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  1. we bought bands from Princess to wear like a watch. They were maybe 12 each. It was great because we could wear them even in the water.
  2. I got a price from my TA at the agency for my Enchanted Sailing that I have already booked direct with Princess (and we paid for Princess plus). All things considered, we are just slightly ahead with keeping our booking with Princess. I know we booked under this 3 day sale a couple of years ago (for the Sky) and the price with the TA was much better so I had been hopeful this time, but to no avail.
  3. i found Take 5 to be too dark and noisy when the Band was playing. Plus the 2nd week we were on it was taken over by a large group many of the nights and we could not go in.
  4. Just booked Enchanted for 2022 and therefore only just found out that Vines have been removed 😢. We have always loved having a glass of wine, or two, pre-dinner of nice quality wines. We were on the Sky this year for 2 weeks and Vines was packed every night. I am hoping that another venue, perhaps Crooners(?) will expand their wine menu to help us who will miss Vines. Once the ships are sailing again and Enchantment is sailing i’ll eagerly be watching for reviews of the bars and lounges.
  5. i received my email about 30 minutes ago and booked Enchanted for March 2022. I'm only Platnium so I was surprised it let me book. Roll on covid vaccine!
  6. we had this new menu while on the Sky in January, and my husband and I both agreed it was one of the best meals we have had on a cruise. We loved it, and much preferred it to the old Sabatini's menu.
  7. I'm so lucky. every single morning my husband gets up and goes to the International Cafe and brings me back a tea and a sweet treat to have in bed. I guess that's the epitome of having my cake and eating it too 😆
  8. With the amount of Canadians that want the US Canada border to remain closed the rest of this year our Prime Minister likely will push for this to continue for some time unless a miracle happens and the number of Covid cases in the US dramatically subsides.
  9. I was wondering the same thing as a big TA is having a sale until July 16 that I hoped to book under but we don’t want to cruise until the end of 2021. Oh well we will just need to continue to be patient and understanding.
  10. Thinking of doing our first Mexican Riviera cruise out of Long Beach April 2021. I’ve read a lot that the weather can be chilly n the water until reaching Mexico but would that still be generally true in April ? Apologies if this is being asked on the wrong board.
  11. We were on the Sky first 2 weeks of January and had zero problems with it. Best internet on the seas for us ever.
  12. You can also get them at the Princess Live cafe and in the Pastry area of the buffet. Not sure if there were other locations.
  13. We did AT when we were on the Sky Jan 4 to 18. They were also checking to ensure that we were booked for AT and not TD.
  14. That is an amazing deal.. I was just this minute talking to DH about him getting unlimited onboard while I stick to my 250 minutes. We board for 2 weeks same day you disembark and love reading your live reports.
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