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  1. I agree. Our Nov 2020 and a Nov 2021 reservations were made before Covid 19. We have 4 cruises booked now.
  2. We, not me. Everyone who had a cruise cancelled, and took a FCC, made RCL a short term loan. Or maybe you can explain how I'm wrong since you seem to question it.
  3. We have trusted RCL with the belief that they were attempting to do the best they could, as soon as they could for their very loyal cruisers. We even made them loans of millions of dollars by taking FCC instead of refunds. Now I believe they have let us down. I have a cruise scheduled Nov 1. I don't believe that it will happen. But we need to be able to plan our lives further ahead than 3 weeks. Come on, RCL, be honest and step up and tell us the truth.
  4. If they only do shortened cruises for the first so many, as they have indicated for "test" runs, how will they handle that when most of us paid for a 7 day??
  5. We're on the same cruise. IF we get to go, we'll be trend setters for sure. We were also on the last cruise in March on the Oasis, 8th - 15th.
  6. I completely agree with you. My point was to make sure and consider the 18% when making your decision. You are committing to pay this total amount, no matter what you actually drink. But, of course, the gratuity shows when you start to pay for the package. So it's not a hidden cost. I just like to consider everything when spending 100's of bucks. 🤑
  7. I agree with you. People forget that you will have to add 18% to the advertised price. Even on a $40 deal, the actual cost is $47.20. It adds up fast.
  8. I just finished our check-in for the same cruise, Harmony Nov 1, and 2:30 was the earliest boarding time. And as you said, "IF we sail"
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions. Gonna wait it out for 2-3 weeks. Final is July 20
  10. LOL, that's another problem. The 2021 cruise is also a very low balcony price, about equal with this years. I might could lift & shift the 2021 cruise to 2022, but that's a long time from now. Maybe Royal will come out with something new due ti this current push back. Probably just wait a little longer.
  11. We have a Nov 1, 2020, Harmony currently booked which I'd like to move until early 2021. As I understand Lift & Shift, which appeals, I would have to move this cruise to a date within the dates of Oct 1, to Nov 30, 2021. This doesn't work because we have a Nov 15, 2021, cruise already booked. And cannot take 2 cruises that close together. So I'm asking you smarter than me folks on here for suggestions. We have a very good price on the upcoming cruise, far better than anything I can find for next Feb - April, the dates we need to move to. Since Lift & Shift apparently won't w
  12. I understand and that makes sense. Sorry, just anxious like everyone else, I'm sure
  13. NCL laid out a rather comprehensive plan to re-start cruising, new policies, etc. When will Royal do this?
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