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  1. Lisah101

    Pre-dinner canapés / hors d'oeuves?

    I agree the canapes were not that great and very very small. Hopefully the edge will have tea time in the Ocean View Cafe like the other ships do. That is our go to if we need that afternoon snacks.
  2. Lisah101

    Infinity 5 night western

    Well, CC won't let me upload anymore but I'll try again later. I didn't save these, but every day I take photos with my phone so I don't have to carry around the paper. Would have taken better photos if I thought I'd be sharing them!
  3. Lisah101

    Infinity 5 night western

  4. Lisah101

    Infinity 5 night western

  5. Lisah101

    Infinity 5 night western

  6. Lisah101

    Infinity 5 night western

  7. Lisah101

    Infinity 5 night western

    I have them - will try to post.
  8. Lisah101

    TSA Pre Check Question

    TSA precheck uses your trusted traveler number, not your passport number. You can log into their system (login.gov) and add your passport number to your profile but for flying.... they are not connected. What matters is getting your trusted traveler number on each reservation you make. I add it to my profile with the airlines I use most often, which automatically adds it to my reservations. Same with Passport number, update it on your profile with each airline although they will still ask you to enter it when you make international reservations.
  9. Lisah101

    Does any one miss the daily newspapers?

    I miss the newspapers as I liked to read them during breakfast. I don't stay in the room to watch TV. I wish they would add the daily paper as an option on the new app (if it ever gets rolled out). I don't want to be stuck in my room looking at the TV, I want to sip coffee at Cafe Baccio (sp?) and peruse the news and catch up on sports scores.
  10. Lisah101

    can you take food OFF the ship?

    I was just on the Millennium in Alaska and was not allowed to disembark the ship at a US port with a cup of coffee. I had to throw it away before I could disembark.
  11. Lisah101

    Most entertaining Safety Drill ever

    I'm with you, it was cute for about 20 seconds, then got old very fast.
  12. Wait - you can use an enhanced driver's license to enter Canada as a US citizen?
  13. Lisah101

    Edge Full Deck Plan in Brouchure - some disappoinments

    Yup - I got my posts mixed up - thttp://viewer.zmags.com/publication/b53ecc6b#/b53ecc6b/51
  14. Lisah101

    Edge Full Deck Plan in Brouchure - some disappoinments

    Here is the new brochure on just the Edge with the deck plans http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/115c41a2#/115c41a2/9
  15. Lisah101

    Edge Full Deck Plan in Brouchure - some disappoinments

    Edge brochure still isn't updated though