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  1. We took Holland on a 15 day land sea cruise. I absolutely loved the time in Dawson City and Whitehorse. They flew us from Fairbanks to Dawson. The port times were long as well as the stays on land. Some of the port times on Princess get in at 6 am. I am not a morning person. Couldn’t see going on excursions at 6:30 am! I think Holland’s regular rooms on board are a nice size with a couch and bathtub.
  2. We did land first starting in Anchorage, 3 days Denali, 1 Fairbanks, 3 days Dawson City (my favorite) 1 day Whitehorse, 3 days Skagway and then cruise 4 days.
  3. Did you book the Misty Fjords & Wilderness Explorer with Allen Marine through Holland? Thanks for the review. We are looking at the Holland 14 Day Explorer cruise. We have done a land and sea before to the Yukon and really enjoyed that.
  4. Do you think there will be more deals after Explore 4, besides a price drop?
  5. on other cruise lines you chose the bottle choice at dinner in dining room. You took the bottle with you. I wish they’d deliver them all to the room. You might be able to go to a bar and get one of your bottles?
  6. I am having trouble too figuring out what to do. We did a 15 day land/sea tour that went up to Dawson. Beforehand we rented a car in Anchorage and spent 4 days in Homer. It was our 4th trip, but 3 times was for work and based in Anchorage so we toured within 200 mile radius several times. On the our land and sea tour only 4 days was cruising. On land food was very expensive. Sometimes, depending on excursions, we were first eating dinner at 10 pm. The only reason I would do a land sea is to go to the Yukon and Dawson City. So much fun there. I am looking at Holland’s 14 day sea only that goes to some new ports like Valdez and Haines. Since we like exploring on our own, we could rent a car in some ports. Unfortunately, It is round trip from Vancouver which will not allow us extra time on our own in Alaska.
  7. Yes, I agree. Love using the Princess website. I use Expedia and other cruise sites to see HALs cruise schedules.
  8. There is a cruise consultant from HAL that phones me. I figured she’d just give me the deal I see on line. I am used to doing my own bookings but just for the 7 day Caribbean or Northeast cruises. Doesn’t help that the HAL website is so user unfriendly.
  9. I am looking at the 14 day GreatAlaskan Explorer for 2020. When I start comparing Holland’s on line price with third party prices, Holland is higher. Also, more incentives with 3rd parties.
  10. The new 14 day explorer on Holland will be stopping in Valdez. Any ideas, besides fishing, what to do there?
  11. Thanks for the tip. I also wanted to go to Sitka. I will check out the NCL cruise.
  12. Just when we were ready to book this cruise for 2020 Holland changed their itinerary. I don’t see any of their cruises going to Kodiak. Also, I don’t see any one way cruises.
  13. rostbp

    money exchange

    Not planning on buying cigars or rum. Need money for drinks and snacks and tips. Will Be in Cuba 2 1/2 days. About how much is a beer, or wine and sandwich. How much to ride in a coco(?)
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