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  1. Or even Poundland... the one at Tynemouth is the favourite shop for the crews of the cruise ships, who send out their friends with vast shopping lists for chocolate, crisps etc on turn around day! 😀 Don't know if they do socks, though...
  2. Most P&O ships have single cabins. Saga's new Spirit of Discovery has 109 single cabins, all with balconies.
  3. They all merge together in my mind... Except one, who was new to the ship, and had never been out of his country before. He was so excited because he'd spent a night in London, and now was in Southampton (which, in January, was looking rather seedy)! He kept up the excitement for the whole cruise, even with the wintry weather we had for the first -and last- few days. Valentine's Day fell towards the end of the cruise, and the custom on board was to present each woman with a red rose (artificial). My husband answered the door to our excitable steward, who insisted that he came in and gave "Madam Jo" the flower personally. I'll not forget him, but I haven't looked for him since. I hope the excitement remains with him.
  4. As far as I'm aware, the P&O chartered plane taxis directly to the shuttle bus at Barbados, so you don't go into the terminal, but straight to the ship. We've met people from Britannia who had just arrived that way, and we all went for a drink in the port- whether they could take their litre back from there, I don't know, seeing as you will have checked in already. Perhaps there will be duty free on the plane? Ask on the P&O UK page- there will be people who've done this cruise. 🙂
  5. It appears that it was another officer, who was leaving the ship at his home port of Newcastle, who set up the whole thing, Greggs being a famous Newcastle firm. And yes, there were other items such as pastries and stotties provided by Greggs.
  6. Love a Gregg's sausage roll... but there's so much more to Northumbrian food, such as Singing Hinnies and pan haggerty... not to mention Earl Grey's own tea! Oh yes- Pease pudding with ham- filling, but tasty.
  7. jocap


    Brilliant! Well Greggs are a local firm, and what's a tea party without a sausage roll? 😍
  8. Yes, both the newly launched Saga Spirit of Discovery and next year's Spirit of Adventure are listed as Polar Class.
  9. Awful news, Ray... Thanks for the programme news- Channel 5 again, eh? I'll book it to film.
  10. jocap

    Do you Barter

    I remember a British tour rep. in Egypt, who was married to a local Egyptian taxi driver, telling us that her husband would come home depressed if no tourists had haggled with him over the price- same with his shop keeper friends. It seems to be an art with some people, or an amusing game with certain rules. She did tell us about the 50% starting price... part of the game seems to be the mock tears because you're forcing their family into starvation. I'm hopeless at it!
  11. Fred Olsen and Cruise and Maritime are offering cruises which touch Greenland next summer- older, small ships with mainly adult passengers- in fact C&M's Marco Polo must be the oldest cruise ship still sailing. She is adult only. There's also the brand new Saga ship, which is for 50+ years only.
  12. I tried answering gently... no, it wasn't a cruise, but an unexpected trip to Orlando in the '90s, our first excursion on a package tour to the USA. We had researched much about where we were going, but obviously tipping never entered our heads- and the tour rep knew this, which was why she drew us together and told us the customs.
  13. Of course it does; the reason, though is- how do you know what is expected? We had to be told by our tour representative when we first visited the USA, or we would never have known to tip, nor how much. The amount is rarely placed in tourist brochures or cruise line adverts. Most countries we've visited don't use the tips as a significant amount of one's income... we need telling the rules- or is it the law? I still don't know the rules/ law in North America.
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