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  1. I'm really peeved that this LCV internet allowance is the same for a 7 night cruise as it is for a 24 night cruise. You get 1 laundry voucher per 7 days, so why not the internet? Thank heavens that we booked on a deal that has unlimited wifi for one for our Mumbai to Cape Town. Need to keep in touch with the family at home. I wonder if the allowance can be used for the same amount off, on a 7 night cruise compared to a 24 night. I certainly hope so for the other guests as it will be very inequitable otherwise.....
  2. Bonnie, they make me feel like a Sumo wrestler in them, 😄 so my cabin attendant or butler obliges me with exchanging to the 'waffle' type from the spa. However my daughter loved them so much she had us buy a plush one on board for her last year. The ever obliging Guest Relations Manager let us store with them until we could pick up in Sydney at New Years. Win win for all.
  3. Just got off the Quest in Hong Kong and heard from a reliable source that even for our Inaugural Mumbai to Cape Town (a 24 night crossing) will have an AzAmazing evening in Durban due to the length of the cruise. As this is unusual I will keep checking our Excursions link to see if it arrives there. I'm not particularly perturbed if it doesn't but understand that the other itineraries (not crossings) are advertised to have a AzAmazing Evening on cruises 7 days and over. I would imagine that it's been hard work to find suitable venues and I'm anticipating that you'll see a showcase of local flavors, dance and color.
  4. We just got off the Quest in Hong Kong and are now home, please have some patience with the person I think you spoke to about your internet. I know for sure that he is new to Azamara and only started our first day in Hong Kong. Hence I believe training will be done on the spot and he might not have had that question yet. I have never had anything but great service from Guest Relations and I hope you're not put off by that experience. Ernest Marchain is a great CD and a very personable character. He does a terrific show (he's fresh from vacation) and we can't wait to return to the Quest December 28. Thanks so much for sharing your first impressions....
  5. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pEoojQ5-EPmD4cI3gw1dVcYfYTXfZePdDXxU09l0H3M Good luck, we have a 'above minimum bid' but still weak in for October 4 Quest and we're Discoverer Plus (not that that matters any more) and we're still waiting.....
  6. Enjoy Bonnie, we loved Japan earlier in the year, everything about the place is fascinating. We have friends doing this cruise who hail from Sydney, Gai and Trevor so say hi if you run into them. Safe travels and we'll be keenly following....
  7. Seville, no - Azamara has a excursion - "Seville on your own", Malaga - can't remember - sorry. I think everything was close by. Seville, depends if it's advertise as Cadiz, Port for Seville or you sail up the river.
  8. I hope that's not the trend for our October 4, 2019 12-night Philippines and China Voyage from Hong Kong as well. On our roll call for that departure one guest has posted a copy of an email from an Azamara contact to say there isn't an Amazing Evening shore side for this cruise. Bonnie however has advised otherwise and that it will be held in Manila, however there's still noting in posted in the shore excursions for this event. It will be interesting to see what transpires. I really, really hope that Bonnie is correct as we too value the cultural experience that is advertised and offered on cruises other that Transatlantic and those short of 7 nights.
  9. Well said, couldn't agree more. On board we're valued and we appreciate everything they do for us to make our times with them special. God willing, we're looking forward to going 'home' with some of them to the Philippines very shortly. For us it's definitely worth it.
  10. Following as we're on the sister brand Azamara Quest 4 October. We have friends in HK who as we speak are still saying okay to travel (with minimal impact). I'm subscribed to the worthy SmartTraveller etc...sites.
  11. Goodluck with the 'smile' tomorrow. When we were in St Petersburg we were told by a private guide 'They're really happy people, they just smile on the 'inside'" which is how we refer to them now. When we were recently in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia on the Quest it was no different. Makes me smile.....
  12. My husband travels with a 'sports jacket', we feel that when we are invited to dine with Senior Officers they are usually in their full uniform. It's a 'respect' thing for us but by no means expected of others. Personal preference, just as I would wear something more 'dressy' Same applies if there there's a special celebration of some sort with our travel friends onboard or if we're going to a specialty restaurant or doing Chef's table. We've never felt overdressed. We don't often get the chance at home, but DH does wear suits to work so it's not a issue to take one. He certainly has a lighter, linen - ish one for hotter cruises.
  13. Hi We visited Myanmar, Sri Lanka and India in October/November 2018. We thoroughly enjoyed the itinerary. It was essential to have a tour in Yangon as we were a long way from the city centre (due to tides). We opted for private vs ship tour as there was six of us and we saw alot. The quality of the bunkered water wasn't up to scratch but at the request of the Captain we conserved our reserved water and our shipboard usage decreased so as to not alter the time we were able to spend in port. In our case the Burma visa was handled by the ship, but we got our own for Sri Lanka and India. Not sure what you're referring to with one free tour/cruise. Are you referring to AzAmazing evening? Yes they still had it. (Ours was in Sri Lanka at the Shangri La Hotel that was severely affected in the Terrorist Attack at Easter). In time these will show up in your shore excursions booklet. Veranda vs Ocean View is dependent on your preference. Without looking at your full itinerary we found some of the rivers and waterway not very clean but we always opt for a Balcony as a minimum. It's a personal choice. Hope this helps.
  14. Richard, so glad you had a lovely experience for your 1st Azamara cruise, we agree with your comments, we've never had a 'bad' cruise. I enjoyed your positive attitude and it's refreshing to read a Cruise Critic post that I can relate to and agree with. I also appreciate that this site is an avenue for the 'good, bad and the ugly' but at this stage of my life I only want to be surrounded by the 'good' and I can find plenty of that with our onboard experiences with Azamara. Better still, if you do return to future cruise with Azamara, they will remember you and the positive vibes I have no doubt you shared whilst you and your wife were on board. Best wishes for your future travels....
  15. Bonnie is correct for embarkation but I think kr00t0n was talking about ' We are soon to be popping out Azamara cherries, and were wondering what the cut-off time for boarding was when visiting a port? If the ship leaves at 6pm, and we have a tour booked independantly that aims to get back at 4:45pm, how much of a buffer do we actually have to get back on board? I'd be interested if there is any changes to ship reboarding when visiting a port - as it's usually Crew - 1/2 hour before departure time and guests 15 minutes before departure time.
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