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  1. The F2 is the best value. I thought the Penthouse was claustrophobic. Too much stuff in there and very dark.
  2. The Port of Miami is the busiest cruise port in the world. Millions have been spent to develop it. Millions of dollars will be lost by people flying elsewhere to embark. The hotels and restaurants in Miami benefit from these cruise passengers. It will be a real shame for any cruise line to suspend departures from any of the USA ports. Enough from the CDC already!!!
  3. I remember dining in the French restaurant and sitting next to an older couple with two teenagers. The teenagers had sweat clothes on. Don’t tell me they didn’t have something else they could have worn .
  4. My husband wears dark designer jeans, long sleeve collared shirt and a sport jacket in all dining venues onboard. Does not wear these clothes with athletic shoes. He has never been asked to change his clothes! Ive seen everything worn onboard!
  5. We have been cruising on Radisson/Regent since 2001. Have definitely noticed most men only wear a sport coat. No reason to bring a suit or tux. Not enough men wear them.
  6. I have 2 favorites: 2016 Voyager... Dubai to Barcelona 2019 Splendor... Shanghai to Tokyo Both had amazing itineraries !
  7. We have had 2 Regent cruises and one Crystal cruise canceled. We are booked on the September 11 roundtrip Southampton. Probably will be canceled.
  8. It will be interesting to see what happens when Crystal Cruise Line starts their summer cruises. Embarkation in not in USA waters and the itineraries don’t include US ports. All passengers must be vaccinated. Hopefully all goes well.
  9. I would not even consider a cruise unless Regent mandated a Covid Vaccine and a flu shot. It's unbelievable how many people in the US don't even get a yearly flu shot. We have a cruise booked for September to the British Isles. Not sure what will happen.
  10. Why would anyone want to drink in their suite is beyond me. With so many beautiful bars and lounges to go to ! The red wines that are complimentary are not good. We are accustomed to drinking good wine and find those to be awful. I usually need to have the food and beverage director go and find me something that is drinkable. The house champagne is ok...not great. FYI: Most of the red wines are under $15 retail that are complimentary.
  11. We have cruised on all Regent ships multiple times. Re: The Splendor The best value is either a F1 or F 2 suite. If you must have 4 devices to use on the internet you would need to book a Concierge suite. If that is not a concern you are overpaying for a Concierge suite. Everyone always seems to get restaurant reservations and shore excursions. The butlers are a waste. Never had one that actually did anything special for us. You are also overpaying for a 1 night hotel room and transportation to the ship. Mush cheaper to book your own hotels and transportation. Re: The Nav
  12. We stayed at the Southampton Harbor Hotel after a cruise. It’s the newest hotel in Southampton. Modern and very clean. We have booked a room there again before our September 11, 2021 cruise. FYI: There are 5 ships due to depart Southampton on September 11. I would suggest anyone wanting to stay in Southampton pre cruise to make a room reservation well in advance. You can always cancel if the cruise is canceled.
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