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    Love travel!!!!! We love exploring other countries ! HAL is our FAV! Love our home at the beach.
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  1. DeeniEncinitas

    Around the Horn in 80 days.

    Uruguay looked like great weather so the red sky in the morning sailor take warning turned out to be a beautiful day! We have had some really good red wine from Montevideo! The presentation for your lunch looked really good! Great sunset picture too! You had a long day WOW Roy so lucky! Denise😊
  2. DeeniEncinitas

    Quick Thoughts on Our 02/10 NS Cruise

    Cruz-in Thankyou so much for a lovely review and especially taking the time to write. Very much appreciated and hope you enjoy your future HAL cruise when you do! Smooth Sailings Denise😊
  3. DeeniEncinitas

    Eurodam or N. Amsterdam to Mexico

    Both Ships are our favorites and either one would be wonderful!! We have sailed both from our home town San Diego as well as both in Europe for our Med cruises. IMO you can not go wrong with either! Just choose your day! NA is newer we did her inaugural out of Venice in 2010. That is the only difference IMO. HAPPY SAILINGS Denise😊
  6. DeeniEncinitas

    Around the Horn in 80 days.

    Good morning Roy!!! enjoyed another fine report this AM. you had great weather there. I learn so much from your reviews and it always helps us with our travels. With all the cruises I follow on you those sunrises and sunsets will never get old! HAPPY SAILINGS Denise😊
  7. DeeniEncinitas

    Around the Horn in 80 days.

    THANKYOU Roy appreciate the kind words for our anniversary! Such a great picture of sunset and the moon over the tender, good shots👍 Your right about a green flash I’d say very close😊 We have some wonderful ones especially after all the heavy rain we have had! Thanks again for taking us along on your journeys and to the older man trying and succeeding in his own right with your wonderful analogy with the Bible!!! Stay healthy and enjoy your fantastic ride Denise😊
  8. DeeniEncinitas

    Around the Horn in 80 days.

    Great report Roy! Looks like you had a good day with the weather too. Sunrise pic👍 Did they do anything special with giving out roses at dinner for Valentines Day? On a cruise with HAL we were in the PG and I received a log stem rose. The penguins were adorable. Denise😊
  9. DeeniEncinitas

    Three Weeks til Sailing.......

    So enjoy your wonderful cruise! Denise😊
  10. DeeniEncinitas

    Around the Horn in 80 days.

    Happy Valentines Day! Great sunrise picture Roy. Glad you were able to get your walking in too! Sad to see the ship models leaving, but agree I’m glad they are going to another HAL ship. This is starting to get very real with our Elegant Explorer that she will be actually leaving😒 Enjoy your cruise Roy! This day is our anniversary Denise😊
  11. DeeniEncinitas

    Three Weeks til Sailing.......

    For me it always goes by fast! One year ago we were on The Maasdam in SA, booked Eurodam R/T from our home town San Diego Hawaii Tahiti in March! Already here! 3 more cruises in a year from a Panama Canal out of San Diego to a TA to the Med and another cruise in the Med and that was booked for 2020 again on The Maasdam and now those are just a year away! HAVE A WONDERFUL CRUISE HAVE FUN, RELAX, ENJOY THE MOMENT! BON VOYAGE AND SMOOTH SAILINGS Denise😊
  12. DeeniEncinitas

    Around the Horn in 80 days.

    Good report Roy!! Those pics of the Penguins love them. Good picture of you too Roy. Boot Hill LOL. Hope smooth sailings ahead, and ready to read more from you. Denise😊
  13. DeeniEncinitas

    Around the Horn in 80 days.

    Good morning Roy! WOW the weather and that porthole picture of your room😳! Glad you were determined to complete your walk👍 Nice pictures of all and always good to see you too so, they had a Captains Dinner on Ground Hog Day? Those fries are my fav at Dive In. Thanks for your review as always. Denise😊
  14. DeeniEncinitas

    Eurodam Feb 3, 2019 San Diego/Hawaii Live Thread

    Last week the news here in San Diego Historic storm hurls huge waves and 191 mph winds at Hawaii on the big island in the mountains , and rare snow hits Maui, We have a condo in Maui at Kā’anapali and called our neighbor to take pic for me. Was up in the mountains also. So sorry your missing the ports, this to me is global warming. Denise😊