals of your life on land and then board with no line or stress after every one else have boarded. Will be the best $30-$50 you have ever spent. It is what we will do on February 18 when we board. And have done on every cruise from New Orleans.
  12. We sailed on deck 10 on the Riviera last April in the Mediterranean in a Penthouse suite (PH2), about mid ship. Great location and felt no motion or heard any noise. BUT...we had calm seas. Have been on a ship where a glass of water (or wine) would not stay on the table because of the rocking no matter what part of the ship you were in.
  13. We will be in one of these cabins on The Breakaway in February. Where on the Waterfront can you get coffee in the morning?
  14. Brought mine home and use it most every day since our cruise last April. Good bottle that brings back memories of our trip.
  15. Excellent review. Well written with great photos. Really enjoyed it. Hope to cruise with you, or people like you, in the future.
  16. Thanks. One less thing to pack.
  17. We will be on the Breakaway in February in a Club Balcony. Are robes available? Especially, asking someone who has been on the ship recently. Thank you.
  18. Look forward to trying Norwegian Breakaway but........will always miss Alchemy no matter what ship we sail on.
  19. Venice was a magical place for us on our visit last April. Unique place worth visiting for at least a couple of days. Not a place to go if you are on a budget though. Trieste is a very nice place but does not have the charm of Venice. Also cheaper and MUCH less tourists congestion. If you have never been to Venice, then in my opinion, no contest. That is one place every one needs to visit once.
  20. I have been on Cruise Critic for decades. That is the most depressing post I think I have ever seen. Sure you will not comprehend.
  21. Did your Club Balcony come with robes and a coffee maker? If not, could you ask for them? We look forward to our cruise on The Breakaway in February. Really enjoying your review. Good words and pictures. Maybe you should start a blog and do this for a living. I will follow.
  22. Great review. Really enjoying it as we will be on the Breakaway in February. Keep it up.
  23. Have done an aft-wrap as well as a side balcony in Alaska. Any balcony would be good. When cruising in the fjords I think a side balcony is better. Which side is totally irrelevant. I like being closer to the water, and the whales and other sea creatures, so prefer a lower deck. When crusing into the glacier bays the top decks are the best for 360 degree views. Dress warm as can be cold around all that ice.
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