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  1. DeeniEncinitas

    Your Fleet Locations For Friday, December 14, 2018!

    Perfect graphic for Friday👍 Thankyou for our fleet report David. Denise😊
  2. DeeniEncinitas

    Your Fleet Locations For Thursday, December 13, 2018!

    Good morning all! Thank you David for our fleet report. Appreciate as always your time doing this for us. Denise😊
  3. WOW fantastic trip!!! great pics and blog. I appreciate the time spent doing this. Denise😊
  4. Bon Voyage and smooth sailings! Happy 40th! Denise😊
  5. DeeniEncinitas

    Your Fleet Locations For Wednesday, December 12, 2018!

    Thanks aliaschief for the explanation. Denise😊
  6. DeeniEncinitas

    Eurodam Sea of Cortez Review

    Thanks so much for your review on one of our fav ships! Done several Sea of Cortez cruises and then they stopped! Glad to see them up and running now. Glad you had a great cruise. Denise😊
  7. DeeniEncinitas

    Your Fleet Locations For Wednesday, December 12, 2018!

    I sure do second that aliaschief!!!! I expressed for me I love seeing where our blue hull beauties are and I will miss David’s graphics 😒 I’m still sad about it!!! I still don't understand why they would stop these daily reports! Denise😊
  8. DeeniEncinitas

    Brief (not really) Eurodam Sea of Cortez trip report

    Thank you for your review !!! Denise😊
  9. DeeniEncinitas

    Your Fleet Locations For Tuesday, December 11, 2018!

    First one tonight! That’s a first for me. Thanks for the fleet report David! KK beat me😳As I was posting I see KK her reply. Denise😊
  10. WOW coffee in hand this am and I just got caught up so many pages !! Love the info as well as the great pictures. Having Jacqui helping with the downloads as well as Brian helping is wonderful!! Denise😊
  11. DeeniEncinitas

    Your Fleet Locations For Monday, December 10, 2018!

    I’m SAD DAVID😞!!! Just got to CC this Monday morning and I’m not a happy camper! I sooo loved the time over the years everyday being able to see where our blue hull beauties are! You are so dedicated and I appreciate what you have done. Thank you David. Now maybe it’s more cruise time for you! 😊 To my CC friend smooth sailings to new adventures David. Thank you Denise😊
  12. Brian have a marvelous cruise and HAPPY HOLIDAYS in advance! Bon Voyage and Smooth sailings to all! Denise😊
  13. DeeniEncinitas

    Your Fleet Locations For Sunday, December 9, 2018!

    You know I want you to know how much we love New Zealand!!! Hiked Milford sound twice I was planning to retire in Qweenstown years ago from dentistry in San Diego but ended up our daughter decided to take over my practice and guess what we travel!! We so love the people!! THANKYOU for the pics of my Maasdam! also David THANKYOU for the fleet report Denise😊
  14. Jacqui I don’t ever remember seeing roasted beets yum on the menu. !!! i just finished dinner and I’m hungry 🙄🤦‍♀️ No more food porn!!! Denise😊