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  1. On my last cruise I complained to an officer and the Captain about the chair hogs. They told me there was nothing they could say to those passengers. Handle health issues? Become the Regent Police?
  2. I’ve cruised enough since 2001 to observe how people follow or don’t follow policies.
  3. There is no way the officers and crew are going to piss off their passengers.
  4. Docmark: lots of luck. So... less people? Any guarantee those passengers will adhere to new protocols?
  5. If the crew and officers onboard can’t enforce a “Don’t hog a lounge chair” policy I don’t have confidence they will be able to control any new protocols regarding the virus. They can put up all the signage regarding social distancing, etc. People will do what they want. Being on a ship with 700 passengers and crew is a disaster waiting to happen. YOU may be willing to adhere to certain health requirements but don’t expect your fellow passengers to adhere.
  6. We were notified that our Quebec to NYC Cruise was canceled. We applied for a refund. Now we are waiting for refunds from 2 cruises we had booked in 2020. 🤪
  7. South Africa closed to tourists until February 2021.
  8. GOARMY: We are also on the Tokyo to Vancouver cruise 2021. Booked our flight to Tokyo as we use FFP. Prior to virus issues we wanted to spend time in Japan on our own before the cruise. Decided to plan doing that when we booked the flight. Final payment is due in November... we will decide what to do at that time. I’m not interested in making final payment and then winding up with a FCC if I decide to cancel . I would not be able to get a cash refund after that date. We are concerned about the flight from the USA to get there.
  9. New England cruises are not going. Not if you leave from Montreal or Quebec City. None for 2020. My October cruise will be canceled. Would have canceled myself.
  10. The Canadian Minister of Transport announced that the country will extend its ban on cruise ships and passenger vessels in Canadian waters until October 31. Cruising not looking too good for 2020.
  11. We have a cruise on the Serenity in mid October. We are going to cancel before the penalty phase and ask for a refund. Not interested in any FCC as there is no way we would get on a cruise ship at this time.
  12. GO ARMY: Ditto on that Tokyo to Vancouver cruise in 2021 🤣
  13. Finally.... our July 28th Navigator Cruise is canceled. Gee... about time. We will wait patiently to get our deposit and monies spent on shore excursions credited back. We are not interested in any FCC or any other enticements from Regent. No vaccine ....No cruising for us. Sorry.
  14. I have a July 28th cruise booked on the Navigator. So far Regent has not canceled this cruise. From all the articles I've read I have decided to take a refund if possible. There is no way to foresee what is going to happen in the future regarding cruising. With most Regent cruises costing upwards of $10,000 per person I would not want to spend that kind money on a cruise that does not offer me the experience we had in the past. A refund works for us!
  15. Totally agree with Jimmycruiser. Will be canceling our October cruise.
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