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  1. I hope they do it like "Boston Market" style - where the food is all on the buffet but can only be accessed from the back - the attendant dishes up what you want and hands you your plate. Would be much more sanitary. I once watched a large family group remove serving trays from the buffet and take them to their table. They returned them to the buffet once the family was finished grabbing things off the platter. This was on the Suez Canal cruise.
  2. I've cruised HAL before and loved the product but I think the dinner dress is more influenced by the cruise location than the cruise line. Caribbean cruises, spring break, 7 day, etc. you won't see dress up. Do a longer European cruise and a lot more folks are dressed up. Transatlantics feel like something in between to me. If you cruise A LOT - the perks on Celebrity are much better. HAL doesn't give elite cruisers near the perks that X does.
  3. I did notice the cancellation information does not mention Asia.
  4. They probably just went through and cleared out all the upgrade offers which triggered a form letter/email. I don't think it was on purpose, just closing out open requests for the cruise since it's cancelled.
  5. LOL, I was just thinking - I have an eyebrow pencil where the top doubles as a pencil sharpener. Might come in handy on the cruise!
  6. A91F9CDA-A3C4-4286-B03D-669C2184DFB8.heic
  7. We must be on different cruises. I've NEVER had a hard sale on any cruise line outside of the art auctions. They've always been very gracious and supportive and we spoke about the details of the watch or whatever we were purchasing. I've never had a sales person mention the sales tax benefit in the shops including the times I made purchases at the Apple store. Not saying a sales rep doesn't say it from time to time, I do not think it's an organized effort or one I've ever encountered. But then, I make sure I know the laws and customs rules when traveling so I can make educated decisions.
  8. You are confusing sales tax with Duty tax, they are two separate items. It's always up to the individual to know the laws and customs. Ignorance of the law has never been defensible.
  9. I thought onboard purchases meant you don't pay sales tax. That doesn't release you from the US Duty tax which limits how much you can bring into the US includes the value of goods purchased while outside the US.
  10. A LOT depends on what you say when you call. I've supported call centers before and you have to be very specific. Please don't give them a long story or some sort of "why I need this". Most agents don't care, they just want to get the call done and over. They are often rated on how quickly they managed their calls (AHT - average handle time). Do your homework and locate an available room in the same category on your sailing. Call them back and say.... for xxx reservation I've been assigned room 7234 but I'd like to move to room 8473. (room numbers are made up, please
  11. Blu menus are available on the app for your sailing - I just looked. Under Main Dining there are tabs for the main dining room or Blu, just click on Blu
  12. Also a vegan and found no non dairy cheese. They did have almond milk available for my granola though so that was nice!
  13. We've done this before - take the suitcase onboard but we usually wait until after the rush to board. It's so easy to just walk on with no lines, go straight to the cabin, drop off stuff and not worry about anything getting lost or broken. No elevator issues either if you board later in the day.
  14. It's a great way to give your kids a little spending power without letting them go crazy if you can attach it to their account. I've also done this for friends who are cruising and called it "have a drink on me". Also, if you have parents or others cruising with you it's a nice gift.
  15. I have an Iphone and know you can download the app today if you want. Once you enter your Captain's Club info, if your cruise doesn't show up, you can add it using your reservation number. The info before the cruise it limited but venues and times are open. Menus and activities usually don't show up on mine until closer to the cruise itself. Either that or I notice I'm seeing the menus for the current cruise on that ship and not my cruise. At least it's something!
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