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  1. Phxazzcruisers

    Wi-Fi while on Cuba Cruise

    It was no different than any other ports of call. As above poster said, sometimes fast, sometimes slow,,,,,
  2. Phxazzcruisers

    For those who know Russ

    wow, does not look like it is as much fun as white night on Azamara !!!
  3. Phxazzcruisers

    Epic gay secrets?

    They will have a posting in the Guest Services Area of the nightly LGBT meeting, usually at the martini bar.
  4. Phxazzcruisers

    Cuba passport question

    I am not very familiar with the passport card, but they do actually stamp your passport when you enter. I do not think there is room on a passport card for a stamp........ Not sure if this helps
  5. Phxazzcruisers

    Dress code

    He will be perfectly comfortable without a suit or tux, a sport coat and nice button down shirt will be fine. We no longer even bring sport coats with us on Azamara.It is your cruise, enjoy it !!!!
  6. Phxazzcruisers

    Exchanging Money in Multiple Cuban Ports

    They are more than happy with clean crisp US$100.00 or 50.00 or 20.00 bills. We did not think we would find anything to buy, but actually found a lot to buy, from cigars, to beautiful wooden crafts, to t-shirts, etc. We also ate out and had great Cuban food and listened to great music and bought their CD's,. Being from Seattle, if you can get a good rate for CAD you will get a better exchange rate for CAD than USD. For USD they immediately take an additional 10% commission. Enjoy
  7. Phxazzcruisers

    Magic Carpet dining stopped

    They do not use it if it is too windy and never intended to use it if too windy. It is in operation on calm days. Let's not blow this out of proportion
  8. Phxazzcruisers

    Eden Silverware, sanitary?

    I would hope it is sanitized after each guest. The last thing Celebrity would want is a noro problem on the ship. It would be horrible press.
  9. Phxazzcruisers

    Exchanging Money in Multiple Cuban Ports

    you can definitely bring it on board. We purchased it at our first stop and used it at all three stops. We even brought some home as a souvenir since it cannot be used or converted anywhere outside of Cuba.
  10. Phxazzcruisers

    Exchanging Money in Multiple Cuban Ports

    yes, you will definitely have time. Enjoy
  11. Phxazzcruisers

    Le Petite On Silouhette

    The menu is fixed to match the graphics. The menu above is it. If you cannot find something to eat, they can, with notice, have something different for you. Enjoy
  12. Phxazzcruisers

    Can you walk around Cuba by yourself?

    we just got back and LOVED Cuba. Yes, we walked around by ourselves and felt perfectly safe and comfortable even at night. Weapons are not allowed, and punishment is strict and thorough, so there is very little crime. The people are all very kind and welcoming. Almost all of the restaurants have their own group playing Cuban music and the food was GREAT ! We were told to keep the form that we completed when we boarded the ship for 5 years, in case of an audit, but, in reality, the chances of that are slim to none. Have a wonderful cruise and enjoy yourself. It is a great experience.
  13. Phxazzcruisers

    Once you try Az, you ever go back to Celebrity?

    Definitely. From our signature you can see we sail both lines. It all depends on iteniery Neither line has ever disappointed us
  14. Phxazzcruisers

    Final Payment

    If yo use a TA, they defnitely, not the cruise line, should be sending you a final payment notice in advance of the final payment date If they are not, maybe you need a different, more reliable TA for future cruises
  15. Enjoy your cruise. We absolutely love the penthouse on the M class ships and have to be practically carried off when the cruise is over !!!!