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  1. If you’re willing to do some walking you could walk to the dollar bus route and take that to Sapphire.
  2. Your plan makes sense so go to Mages early. A taxi will be $8/person each way and there is an entrance fee $5 per. Get your fill of beach time and head back depending on the time to either town or Havensight. The shops and prices are pretty much the same but if time permits it’s good to see town.
  3. My recommendations for beaches would be Magens, Sapphire, or Secret Harbor. Magens is the most famous beach and has most everything you want but not much snorkeling. Sapphire is a beautiful beach , has good snorkeling, but gets crowded on days the ships are in. Secret Harbor is a smaller beach and less crowded with pretty good snorkeling. Most beaches have natural shade so umbrella rentals may not be an option. mid you go to VINOW,com you can find taxi rates. Private taxis are an option but will likely be expensive.
  4. Golf course is closed. Unknown if or when it will reopen.
  5. Arrival and departure time determine if it’s possible. Going from port and back takes a good amount of time and you need to consider traffic and / or accident delays.
  6. The Christmas week is the busiest week of the year. Business depend on tourist dollars so they need and will be open.
  7. PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE FISH DOG BISCUTS OR ANYTHING ELSE. Feeding the fish is detrimental and possibly deadly for the fish. There are all kinds of studies to prove this. Feeding the iguanas makes them aggressive if any food is around. Let nature do what nature does. Also please do not stand, walk on, or touch coral ( rock is part of a coral reef so the rule is “stand on sand”).
  8. Just about everything will be open. The Christmas week is the most popular time of the year to visit so all the activities will be available.
  9. A lot depends on how much time you have in port. Renting a car and returning it may take longer than you think. Parking in town is limited to the fort parking lot and it closes if the lot fills up. If you have been to St Thomas it’s fairly easy to get around but if you have never been here then it’s a bit more challenging. The streets are poorly marked but eventually you find things. The beaches have parking with a few exceptions.
  10. Coki. But go early as it gets crowded.
  11. I did some checking and the owners had started the repair needed to reopen but were unable to come to a lease agreement. So sadly they will not reopen.
  12. I got the info on Trip Advisor but I don’t have first hand info. What have you heard?
  13. They plan to reopen fairly soon but no idea whether it will be the same as before.
  14. When the ships are in the stores are open but hours may be shortened.
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