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  1. England is in lockdown, so all churches are locked, apart from an hour or so every week for private prayer, which must be staffed and all precautions taken. Next Wednesday lockdown ends, and our county goes into Tier Two, which means we can open for some services with no more than 30 people, and under strict rules. Hopefully this will allow some services over Christmas. Weddings will be allowed with 15 people present, and funerals with 30. People announce when the hearse will leave the house, and neighbours and friends line the roads as the deceased goes by.
  2. Tonight, 24/11/2020 on Quest at 21.00 Regent Ship Next Tuesday Aida. Also on Quest +1 at 22.00 Just in time for tonight! Heidi, if you're around...
  3. Tonight 24/11/2020 on Quest at 21.00 and Quest +1 at 22.00 A new series, starting tonight with Regent; next Tuesday it's Aida. Someone tell Andy! 😄
  4. The UK couple I've been following on this cruise have just blogged that they are leaving the ship for the airport in two hours. They are feeling well, and have been on board for 27 days.
  5. Although I said that we cruise to see somewhere new, we also take a winter cruise to escape the cold weather.
  6. I agree with the P&O cruises, because of the ease of transport on a chartered plane which only has cruise passengers on board- you're in their hands from check in to check out back in the UK. Marella-used to be Thomson- also do these packages from various airports. It does make a difference on the last day, when other ships need you off by 9.30am or so, and you might have a long wait in an airport- been there, done that and won't do it again. Instead, you have the run of the ship, the food, swimming etc until your coach arrives for the airport. I know you've said a fortnight, bu
  7. With my first salary, I took my Mum on a "cruise" round the Scottish Islands, which meant living on board ferries which did their normal routine; a mini bus took us to different places each day. Most of my holidays after that meant an overnight trip on a ferry to the Continent, and eventually I realised that the ferry was the best bit! My husband would sail back from Africa when he was a child for his parent's furloughs, so had no problems looking at cruises. There was an advert from a local TA offering cruises from door to ship, so we booked in 2006, on Sea Princess. I sti
  8. No clothes, but I was renewing my passport in March, and had difficulty because two photographs were refused. Eventually the new passport arrived on March 10th. All elderly and vulnerable people entered lockdown on March 17th...
  9. The last time we were in a hotel in Southampton, we saw the police removing a street person from a lounge at breakfast time- all very friendly, but he'd obviously crept in and bedded down in the lounge. On our return we were in the station, and saw the same young lad stretched out on the uncomfortable chairs in the waiting area. Perhaps hotel staff around there are on the lookout for such folk.
  10. Yes, in the UK both P&O and Marella include gratuities in the fare.
  11. Yes, I'm inclined to do this. I think our favourite one from about 12 years ago was, after being amazed at the amount and variety of breakfast food on many stations in the NCL Jade's buffet, we returned to see a review of the ship, saying something like: There was limited choice of food for breakfast, so I had to make do with DRY CEREAL each morning. We still repeat this when we see a well-stocked buffet breakfast.
  12. It was the Azores for me... I never expected S. Miguel to be so green, with free range cows- supposed to be the happiest cows in Europe- because the climate is a gentle one, although wet. Not at all touristy; pleasant people and wonderful scenery. But I have been there when the heavens opened... it felt like home (The Lake District)
  13. My husband was raised in South Africa, where driving is also on the left. They would sail back to the UK on long furloughs, buy a cheap car and pile all the kids in to drive across Europe, camping out. He was so used to the change over to the right, that he's driven across Europe many times in a UK car- it was our holidays before we discovered cruising. Arriving in Belgium, or similar, we would concentrate so much on the change over that we never had a problem... it was the return back when we didn't concentrate that we found difficult! We drove into East Germany soon after th
  14. jocap

    TV Programme

    Cruising with Jane McDonald - repeated endlessly, so you've probably seen them all... but her cruise on Viking Sky is on 5 Select Monday 26th at 09.20. She's also on 5HD and 5+1 on Tue at 5.00 am, a Danube cruise... and more... When cruises go wrong on More 4 Thurs 29th oct at 22.00 plus and hour later on More 4+. Quest is showing repeats of Mighty Cruise Ships in the early mornings; 04.00 and Quest+ at 05.00; again at 07.00 and on + at 08.00 from tomorrow (Sat)- Marco Polo on Sun; Viking Sea might interest you on Mon 26th at 0400 and 0.500
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