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  1. DeeniEncinitas

    Your Fleet Locations For Wednesday, December 19, 2018!

    THANKYOU for our fleet report David! Denise😊
  2. DeeniEncinitas

    Unacceptable Wine price-hike by HAL

    Wonder if for us this solution will work. Paid full fare for our NS suite on Rotterdam 2020. When Explorer 4 came out we paid pp 550 more to have it added on. Now I guess I will buy OBC to compensate buying better drinks and using that when I need too! On the Maasdam last March doing 30 day cruise to SA we had the SBC and we got what ever we wanted primo and never got charged! We also had over 1,200.00 on board credit which I figured they would go ahead and take from there for our drinks that were well over the limit! Nope. So go figure. Denise😊
  3. DeeniEncinitas

    Your Fleet Locations For Tuesday, December 18, 2018!

    Love the perfect graphic David! thanks for our HAL fleet report Denise😊
  4. OlsSalt, we watched the PBS last night and found it really interesting. Denise😊
  5. DeeniEncinitas

    New Club Orange

    Good morning Jacqui! I hope so too!, The only reason we are doing O for our TA is they were the only ones going on a TA a couple days after our cruise ended. No HAL ships at that time, and we wanted to continue on. Loved your blog you did ! That was also a reason to do it! I hope with HAL they leave the smaller ships alone, to me doing a CO on the Maasdam in the MDR area would cut out a lot of space. I really enjoyed her on our SA Cruise. Take care Denise😊
  6. Good morning. Just got caught up and enjoying the pics too. Appreciate especially how to possibly upgrade the signature package. Enjoy your beautiful day at HMC. Denise😊
  7. DeeniEncinitas

    New Club Orange

    Hi Jacqui!! yes this is our first O cruise! We booked our cruise from your wonderful blog you did several years ago when you were in a PH on her. With our booking we received free WiFi, beverage package which we will up grade to premium, laundry service, OBC $800.00, We will book specialty restaurants as soon as they open up. We got a credit also for not using the round trip airfare which was included. So maybe things were different when you sailed? Who knows we might not like O !! Will have to see. All I know I have always been a die hard to HAL and I’m sad what is going on. Will just have to see. Happy Holidays to you and José too! Denise😊
  8. DeeniEncinitas

    Your Fleet Locations For Monday, December 17, 2018!

    Thank you David for our fleet report for Monday! Denise😊 Hope you weekend was great too
  9. OMG👍👍👍👍👍 Bubble is Awesome is perfect! Now is the time to go party! Denise😊
  10. DeeniEncinitas

    New Club Orange

    Sails !!!!!! 🥰 LOVE IT! “AGENT ORANGE” LOL... Both my husband David and I both said the same thing👍👍 You know Sails I don’t understand for the life of me what HAL thinks. 🤦‍♀️ 💰 is the key get it, but taking away from dedicated mariners who have spent a lot over the years and hummmm..... “some giveth and some take away” HAL is taking all away. Happy Holidays to you my dear! only you can decide on your cruise. We have decided smaller ships are for us. Not HALs new ones for us! Denise:)
  11. Well I’m persistent also this time I will do a song and dance routine after a few LOL!! we saw you and DW in a pic on the Sailaway!! Denise😊
  12. There you are off and on your cruise. Brian we tried to up grade our explorer 4 bev package last March on Maasdam and we could not! We tried front desk with manager and at the bar😒 will try on our next cruise. hope we can. Great sunset pic as you leave port. Denise😊
  13. Watching the webcam! Hope your leaving soon👍 Denise😊