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  1. Armonia is no longer bookable in Nov/Dec 2021. Anyone know why ?
  2. I did but I'm not important enough for anyone to listen to me 🤪
  3. My step daughter works in medical and has had her 2 shots. After each, she had a temperature the following day and felt unwell. Her work would not let her go in and gave her feces for missing a day "sick" Obviously the vast majority of over 65 do not work so they are not missing work days, they can rest quietly at home until better.
  4. My argument with the CDC is allowing air travel to continue with relative freedom. I was on a Jetblue flight a couple weeks ago and they are now using all the seats again. 1 flight was about half full, the other about 90%. You can take your mask off to eat/drink but no alcohol (***** difference is that lol). The USA is allowing flights in from all over the world and apparently hardly anyone is being checked in any way. Canadians can drive here but not back !!!! Mexico border is open. So how about running a few test cruises for locals to each port, your address determines eligi
  5. I would love to hear anyone's defense of the CDC now.
  6. That is why it is called a Future Cruise Credit lol
  7. BTW, I cannot see how they can mandate that you must be vaccinated before you can cruise, under 16's cannot have the jab so are all families going to leave their kids at home ? OK let's exempt them, then what is the point as they seem to be a substantial carrier and hence spreader of the virus these days. I will make up my own mind as to my exposure to the risk. Mandating the jab means no cruise for me. I have plenty of places to visit in the USA.
  8. You do all realize that politicians and their boot lickers say and do exactly what they think we should hear, not what is correct, right ?
  9. 3 top people sold shares on the 14th, quite the co-incidence
  10. MS Holiday/ MS Magellan has had her name changed to Mages. Likely on the way to be scrapped as she has a hole in the bottom.
  11. If you are all lucky, you will end up with double the amount of cruises you cannot go on lol. 😈🤡
  12. That is a total bollocks reply from the CDC. So everyone working at an airport is magically safe from catching germs ???? What a croc.
  13. Link is no longer valid. Can you tell us where to find these again ?
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