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  1. I have so many wonderful memories, but one that stays with me happened on our first cruise to Alaska in May 2006. My DH likes to sleep in, so I usually have a small "first breakfast" by myself. I was sitting on the back deck having a croissant and coffee. I was surrounded by Alaska's beauty and I can still "feel" the cool morning air. I remember thinking how lucky I was to be able to experience this. That cruise was also my first time seeing whales and hearing them breathe. Just thinking about it brings me a sense of peace.
  2. When we were on the Breakaway last month, the comedy shows alternated with the Howl at the Moon performances, as they took place in the same venue. One night they did have the comedy show in the main theater. Reservations were not required for the theater show. We also loved the "house" band at Syd Norman's. Every performance was great!
  3. We have eaten at Moderno on a variety of ships and have always enjoyed it - particularly the grilled pineapple and the salad bar. DH likes his meat medium rare while I'm a "well done" girl. Our waiter last month on the Breakaway was so kind. He had the chef make a selection of all the different cuts of beef well done for me. The meal overall was quite good.
  4. Thank you for the information regarding the comedy club reservations. Good to know about the hot dog cart. I sometimes have a late night craving for a hot dog while cruising, so I'll give the ones at Osheehans a try.
  5. Thank you so much for the comprehensive review. It made me so excited for our upcoming cruise on her! You mentioned having reservations for one of the comedy shows. May I ask where you made those? I understand you should make them pretty quickly once onboard.
  6. Happy New Year Fellow Cruisers! I am so excited to be heading out soon for my winter getaway cruise on the beautiful Breakaway 😀
  7. We were on the 1/12 sailing and enjoyed two Beatles shows. We found that getting there one hour early seemed to work best for getting good seats. Enjoy your cruise!
  8. We were on the 1/12 sailing a they did provide bar soap and body lotion. Enjoy your time on her!
  9. I too have to have my "cruise" breakfast. Every single day, I have a croissant with orange marmalade and then enjoy eggs benedict. I'm counting down the days to our cruise on the Epic to indulge again! DH used to enjoy the kippers and onions, but they haven't had them on the menu for a little while.
  10. I love using Ziploc bags for everything. I roll our clothes and put them in the large bags and it really helps minimize the wrinkles. I also put smaller toiletries and other items into small Ziplocs and stuff them in my DH's size 13 shoes. Each stuffed shoe then goes into it's own bag. I learned about "cross packing" from Cruise Critic many years ago. I put some of my clothes/shoes into DH's suitcase and his into mine. That way, if one bag is delayed, we can get by with one suitcase for a couple of days.
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