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  1. Oh Ann I could be in that jacuzzi with wine and enjoying those twins! I guess for us by the ocean not having the wildlife I miss seeing this! Your so up close to them! Now I can understand how Bindi must be like having these creatures So close ! Great picture! Going on 7 here and we are going out to enjoy the sunset in an hour and having a cocktail! Take care sis! Denise😊
  2. OMGOSH peonies are my all time favorite flower! Such a beautiful flower and great picture👍 Demise😊
  3. Love you Joy!! Stay strong and positive! Allen’s oxygen levels will come up Joy. He is in the best of hands! Vaya con Dios ! He is in recovery and with God’s hand upon him will get his strength and the levels of oxygen will come up!! Cat is so right!! Wish we all could be together while you go through this! Tomorrow is a new day! God bless Allen. Denise😊
  4. Hi Roy! I am thinking the same thing with Joy! I keep coming back here with my fingers crossed!! Let’s keep positive for her and Allen! Denise😊
  5. Jacqui it is beautiful!!!!! Breath taking!! I can see why people choose to have wedding pictures taken at your place! Denise😊
  6. GOOD MORNING TO EVERYONE ON THE DAILY! To my sister Cat our fur babies mean so much to us! Thank you for what you said about Paisley! You have a great day. 🌺Rich, Body painting day!! I remember when we were in New Zealand and in Auckland at a museum they had Body painting! The men and women who were in the show were all painted and it was so interesting! David said to me did I notice they we naked? 🙄 LOL nope!! The Malbec wine sounds interesting and will need to research it! I enjoy a good Malbec. Have a enjoyable day to everyone and as always stay safe! Denise😊
  7. Dear Joy!! Have a great day! I am a very positive person and for me, David and I have been sending out a lot of prayers and hope today ALLEN gets to come home to you!! So here it is from us!! A virtual banner at your home from all of us here in The Daily! ❤️ Denise
  8. Great picture! Thank you so much for sharing! PS you will get back there! Denise😊
  9. So happy for you Joy!!!! Been thinking of you all day and with lots of prayers!! Allen will do well and be with you at home tomorrow! David is so happy as well. Rest my friend Sleep well!! ❤️ Denise😊
  10. Good morning to my dear Joy! Your 2 hours ahead and I see from your notes Allen will have surgery today!! I am so glad this will be over for both of you and will be able to have your post celebrations at home!!! I hope Allen can come home today. God bless him and you!! Loved your pictures of the cake and the sundae 🥳 I am sending you a picture of Paisley on the 4th! We celebrated her birthday with a cupcake. 🎂 she had a organic Doggie cupcake which of course was everywhere!! The video is too long but I hope this picture brings a smile! Love you virtual sister! Always in my prayers ! Denise😊
  11. Well better late than never right???? GOOD MORNING TO ALL HERE ON THE DAILY!! To my sisters Cat aka Ann and our dear Joy May this day be wonderful for all! Rich your maps are great since I am a visual person I enjoy seeing exactly where our ships are! Chocolate and strawberries 🍓 Yummy!! Love squid but to make this dish I would have to agree with Cat that I would need to taste it first! Love squid especially when it is roasted and wonderful garlic infused oils on them! May you all have a wonderful positive day! I will now write to our dear Joy! Stay safe all! Denise😊
  12. Linda be safe traveling!! Hope you like your hair cut too!! Safe travels Denise🌺
  13. Good morning Rich and to all here on The Daily!! 🌺 My dear Ann keep safe as well!! Your right about our states!! Such turbulent times! I also checked out the wine online! WOW won’t touch my lips with that price point!! Have a good day my friend! Rich, virtual kisses for such a great thing you do here for us on The Daily!! You are the best! Dinner today for us I have a crock pot on doing carnitas! So it is Mexican for us tonight! I am not a fried chicken person .Have a wonderful day to all, and enjoy! Denise😊
  14. 🌺Good morning Joy!! A lot of prayers have been going your way for Allen and you from us!! I hope today Allen gets to come home to you and enjoy the dinner you wanted to prepare him!! You are an amazing women Joy, and stay strong! ❤️I hope we have a chance to meet someday for drinks at Hula Bar and Grill Happy Hour and toast with Mia Tias! ❤️Denise😊
  15. OMGOSH Joy!!! I pray for both of you! Thank God Allen’s fever is down. I am hugging you right now Joy and sending a lot of love and will be thinking of both of you! Your strength and the love of GOD will get you through this time! Please keep us all informed but most of all keep strong for you as well as our dear Allen! ❤️Love you Joy Denise🌺
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