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  1. I will be on the Navigator from Copenhagen to Amsterdam next July. There is a shore excursion offered: HARDANGER: QUEEN OF THE FJORDS while docked in Bergen, Norway. The landscape looks amazing as I've seen photos online. Has anyone actually done this excursion? Is it worth the 7.50 hours and driving a total of 125 miles. Suggestions for excursions are welcomed. Thanks!
  2. As I posted earlier... i was on a 14 day Crystal River Cruise. Crystal had a whisperer for all guests to use. I did mostly walking tours and we had no issues.... it was great! Tried Regents app on our last cruise... Didn’t work very well. Why can’t Regent make the investment and provide whisperers for all guest???
  3. We were on a Crystal River cruise last year. Everyone had a Whisperer to use. It was in your cabin in the charger. It was your responsibility to use it when taking tours. They worked great. Regent should invest and provide these on all ships. We tried using the App from Regent on our last cruise. Didn't work well at all.
  4. Thank you. Safe travels to Hong Kong!
  5. We would be interested in getting recommendations on companies that ship luggage from USA to Europe. Thinking about doing this before our next cruise. Would have luggage shipped to our hotel. Thanks!
  6. I’m aware of the the fare differential fees.
  7. Due to our Platinum status with Regent we don’t pay the air deviation fee. Regent can look for flights on our July cruise on November 1st. I have friends on a cruise in June and they have their flights booked through Regent. They did custom air.
  8. Sharle: How did Regent route you? What airline? Delta to where?
  9. It takes us 3 hours to drive to Orlando. Horrible drive due to construction. Would not want to make a connection in LHR. Would need to rent a car, drive down day before and spend the night near the airport. Not what we had in mind.
  10. Does anyone have flights arranged through Regent air on Delta airlines departing from Atlanta spring/ summer 2020. If departing from Atlanta what airline did Regent use?
  11. Worst bath tub for a short person. Very awkward to get out of . Nothing to hold on to . I almost broke my ankle!!!
  12. We r on the cruise from Miami to San Diego.
  13. We are on the Splendor from Miami to San Diego. Are they on our cruise? Sure hope so. They are fantastic!
  14. We are not happy about this . I don’t like store credit or future cruise credit. I would prefer the cruise fare to be adjusted prior to making final payment. What happens if life changes and we can’t travel due to health issues? 🤪
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