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  1. We always travel in a suite and definitely prefer Luminae, although before Luminae came into existence, we also really enjoyed Blu. The only exception to this was on Edge. Luminae is so large, it is almost as noisy as the MDR. Even though we were in a Suite, we ate in Blu every night, as the ambiance was much much better than Luminae and the food was very good
  2. They are never set in stone. They are usually around 7 or 7:30 and 8 and 9 or 9:30, but it depends on the times they leave ports and other factors. Enjoy your cruise
  3. Please look at your confirmation. You may lose your deposit, if it states it is non-refundable. Other tan that, you can cancel and rebook without a problem. If you are only worried about the political side, you may just wait until it gets closer to final payment date to cancel, especially if you have a good price and benefits
  4. As long as they are not "offensive" feel free. I have seen a LOT of very funny and unusual tee-shirts. Enjoy your cruise
  5. I got it this morning also. Thought it was interesting
  6. Thanks UKtog. This is the B2B2B credit? Will I get it in each of the three legs?
  7. Thanks Phil, that is awesome. 10% off plus OBC plus B2B2B credit will make it very affordable Do you know, off hand what the B2B2B credit is. I do not remember from past cruises. Thanks
  8. ate this if for Bonnie. If I am Platinum and traveling on Celebrity during October, if I book an Azamara cruise on board can I combine the double upgrade and 10% discount as a Platinum member? Thanks
  9. Again, I am in the US, so the rules may be different for us here
  10. it definitely is possible and we have traveled with friends that did jut this. Enjoy your cruise
  11. I am also in the US, so maybe it i different for us here
  12. Boy, that is not fair. I have never done this on the 20+ cruises with Azamara, but we have upgraded suites on Celebrity several times and it never worked this way. Sorry Azamara is not as fair as Celebrity.
  13. If I am not mistaken, after final payment you can always upgrade to a better cabin by paying the current advertised price less what you originally paid for your cabin. If there is an aft balcony available for $1080 more than what you paid for your interior, I would call my travel agent (if you used one) or Azamara if you did not and see if they will let you pay outright to upgrade without any bidding. If you pay to upgrade, as oppose to winning a bid you also get the points for the room you pay full price for. I hope this makes sense
  14. We loved all three ports. Batumi was a surprise for us. We did not expect anything and were pleasantly surprised when we opened our drapes in the morning and saw the lovely City. Constanta has improved greatly over the two times we were there. The nice part of town is a little walk from the ship, but very safe and well worth the walk. Odessa was also a very nice port to visit. We love the Black Sea Cruise. We di not do any excursions, just walked the towns ourselves. Enjoy
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