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  1. I hope they were running the AC during that 16 months to keep the mold at bay. If not or running it limited, it will take a while to cool the whole ship superstructure back down to reasonable levels. I am sure she picked up a lot of latent heat sitting around here for 16 months
  2. https://commercial.apolloduck.com/boat/commercial-vessels-cruise-ship-for-sale/655223 If you have 25 mil you can sail on it every day !!!!
  3. The ship has been listed for sale, make of that what you will.
  4. Update your profile with the airline. I have found some of my information to be 10-15 years out of date with some companies I used intermittently over the years.
  5. Just for perspective, we booked Armonia in 08/2018 to sail 02/2019 for $1581. In 05/2020 we booked to sail 12/2020 the exact same room and experience for $1138. Was cancelled. In 03/2021 we booked to sail 11/2021 the exact same room and experience WITH drinks plus and wifi for $1258. Today the same booking would cost me $1658.
  6. I don't have any but decided to book the November 5th week as it seemed as safe as any other option.
  7. Washington State are giving out joints and beer to people that get the jab....way too desperate of an approach for me. I think I had it before it was a thing and I am taking reasonable precautions to a standard that suites me. Waiting for more studies before I get jabbed.
  8. They have "cancelled" all original cruises through mid Sept/Oct and remade new cruises with different schedules to replace them. It sounds like those displaced customers get first dibs at the new schedules. My idea to book a November cruise looks like a better and better idea every day.
  9. Just checked again, same cruise and cabin next door is $400 more than I paid a few weeks ago, so no sale. BTW cabin availability is wide open so they are really NOT selling. Smoke and mirrors.
  10. I do know that, you cannot tell me what I know for a fact. I checked and know 100% so don't be telling me what I know.
  11. You did not miss anything, the price for my cruise was higher than I paid for it anyway.
  12. Exactly why I unfollowed them and many other companies on FB. If you can't take the heat, don't show your face.
  13. We won't get to do both, choose vax or mask. Once out on the open waters, every man for himself.
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