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  1. Somewhere in the small lettering it notes that if you have not opted in to RCs marketing campaigns, you will not receive a Royal Up.
  2. 23 days until we sail. I can see events now in the app, but it says you have to wait until you are on board to schedule them.
  3. Have they had any craps tables open? Is that the minimum there also?
  4. We are on the Symphony in October. I happen to be checking on pricing, and noticed some of the dining options were missing. Park 150 was one of them. Are all of the dining options available on your sailings?
  5. She had a whole lot of sailings canceled, as we were supposed to be on her out of Miami next April.
  6. In 2005, some unusual circumstances had my family cruising on Celebrity Century. It was amazing. I was impressed with the 'little things' that X seemed to do to make them stand out in the growing group of cruise lines. Basic examples - champagne at boarding, iced towels when returning from shore, sorbet as a pallet cleanser in the MDR and also served one sea afternoon at the pool Due to life, I have had the opportunity to cruise many times, but never again on Celebrity until now. I was just wondering if they still do these kind of things or if they had gone away because of the 'big box boat' mentality. CJ
  7. Been on Taltz. Those shots were painful. Did not work. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  8. I have psoriatic arthritis that manifests itself primarily in my hands. I always have flareups that include cracked, dry, and often bleeding skin. I know they are pushing the hand sanitizer. I cant use it for obvious reasons. Will they give me a pass when they see my hands or do I need some kind of medical permission?
  9. I have also been thinking the same thing. We had this booked on Mariner last year for $59. Now our Symphony in October is floating between $142 - $150. I, too, find it too hard to pay more than $100 for this when so much of the island is free. CJ
  10. My favorite game also. For more fun, look at one card at a time. Once you can open, stop looking. I have been surprised by three of a kind several times and that is fun. Craps is also fun and decent odds. Often times not open though. Always stay away from blackjack as there are many newbies who do not know the rules of the table and tend to mess things up.
  11. This is my thought exactly. You may not have seen the lower price earlier, but when you see $67 today and $57 tomorrow, you think you are getting a deal. We are hopelessly addicted, so we check prices A LOT. Grabbed a DBP last month for an April 2022 sailing on Radiance for $47/day...
  12. Where do you go to see what rooms are booked and what are open. I know the RC website does not show you that much. CJ
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