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  1. Hi sis!!! ❤️ I call her mama! She is so sweet!! I check on her so much from the one bedroom window. She seems to leave her nest only for a short time and always is back to settle in! It gives me something to look out for and I guess take care of her. we had a nice sunset sitting outside! Having a Jameson’s!!!Hope your patio is going well! ❤️You
  2. Thank you so much Erewhon!! That means a lot to me. Good for my soul. Have a good day! Denise😊
  3. Thank you!! This was from when we came back from our kayaking at 1! She was like a sentinel at attention!! Just so happy to see her! Denise😊
  4. 🌺🌺🌺 GOOD MORNING ALL!! We got inspired from my sister Ann’s sunrise picture! We are heading out to go Kayaking in La Jolla. Hope all have a great day! To Roy, Rich,🌺 my sisters, Jacqui , Summer, Sharon, Debbie and to all here on CC you guys know how I feel about all of you! 🌺FAMILY!! ICK on the drink big time! Dinner suggestion is it pork and beans? Not a fan! Not a dessert wine person either! Oh well! 🌺Did this sketch yesterday of the nest! Hard to take pictures because of how close my palms are to the window. Denise😊
  5. 🌺Hey sis wish we could kayak together out there! So beautiful ...... Thank you D😊
  6. 🌴🌴🌴😊😊😊😊 Just alittle cheer to give! Now with the sun on her you can see her streak of green! We just came home and she was buzzing around us and then went up to her nest! 😳I PROMISE TOO TRY NOT TO SEND ANYMORE MORE PHOTOS!🤞 LOL Denise😊
  7. 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 GOOD MORNING TO EVERYONE THIS WONDERFUL TGIF!!!!! 🌺I AM DEFINITELY UP EARLY THIS AM! I CHECKED OUT MY MAMA HUMMINGBIRD TO SEE HIW SHE WAS DOING!👍 STILL THERE! They lay only 2 eggs and will hatch 15-18 days and then her babies will be in nest up to 27 days! So will see how she does. 🌺🌺Rich and Roy thank you for the contributions!! I have to agree I thought of CRUISING ALSO WITH CARNIVAL!! I will opt for Roy’s dinner👍👍 🌺Debbie! You were the first one posting this am! Thanks for the photo but I am not into meatballs!! So happy you are having fun with water aer
  8. Only Paisley celebrated with us!😞 Until she gets her vaccine Joy we try very hard as much as I want to hug her been so long we need all of us to stay safe!! Her birthday is March 3rd!!!! We are going to go over to her place to drop off gifts a cake from us and from a distance on Sunday!! I told her when she gets her shots we will celebrate everything we lost last year all together again in July hopefully for my birthday!! I am happy your vaccine was good! I had Moderna also but experienced 12 hours after vaccine joint aches, fatigue, felt like I was hit with a sledge hammer! 24 hour
  9. 🌺🌺🌺🌺 Just wanted to share a pic we took yesterday around 4 on our short walk. Where I live we can walk down our street to what is called Grandview at the end of our one way street! Surfers love walking down here to catch waves.The tide was high so surfers were out earlier. If we walk the opposite way is StoneSteps where I showed you a picture I painted. 🌺🌺Bless all of you and take care of each other!! Wear the masks and stay safe! 🌺Roy prayers and am happy you are set on the CT scan on 3/9👍 🌺My dear Ann!! Hope you are doing well. Give a hug to Bindi and that champag
  10. 🌺🌺 OMGOSH! Check out the hummingbird nest from one of our upstairs bedrooms! I tried to get close. She has 3 eggs in the nest! I am a grand bird mom!! I have never seen a nest before! Something happy to look at Denise😊
  11. 🌺 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 Dear Joy!! I just came home finally did my last round of vaccines!!! Pulled up to garage and I have palm trees on both sides! David told me to look up and we have a mama hummingbird that has made a home in our tree!! Took a quick pic because I thought of you with your little ones. So happy the Moderna did not cause you any more than soreness with your arm. Love to both you and Allen! I will come back to CC later I took another picture that I want to share. 🌴🌴🌴 Denise😊
  12. I am also one of the volunteers as a retired DDS that has been giving the shots. It is affiliated with Scripps Hospital. I live in Leucadia and am affiliated with Scripps. It was very busy on Sunday! Thank you for your volunteering much appreciated! The smiles from the patients is well worth it! Denise😊
  13. 🌺I LOVE YOU MY SISTER!! You spoke from your heart!!! You are the encouragement and the soul of caring! Denise 🌺
  14. 🌺Dear Roy, You are in good hands with your Cardiologist and all our prayers go out to you!! Virtual Hugs and know I will always be in your corner!! Look to your next cruise adventure!!! I want more sunrise and sunsets soon! Denise😊
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