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  1. Seeing as you're from Derby, and wanting the Caribbean for your first ever cruise, it might be best to go with one of the UK managed ships, because they charter their own aeroplanes, so you're looked after from check in till check out. Marella (TUI, used to be Thomson) and P&O both do this sort of cruise, where you land at one island and are taken to the ship, with your luggage following. On most cruises, you have to leave the ship at around 9.30am, but with the charter planes you can stay on board until your plane is arriving with the next group of cruisers. I'm not sure which ship Marella is using next winter; there should be flights from either East Midlands or Doncaster. P&O uses 2 very large, family friendly ships, Azura and Britannia, and flies from MAN, possibly Birmingham. Just a thought! πŸ™‚
  2. jocap

    What’s been your fav?

    Iceland Norway Transatlantic.
  3. jocap

    Norwegian fjords for 1st time

    The nearest to Iona would be Britannia... Iona is even larger. I should imagine that the cabins will be similar. Dsrdsrdrs mentions Fred Olsen and Cruise and Maritime; both use older, small ships but are clean and comfortable- they can reach the smaller fjords which the large ships have to avoid. These are our preferences for Norway, but I was thinking of new and shiny after your experience with Disney, which was why I mentioned Iona. πŸ™‚ From the UK and Denmark there's a wide choice of larger ships.
  4. jocap

    Cruise Programmes on TV This Week

    I checked my cards- yes, mm/yy - I don't know what the problem was, but passenger services were quick to help. Enjoy Madge!
  5. jocap

    Megaship in Europe

    RCI's Independence OTS will be in Southampton, as will Britannia- the two largest sailing out of there to the Med this summer, apart from Queen Mary 2. There will be some of the larger MSC ships sailing from the Med this summer.
  6. jocap

    "Your stateroom will be assigned". ??

    We only choose a guaranteed cabin if we're doing a last minute booking on a short cruise of say, 8 days. For longer cruises we need to know exactly where we're going to be.
  7. jocap

    Cruise Programmes on TV This Week

    One for MicCanberra: Last night's programme about the inaugural cruise Shanghai to Sydney, on Majestic Princess, showed the reception desk overwhelmed by Australians queueing to find out why their credit cards were rejected... it was because the date on the Oz card is the wrong way for the American line, so the machine couldn't accept them. I don't know if it was d/m/y/ or what- I know that America puts the month at the front.
  8. jocap

    Luggage Drop Southampton

    It might depend on the terminal, because 101 City Terminal doesn't open the big gate until about 10.30. (RCI, Celebrity and non Carnival ships) I've dropped off luggage there at 10.30am, and gone back to the hotel for coffee...Other than that, I don't think it will matter too much- if the luggage door is open.
  9. jocap

    EUROPE DECEMBER 2019 *no cruises?

    Whoops- old age showing again... there is only on family friendly P&O ship from Southampton in December- the other ones are in the Caribbean or Dubai for the season.
  10. jocap

    EUROPE DECEMBER 2019 *no cruises?

    There's very few cruise ships left in Europe in winter, and some of the P&O ships take a month's cruise to the Caribbean and back again. There will be MSC and Costa, based in the Med; from the UK there will be 3 large family P&O ships; 3 or 4 Fred Olsen, and 3 Cunard. All the other ships I can think of out of the UK such as C&M or Saga, and 3 P&O, are adult only.
  11. jocap

    UK Passports in Europe after Brexit

    I'll just miss it, then! Not that it really bothers me, still having the EU colour for another 10 years- in my experience, I've been nodded through many a gateway in Spain etc just by them seeing the colour....
  12. jocap

    Which Boat Would Float my Boat

    I see that Easter is late next year, so ships will be making their way back from the Caribbean to Europe- you might be interested in one of those, if they have a few Caribbean ports first? I haven't checked the dates, but I'm thinking of Independence OTS, or one of the Princess ships, which end in Southampton. There will be many others, ending in places such as Barcelona, Venice, Genoa so only a short flight back. Just a thought! πŸ™‚
  13. jocap

    Adults only pool area

    Yes, that's so; the 2 Grand Class ships are Ventura and Azura, and as they're the same as the Grand Class ships for Princess, I was thinking that perhaps that area is also adult only... I think the pool, gym etc are in the same position. I'm not sure if it's the same in the Royal Class of ships.
  14. jocap

    Family cruise (17) automatic tip?

    Because some lines manage to do that- as already mentioned, it's 50% for under 12/14 on MSC and Costa; Fred Olsen and P&O don't charge anything for under 12s. P&O UK , like Marella, will go tip free altogether later this year.
  15. We've cruised to the fjords twice, on Independence and on a smaller, older ship. Indy was built for the Caribbean, so it was the weather which spoiled it for us- many of the activities should have been outside, but it was cold and rainy, so the inside was crammed, and as it faces inwards to the mall, there were few areas where you could sit in the warmth and watch the panorama of the fjords. The next time was on Fred Olsen's Balmoral, a small ship which could go into the tinier ports and fjords.. it was an adult only cruise, so the age group probably wouldn't appeal; also it was out of Newcastle, not Southampton. Fred O does go from S'ton with other ships. If we went on a larger ship again, it would be one with an indoor pool, which usually has an area around where you can see out. We'd choose a Celebrity, or P&O's Ventura... there are two P&O ships which are smaller and have indoor pools, but again they're adult only and might not suit you.