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  1. With last weeks extended cancellation accouncements we're feeling a bit dismayed at our attempts to lift and shift our September 10 cruise to one next year at the same time. I appreciate similar itineries didn't really match the lift and shift conditions but our friends from the UK who we were to travel with were offered a different itinerary (in September 2021) and can and have been able to lift and shift successfully. As regular Azamara customers (25 cruises in 8 years) it has left a sour taste in our mouths , this information has come from our trusted TA and not directly from Azamara. We were all planning to sail together in September 2020 and though that was going to be achievable to lift and shift to Septmber 2021 like they have. So disappointed that the Australian and UK markets differ greatly. Now we've joined the lengthy refund line and it certainly puts a shaddow over our future bookings with Azamara, one of which is a grand voyage in early 2022. Disappointed to say the least.
  2. It was good to see Jodie looking well. You probably know she was to get married last weekend but due to the COVID stuff they're unable to go ahead. It was a lovely uplifting clip though. It was great that Sir Rod Steward gave them permission to use his song.
  3. One can only hope Tony... it'll be interesting to see if Australia will have it's ports open by then too. I'm missing the ocean terribly. Hope to see you someday sooner rather that later.
  4. Bonnie, it will be a shame if it's not offered in Australia and New Zealand for guests from these countries. It was going to be for us one of the ways we could further support the brand on the bounce back from Covid-19. None of us can see any chance getting out of our countries 'for the forseeable future (as quoted by our government' so the Australia and New Zealand itineries would have been attractive but not at the current prices without the same offeres. I fully understand you don't control the market offers. Most of us have travelled within our own countries, been to the various ports but we were hoping to 'support' our Azamara family onboard but it would be nice to have the same offer. Sadly it's not attractive without the same offer. We were interested in the itineraries that come to Australia and NZ at Christmas to help us in supporting the company.
  5. That certainly impacts the September 10 Southampton to Barcelona cruise, not that we'd be expecting to get out of Australia by then or our international borders will be open. I also heard that Spain has closed their ports until Decmeber 30. Time to look at our 'lift and shift' options.
  6. That's good news for you. We have a sailing for September 10, Southhampton to Barcelona, which we're reluctant to pay for by the extended time for payment but if the Lift and Shift is extended past sailing until 30 August we may consider this. We're expecting it to be near impossible to get out of Australia for some time because of international border closures so have to consider our options closely. We'd be happy to travel and do the quarantine of 2 weeks at both ends if it meant sailing with our beloved Azamara. Can't see Spain accepting ships though until the end of 2020 at least (reported).
  7. Phil, I have a strong feeling that that will be our Australian Government's view as well. So that makes the Pursuits' Australia and New Zealand season a bit shaky unfortunately.
  8. This area holds a lot of interest for many Australians. We travelled and did a wonderful battlefields private tour and stayed in Ypres as my husbands grandfather was injured in the Battle of Polygon Wood on 26th Sepetmber 2017 assisting his dead mate. With the help of a letter written by him when he was recovering in hospital Weymouth in the UK we were able to trace the exact spot his was injured (he talked about the red line and the blue line etc). We expect his injured friend, Dave Murphy is in an unmarked grave in the cementary close by. It's'now' a beautiful area.
  9. All indications from Australia and New Zealand in the words of our Prime Minister are "international travel won't return anytime soon" so that culd impact Guest Numbers and the Australia and New Zealand Intineraries... I fear we're in for a long wait here. Whilst our numbers are low, the economic impact is huge.
  10. From an Australian point of view, we'd be very surprised if our Australian international borders open up for the remainder of 2020. We are booked on a September 10 Southhampton to Barcelona and don't expect that to occur. I think I can safely say Azamara will have very few, if any, Australian onboard for the remainder of 2020. Sincerely hope I'm wrong.
  11. I got an option 'prefer not to answer' to both household income and net worth. I've seen these questions before in other Azamara emails when the world was a different and familiar place.
  12. I'll stay tuned too, a Azamara cruiser friend has just told be that they have extented the 'payment due date' another 30 days out for her cruise that is just before our September 10 one.
  13. Pleased I could assit. They have docked safely in Miami a little earlier than planned due to a medical emergency (not COVID-19 related of course) and those gurests that have flights on 30th will disembark as planned. Non essential Officers, Staff and Crew are returning home where they can get flights. I imagine that will take some time (if not days) to manage and achieve successfully. They are in good spirits, guests are understandably concerned about the world outside of their protective bubble and are speaking very highly of the care, attention and compassion that Azamara have afforded them. I can't wait to be sailing again - I miss them terribly ....
  14. So glad there's improvement, I'm hoping that you and his immediate family are okay and dealing with the stresses. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery for them. Thanks for the updates.
  15. Life as we know it in Australia has changed, it's true you really never appreciate it until it's changed or gone. Our situation here is changing daily but unlike our bush fire debacles our Prime Minister and Federal Government seems to be doing a reasonable job. It's all a very depressing 'landscape though' and an unknown future for many. We are expecting our unemployment rate to rise to 30% I can only imagine those sort of figures in Italy, France, Spain, USA and the UK. I have been heartened by the fact that Captain Carl, (plus officers, staff and crew) are looking after a group of my friends so well on the Pursuit. Now transiting Panama Canal. I also thank Carl and the Pursuit Team for my husband's personal birthday wishes for his 60th on Tuesday 24th (spent in a fashion that we could never have imagined nor anticipated). Truly our 'Azamara Circle' and family. We can't wait to be back. I fully understand we can't talk social media here but, in an attempt to control the amount of depression I'm feeling, a certain platform has a page called 'The Kindness Pandemic' which has taken off and has 410,051 members since March 14. It has uplifting stories of human kindness in the face of this pandemic, the sort I like to think will be a positive legacy of this situation. It's Australian, but they have just this minute announced that the initiative is going global. If you're interested in it, can't find it, come and leave your email address here and I'll send you the details. It's been my saviour in these darkest of times! And brighter news, Bindi Urwin and Chandler McLeod got married (observing social distancing rules) yesterday at Australia Zoo. There were no guests, but of course lots of animals in attendance. I wish all of you the best during this difficult and unusual time. Jenny
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