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  1. We are taking a 10 year old that still loves everything Barbie and Princess in April. It will be a surprise for her. I am just glad they are extending the age. BUT I don't want to see it become consumed by adults that are Barbie crazy leaving no room for the chhildren (have seen this on Disney options where the children don't have room to attend yet 3/4 of those present are adults). I know I may get a "smack down" for this attitude but I do think the little ones should come first!


    I so agree. But I am a avid Barbie collector I only want a set sail Barbie the children can have all the glory. I would just like to have the doll buy it a go away quietly. Hopefully they have extras for sale in the gift shop.

  2. [quote name='Jayfo']OK... I'll stick my neck out there....:eek:
    It will be nice if they followed Celebrity's lead on the whole balcony smoking policy too.... It'd be nice to relax out there with a glass of wine smoke-free! ;)[/QUOTE]

    This is about wine. Not smoking. We smokers have rights also. Back to getting wine.
  3. They shouldn't do major renovations during actual cruises. That's crazy and I would bail out. I am not paying a large amount of money for them to work on repairs and refurbishments to a major part of the entertainment on a ship while I am on vacation. Do it in port on your own time not mine.


    The double whammy this is a transatlantic cruise. No ports and things to occupy your day. Even if you don't gamble, the casino usually is in the middle of the ship through a major walkway for entertainment and shops. It would be ugly, unsightly and not be a comfortable enviroment with maintence crew, machines and sounds which will affect the shops around it as well as any nearby cabins.


    All cruise lines do this. Are they supposed to take the ship out of commission every time something needs to be done? Ships sail everyday 365 day a year unless they are being refurbished. If they only thing people go on cruises for is the casino what's the point in going. I am a gambler and I would not cancel my cruise. But I am a cruiser 1st.

  4. RCCL does not provide coffee maker in the cabin and policy prohibit use of heating elements (except hair curlers) or even bringing one's own coffee maker/pot abroad, as stated in their written guide - as I read them.


    It's possible to get hot water in the cafe/buffet but temperature is most likely under 190 degree F (probably 180 or lower) to minimize risks for accidental burns - it's fine for most tea bags but for us, boiling water at 212 degree is best for drip coffee (that's the way we do it at home with our French-Vietnamese old fashion coffee grinds.)


    JR Suite and above have them.

  5. We're sailing on EOS in September to Bermuda, while we cruise each year to Bermuda this will be the first (DH) on EOS.

    I always bring a case of water on carnival or ncl and it is allowed. I check it with my luggage. Can the same be done on EOS ?

    I know I sound boring but that's pretty much all I drink. No soda, no iced teac etc.. Can we bring non alcoholic beer onboard ? Holland America is great with that.

    We got a GREAT rate for this sailing and we'll be in an inside (so used to balconies) but hey ! I was impressed that RCCL price was lower than NCL to Bermuda. Competition . Works for us . I'm also thrilled RCCL decided to do the 7 night runs to BDA.

    I always wanted my DH to see the differrence on a BIG ship and now he will.

    I sailed EOS out of Miami about 8 years back and am looking forward to coming back and seeing whats changed. I honestly can't remember much from when I sailed her last.

    This is a great thread , glad I found it.


    We always take a case of water with us on EOS or any cruise along with a cooler. The last cruise we went on we put the cooler on the balcony and our cabin attendant kept it filled with ice. It was a December cruise and our beverages were always cold.


    I wrap duct tape around it and slap a luggage tag on it and it is in our cabin with the rest of our luggage.


    Enjoy you trip/

  6. On our Indy cruise over the weekend we experienced two incidents of rudeness: On one occasion we went to the MDR for breakfast and were seated with an older couple who didn't speak to us at all (to be honest, they didn't even speak to each other, so I'm sure they're a barrel of fun on holiday!). The only time they made conversation was when I asked if they were going on to the France portion of the cruise later in the week, and I was informed that they were not, and that it was the first time they had cruised "on THIS ship." Whatever.


    The second time was when we were queueing to get back on the ship and there was a crew member bringing his family on board. There were quite a few family members so it took a few minutes and we had to wait. The woman in front of us tut-tutted about how he was holding up the queue and how it was disgusting that we were all being made to wait to get back on the ship because this crew member insisted on bringing his family on board (who he probably hadn't seen for quite some time). Once we got on the ship we got in a lift and she came running, saying "hold the lift." We let the doors shut on her. *shrug*


    Love it. She probably would have closed the door on you. Good for you..

  7. Yes you can combine it as long as the Next Cruise Cert was purchased prior to

    Jan 1/09



    **PLEASE NOTE*** The shareholder onboard credit benefit has changed as to its combinability with other discounts or onboard credit offers. This pertains to NEW reservations made on or after 1/01/09 and Next Cruise reservations that are made after 1/01/09. If you have a reservation or NC booking that was created before 1/01/09, all eligible benefits will still be combinable. For more information please visit the website: www.rclinvestor.com.


    Kind regards,


    The Shareholder Benefit Team

    Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd.

    Guest Sales & Service Administration


    The link you added does not work do you have another one.

  8. I called Shelley from the "just for you" basket company that a few people have posted. They do all sorts of baskets and I called to see if they did a beer basket. She said they do a 12 bottle or 24 can beer basket, dress it all up etc. and deliver to the ship along with the regular wine, liquor, flower and food baskets. When worked out it is about 2 bucks a beer. They pay the ship a handling fee to bring the baskets on and incl that in the cost along with the sales tax. Not bad if you ask me. So all I will do now is take a few of my hubby's beer up to the deck and use our pop card to get some gingerale and make shandy's. I am excited. :D saves a little bit of dosh!

    Can this basket be done in New Jersey or just Florida?

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